RecommendedReview by A.I.T.

7 Mar 2014, 18:01
For: Rocket Powered Rabbits
Level rating: 9.6

Well, it took me a while, but I finally managed to win this level.

Indeed, it was quite an interesting experience and something that is entirely new for jazzjackrabbit 2. Also, this is one of the first single player releases since the newest version of JJ2 plus(involving scripting) has been introduced.
The main concept is basic enough but is exploited in different ways throughout the level. Players can also observe what a possible obsession with the raven enemy could lead to. However, to my mind, it would be best if there were some sort of story to explain the occurrencies, despite the fact that it was designed for cooperative mode. Of course there is nothing wrong with leaving the player to interpret the reason for things like the rabbit flying into space while encountering bats and fish or Devan Shell flying on Bolly’s aircraft and transforming himself into a giant raven, but giving the creator’s point of view is not a bad thing either.
Decorations could have been slightly better, although here we have an excellent example of changing background colours accompanied with synchronization of events and music – that was well done.
Gameplay was, as mentioned earlier, very original. What I specifically liked about it is the balanced difficulty which made up for there being no choice between difficulty levels(once again, because of coop). Some of the bosses could be defeated with numerous strategies depending on the decision whether it is reasonable to get hit or not – making those main enemies requiring constant movement to avoid harder to fight opponents.

Overall, this is highly reccomended to download and a very good release to begin the year.

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