Reviewer Ranks

Reviewer ranks are what seperates the average reviewer from the cream of the crop. So you want to get on the Top 40 Reviewers list? Well, you got to start writing more reviews! More reviews means more points. And more points means higher rank! These are the ranks:

  1. 0 to 9: CTF Bug
  2. 10 to 24: Frog
  3. 25 to 49: Bee Boy Swarm
  4. 50 to 99: Turtle Goon
  5. 100 to 199: Spaz Slackrabbit
  6. 200 to 299: Jazz Jackrabbit
  7. 300 to 399: Carrot Juice Addict
  8. 400 to 499: Auto-Reviewing Zombie
  9. 500 to 749: I might as well work here
  10. 750 to 999: Way better than Aiko
  11. 1000 and up: Custom Title

Is 1000 even reachable? It depends on how determined you are! It's easier to reach than you think! Just remember that quality reviews play a large part in the amount of points you get. The points you get are determined by this formula:

(Eligible Reviews + Featured Reviews * 4) * (Average Helpfulness * 2 * Helpful Weight + 1 - Helpful Weight)

Eligible Reviews include any non-quick review with a rating. Featured Reviews count 5x as much as an Eligible Review (each Featured Review is additionally counted as an Eligible Review). And Average Helpfulness only includes helpful votes made since J2Ov2 of Eligible Reviews. Helpful Weight determines how large of an effect Average Helpfulness should have. How it is found requires another formula:

Helpful Weight = .5 * (1 - 1 / (1 + .00000001 * Helpful Votes ^4))

Basically what this means is Helpful Weight is around .25 when there are 100 votes for all of a user's Eligible Reviews combined, and it is limited to .5 as the total number of helpful votes increases.

Let's say a user written has 400 Eligible Reviews and 20 Featured Reviews. This totals to 500 points without factoring Average Helpfulness. This user's Helpful Weight is .5 which means he can receive 50% of his points at the absolute worst and 150% at the absolute best.

So if his Average Helpfulness is an atrocious 0% (no one liked his reviews--so this isn't technically possible if he had Featured Reviews, but bear with me), he receives only 250 points, but if his Average Helpfulness is a perfect 100% (everyone found his reviews helpful), he receives 750 points! And if there is a split in votes and the Average Helpfulness is .5, he just receives 500 points. Clearly it's important to write helpful reviews for a higher rank.

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