JJA news for Dutch people.

30 Mar 2005 at 01:02

Shadow just told me that Jazz Jackrabbit Advance finally has been spotted in Dutch stores. To be a little more exact, the game can be found at most Bart Smit and Intertoys shops.

Well, it may have been there before but probably not for the affordable price of less than 15 Euros. Even I may go get a copy now….

- Newspaz


Haze on 30 Mar 2005 at 01:57

It’s indeed been there for months now. (see some comments in one of the JJA-release threads on the JCF) But that price is indeed way more tempting than it used to be. :) It used to go for around 40-50 euros even. o__.

MegaJazz on 30 Mar 2005 at 07:46

LOL, i bougt Jazz Jackrabbit GBA in an Intertoys shop around christmas 2003! So it’s really old news..

ShadowGPW on 30 Mar 2005 at 09:37

its more JJ is on sale for only 14,50 Euros :P

MegaJazz on 30 Mar 2005 at 09:51

That’s still many money for such a bad game, better go play Jazz2. But still, i am a fan so i bougt JJGBA for 30 Euro on christmas 2003.

ShadowGPW on 30 Mar 2005 at 09:53

naw it’s not that bad, just to short.

MegaJazz on 30 Mar 2005 at 11:01

Yeah, but what about those tiles that where ripped from Jazz2?

JelZe on 30 Mar 2005 at 13:28

Big deal, Jazz has some tiles ripped from Sonic 2 (Chemical Plant Zone for Tubelectric)

007 on 30 Mar 2005 at 14:15

Lmao i had the game at the GBA emulator long time ago;P And JJa is not a really great game and i saw jja at the store a long time ago too.

MegaJazz on 30 Mar 2005 at 14:26

JelZe, nice found, i didn’t noticed that. But look at the springs from Jazz, also ripped from Sonic..

master sven on 30 Mar 2005 at 14:56

I bought it in the Netherlands last year for €49,99.( Dutch is from the Netherlands ) I saw it was sold in october/november 2003

Mercurio on 30 Mar 2005 at 18:48

Its been here for quite a long time. :)

I wonder how the multiplayer is… if its good I might even buy it :D

MegaJazz on 30 Mar 2005 at 19:14

I played the multiplayer, it’s only nice if the one you want to play with also has a cartridge, single-gardridge mode is a bit too simple, you can only play battle mode in just a few simple map’s, in multi-cardridge you can play the normal single player maps in CTF mode!

WvA on 30 Mar 2005 at 19:58

hmm, is it worth to buy? I realy dont have info about that game!

MegaJazz on 30 Mar 2005 at 20:31

In general, the game is good, but the main problem is the shortness, but 15 euro is no money also for a game like that.

CrimiClown on 30 Mar 2005 at 21:16

You mean the GBA version? It has been here in The Netherlands for about 2 years already… Ofcourse back then it was 50 euro’s when i bought it… :S

Violet CLM on 31 Mar 2005 at 02:49

And Newspaz doesn’t even have it. Impressive.

Sonic 2: Interesting… screenshot?

MegaJazz on 31 Mar 2005 at 09:30

Now i think this news is becomming something useless. JazzGBA was in the Netherlands for around 2 years (2 years ago it was there for 30 Euro, CrimiClown), and now Newspaz says it is spotted in the Netherlands for the first time.. Well, the only interesting thingy from this news flash is that you can get it for the half of the price if you still haven’t bought it. So Newspaz, better first check Shadows sayings yourself before posting.

FQuist on 31 Mar 2005 at 11:51

Hey, it’s still fun news, and looks like people are actually discussing the thing again :)

MegaJazz on 31 Mar 2005 at 11:55

Yes, but this news flash looks more like a forum now, not really a comment page, and yes, it’s nice to talk about JazzGBA, i never did before..

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