Our host sucks [spherical objects]

11 Oct 2009 at 01:55

Our web host was hacked today (which was entirely their fault) and is currently fixing stuff, which will probably result in loss of anything (comments, pictures, downloads, forum posts etc) posted later than this news message. Our apologies for the inconvenience. We have no reason to believe any of your personal data has been compromised.

- Stijn


Slaz on 14 Oct 2009 at 23:46

I’d imagine it’s just another one of those lazy nerds falling for every loosy phishing mail that hits their inbox after another cup of coffee.. :(

FQuist on 15 Oct 2009 at 02:10

How do you get a cpanel hack through that? Nah.

Cobra NF on 24 Oct 2009 at 02:50

hey,do yalll know who hacked it yet?

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