Possible Trojan Horse in Uploaded File

14 Aug 2004 at 02:53

Roughly an hour ago, an upload was posted to the J2O downloads section containing a file called jhacker.exe. It was suspected of being a cheating program, and as in all of these cases, was put through a scanning process. Of 12 scanners, one came back with a virus-positive result.

It is not definite that this file is malicious, but if you downloaded it, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY. If you have executed it, please contact me as soon as possible. You may be infected.

This situation is being dealt with. Fortunately, the potential exposure to J2O users was low as only two downloads were made during this time.

- Trafton


EvilMonkey on 14 Aug 2004 at 06:59

It appears the download counter has reached 13, so maybe this has made a turn for the worse. :/ Thankfully, I wasn’t on when this “utility” was posted.

American on 14 Aug 2004 at 07:09

It has been replaced with a harmless file. One of the two users to download this file has been contacted. Chances are good no one executed it. Results are pending still. This may just be a cheating program in reality.

Ðx on 14 Aug 2004 at 08:52

Wot was the levelname?

Ðx on 14 Aug 2004 at 09:11

Who was the Auther and The Name of The Download

Sacrush on 14 Aug 2004 at 10:48

Omg Trojan sounds fermiliar.

DanYjel on 14 Aug 2004 at 11:56

This Trojan was here once…

Stilettø on 14 Aug 2004 at 12:25

oh no.. 2 people downloaded it.. the world is gonna end :((

Da-SleEMaNGirL on 14 Aug 2004 at 14:29

ahah oh dear.


Mercurio on 14 Aug 2004 at 20:12

Tss what kind of über mean person could have done something like this?

Cazz NP on 14 Aug 2004 at 22:26

Probably (PA) who sought attention but didn’t get it, so he got some revenge. Posting as news only pleases them. Just delete and make it look like it was not a big deal, which it wasn’t.

[Removed personal attack – FQuist]

MR MAGOO on 15 Aug 2004 at 07:15

It was crono. Problem solved.

Blackraptor on 6 Sep 2004 at 14:05

Wonder who the two people where..

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