RecommendedReview by Payback

28 Jan 2015, 10:22
For: Groovin Grinders
Level rating: 8.1

This and Martin’s Carrotus map have always been personal favorites of mine. The sheer mayhem on this map (I recommend around 5+ players) is amazing. I love the placement of weapons. It forces players to carefully manage ammo consumption. Powerups are scarce and this allows players to take more hits and make games last a bit longer.

The eye candy is fantastic, something F!re always received most criticism for. He obviously took the advice to heart and made sure everything looks nice and polished, which can be quite difficult with this tileset.

The excellent music track pushes the score further up, giving this level a big fat stamp of approval.

RecommendedReview by Payback

27 Jan 2015, 23:34
For: Hero 4 Hire - The Final Adventures
Level rating: 8.7

This review has been long overdue. But since I’m turning 30 in a couple of hours, my childhood, teenage and college memories were flashing before my eyes.

The joyful memories of playing these amazing, handcrafted and stunning levels for the first time oh so many years ago was amongst them. After installing Jazz2 again (and a few shots) I decided to replay these majestic levels.

The layout is simply amazing and a joy to play. It plays fluid and has an excellent difficulty level; Something I find to be horribly overlooked in most people’s attempts. SPLASH establishes himself as a solid designer with an eye for the creative, slightly offbeat designs. Placements are excellent, sound and thematically fitting. I love the use of the masts in the beach level.

Hero4Hire is one of my favorite levelpacks and one of SPLASH’s best from the day. It deserves this 9 through and through.These highly prolific levels are the epitome of creativity and turning the meta of using these tilesets upside down. The Beatles made Sergeant Pepper. SPLASH made Hero4Hire.

Review by Payback

Posted more than 18 years ago
For: Blade's Battle Pack
Level rating: 9.5

Absolutely stunning, a real must have in yer JCS tileset list. The custom tiles look great and not to mention the lvl design. A real classic and it should be listed in the tileset list here at j2o, just like Mez.