Review by PT32

29 Dec 2012, 19:29 (edited 30 Dec 12, 15:12)
For: Forgotten Assembly Mine
Level rating: 5.0

Meh is a good noncommital word.

It can either mean, “Meh, this is all right, I guess,” or it can mean, “Meh, I’ve seen better.”

When I checked out this level, I thought, “Meh.”

It’s not really [I]bad[/I], per se…but at the same time, it’s not really all that impressive.

The level was big, and had a few multiple-choice passages, whereby you could shake off a pesky pursuer. In that respect, it’s good. The Layer 8 fade color, while not terribly original, worked decently enough nonetheless. There was a good amount of weapons, plus a few hidden powerups, so points for that.


Let’s be frank. I was not a fan of the level flow. In fact, I HATED it. There were too many poles sticking down from the ceiling, too many singleplayer-esque pinpoint jump platforms, too many irritating spring traps, and it was rather easy to get stuck at the bottom of the map. I lost track of the number of horizontal pole platforms that would’ve been [I]much[/I] easier to traverse had they contained One Way events. The overall level itself was too dark. I didn’t like the musical selection at all (A better one might’ve been TRAUMATI.xm, or perhaps Eyecandy, while present, was nonetheless woefully deficient.

Would I recommend this level’s download? Let’s see: It has good size and some usable events. It also has horrible congestion-spawning layout problems and so-so atmosphere.

Let’s just say, “meh,” and leave it at that.

RecommendedQuick Review by abgrenv

2 Oct 2012, 16:03 (edited 14 Dec 12, 16:12)
For: Crazy Wor(l)ds
Level rating: 7.2

Nice work, though the cat platforms on the first level were annoying, but never mind.

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