Review by Jesterjj

Posted more than 18 years ago
For: Roman Sewers
Level rating: 7.9

I se what you mean about the floating houses. I re-uploaded the level and fixed that.

You see, I usually play in split screen mode, so I have a habit of ALWAYS going into split screen mode, even when playtesting a level. With the smaller area of vision, I missed those houses.

Anyway, here’s the fixed version.

Review by Jesterjj

Posted more than 18 years ago
For: Jazz 2 Animation Bl00pers
Level rating: 4.7

This is what I did initially when I first opened each file…

Bilsy – small chuckle
Bolly_OuttaGas – bewildered
CryingGhost – ???
DancingMonkey – very faint noise
DevanBigGun – said “okay…” out loud
DevanRobot – shook my head
Dragon_CrankyMood – moved on to next file
FatChick_Cigatette – kinda funny
fishykiss – pretty funny
Gaybot – quickly closed.
Jazz_TryingToBeSexy – Interesting…
PegLegWartWitch – shook my head again
QueenBuckTooth – ……
RavenEatsFeathers – hmmm…
RocketTurtle_nooksNcrannies – …
Tuf – Wondering to myself why I continue to go on…
Tuffy_WannaDanceQuestion – Shoot me please…
Turtle_BananaFloat – Ha! Something actually funny! Well whaddaya know…
Uterus_RollingEyes – Thankful to be done…

That’s 4 out of 19. I would give you a 2, but… I will be nice and round it up to a 2.2

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