Review by Louis K

1 Oct 2014, 00:39
For: 2014 SUMMER Beach Battle (updated)
Level rating: 3.8


block the Cllif is good idea for protect the player from the hell-(and..real hell was opened)-.

but I’d like to suggest some of these problems

1.Tilebugs : I’m kinda wondering that it was updated. it seems still broken and background pattern is.. not so fine. maybe it should be textured background or updated to another pattern I think.

2.‘Only one’ respawn area : Some battle maps only have one respawn area. but commonly, battle mode need various respawn area ‘a lot’.(for prevent the rude play)

3.BGM : this map uses official JJ2 music source. that is not problem but.. it doesn’t unmatched.. BGM City1g is pretty good music itself, but it’s not a good choice for this map. because main subject of this map is ‘Summer Beach’, not City. So probably, it should to replaced to another proper musics.

4.Water : There is no water level event on this map. I was imagine the swiming pool or beach as it titled, but my imagine was blown up :P

After that, it can be rated much higher than about 6 or more I guess.
I love your passion!

Review by Louis K

23 Sep 2014, 10:22 (edited 23 Sep 14, 10:30)
For: Jazz Jackrabbit 3DX(JJ3DX)
Level rating: 10

First Uploaded version was have a problem about uploading.
So I delete previous version and then re-uploaded it. :p

Sorry about that..

Review by Louis K

29 Apr 2014, 13:38 (edited 11 May 14, 14:49)
For: Silly test!
Level rating: N/A

Sorry for all downloaders,
But this map is locked. so you can’t open it with JSC.(Because for privacy!)

If it is too hard, found any errors or impossibility, let me know.
then I’ll show to you some hints, or I’ll fix it :D

Edit—————2014-05-11 11:48 PM
Thank to your suggestion!
(and for Slaz, hint of start area : shoot 40 times upper left side. then you can be find the way.)

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