RecommendedReview by abgrenv

14 Dec 2021, 20:56
For: JJ1 version 1.3 fixes
Level rating: 9.5

Not sure how other feel about this, but I think most of the invisible springs are pretty pointless, and the version that removed them did the right thing (apart from the Marbelara secret level of course), in Jungrock 2 for example you can’t even get the invincibility powerups since the flowers act as very weak spring which don’t bounce you high enough to get the said items

also I’m not sure if this is an issue you are aware of but on one of the Ceramicus levels, a moving spring could get you permanently stuck. Do you intend to add the final bit of Tubelectric 2 back into the level btw?

Other then that, it’s a definite recommendation, and it’s awesome that you guys are actually fixing the game to make it the best it can be.

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