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9 Mar 2005 at 21:33

February’s featured download is Blade’s new tileset, Islands in the Sapphire Sea. This tileset is filled with classic pirate humor at it’s second best. If this isn’t good enough for you, go play Monkey Island. Bottles of beer, pirate flags, hooks, cannons, and more are all here. The tileset looks fairly realistic and detailed, but manages to maintain a ‘cartoony’ feeling at the same time, as shown in the screenshot below.

If you’re looking for a good tileset to make a tropical island based level, this one’s probably your best choice for now. You can’t go wrong building an uncharted island with litter and used pirate gear scattered everywhere. I apoligize for how short this review turned out to be, but that’s pretty much all you need to know. Blade’s created a new classic.

- Labratkid


White Rabbit on 9 Mar 2005 at 22:47

Excellent stuff. :-) The whole set reminds me of Worms 2 and Worms Armageddon. Especially the cutie clouds. :-D

blurredd on 10 Mar 2005 at 02:43

Nice shot, by the way. It captures the tileset pretty well.

PHT on 10 Mar 2005 at 14:37

A nice tileset, too bad I’m not using JCS anymore.

Superjazz on 10 Mar 2005 at 14:56

Must say I fully I agree with you Lark. This is worth of February’s featured download. ;)

White Rabbit on 10 Mar 2005 at 19:39

But notice the tile bug at the bottom-left of the bottom water-melon. ;-P

Ragnarok! on 10 Mar 2005 at 21:01

LRK! Your rabbit has his 2 middle fingers up. Who is he swearing at?

Lark on 10 Mar 2005 at 21:18

WR: Yeah, I noticed that when I finished the post, but decided not to say it because it would make people think less of the set. =P

Saba: A seagull.

Disguise on 10 Mar 2005 at 22:20

This set deserves it imo, I love it.

NeoBlaze24 on 11 Mar 2005 at 13:43

As far as I can see from the screenshot, nice tileset =)

Blade on 11 Mar 2005 at 14:56

Yay! I didn’t even realize you guys could give me and this set such recognition. Thanks a lot! :)

Crusader on 14 Mar 2005 at 04:07

nice tileset, but wats so important about LABRATKID!?!?!?!?!? most of these screenshots have a pic of him in there. i dont really see him playing online that often either.if he is the author of the site then w/e. i dont really no these things and dont call me a foo!

White Rabbit on 14 Mar 2005 at 21:29

Er….roflmao! LRK is the one responsible for posting the Upload of the Month news post, so I guess he has every right to put himself in the screenshots. :-)

Lark on 14 Mar 2005 at 21:32

Please tell me, how do I take a screenshot without me being in there? I would love to know.

White Rabbit on 14 Mar 2005 at 22:45

Er, LRK you could just use cut yourself out from the picture because your screenshot isn’t gonna be 640×480. But don’t do that. Your TF tag shines out like a lighthouse to all lost jazzers out there.

Puffie40 on 18 Mar 2005 at 20:52

Arrrrrrr! Ye matey look mighty fine in a eyepatch! This level is better than a bilge rat keelhauled!


http://www.talklikeapirate.com/ :P

the WINNER on 19 Mar 2005 at 10:24

Please press F8 before you take a screenshot >|

Crusader on 23 Mar 2005 at 01:50

ROFLMAO!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yea. put on some camoflaging fur and take away ur nametag!!!!!!!!

Crusader on 23 Mar 2005 at 02:04

btw, nice tileset! this is very colourful and well eyecandy…. BUT who cares! this colour counts as eyecandy!=p anyways, blade, u did a nice job on this=D also ur getting recognized for this because its on the first page of this site!!!

White Rabbit on 25 Sep 2005 at 13:53


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