Review by Hanif Nugroho

15 Apr 2017, 02:41
For: Frosty Party
Level rating: 6.4

First, I say thank you very much for the reviews. But I have to tell you about this level that:
1. Frosty Party is possible for all characters. In the point where you have to stay on a rope and do a big jump, this is possible for Jazz and Lori too. You have to jump then stomp bee in order to reach to the next area. This bee is generator event, so your chance to do this is infinity.
2. You aren’t required to get 50 silver coins to pass this level. There is another warp on the bonus warp. So if your silver coins are not enough, you can still continue to the next area. And, if you use Jazz or Lori, they are possible to get all coins, then you can enter to bonus warp.
3. I’m a beginner to making JJ2 level, and I haven’t been able to use Angel Script.
4. Also, I’m a beginner to use English. Sorry.

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