Review by Xan aka Drokz

15 Dec 2006, 20:07
For: Possessed Xmas
Level rating: 6.5

Hi Technopauluz,
about the get stuck..
This Tileset is quite buggy when you
look at the mask you will see,so i didnt had any choise placing the tiles.
but thanks anyway great review :)

about the music I randomly typ in limewire “s3m” and a few came out so i downloaded and picked the best one :D

Review by Technopauluz

15 Dec 2006, 19:08 (edited 15 Dec 06, 19:10)
For: Possessed Xmas
Level rating: 6.5

Ill be the first to review your brand new game.. Its more difficult beqause u password it.

Weapons & carrots are placed well, There are some other upgrates but that is eyecandy? i gues… I didnt like the lot of pooles togetter.
sometimes u can get stuck..

It looks not bad, not bad at all, there are some things that could better like the layer three at some pieces, some stuff looks the same, and a bit layer 3 work.

Fun Factor:
I can play this game for some hours before this bored me.

Orginality/Special effects:
Noting special here

The best at the last! I liked this one.
i dont now where u get it, but its a good choice.

Yes i look critic, and give u a 6.5 for this. Succes!

RecommendedReview by Lori 98

30 Jul 2006, 22:00 (edited 30 Jul 06, 22:16)
For: Xan
Level rating: 5.4

Hi! I played and enjoyed the first 2 levels, I haven’t play the second 2 levels, but I think they will be nice. But those were frusfrating:

1-the blocks of: normal, *4, *3, *2 and empty

2-The trigger zones near the red zone

Okay, that was capture the flag.


The level was fun +5.But Improve those who reduced rating

1-The carrot beside the float up sticks a person in the wall up so the user isn’t able to complete and have to restart again(by donda97) -1

2-When I was going to the (blue)flag room the trigger zone that you made make me stop the level and play it again -0.5

rating:3.5 due to unimproved things

Eye Candy:The backround is very good and fine but the sprite layer and also layers 1 and 2 were tricky!+ 4.

Next time, improve sprite layer .reduces 0.5.

rating 3.5


Items are so tricky even those climbing blocks were extremly funny for just bouncers? +6

Triggers: the triggerzone some time close on the other players he/she can’t complete playing so just we gotta restart playing the level again.reduce 2.

Animations: the animating blocks which are animated (normal, *4, *3, *2 and empty) reduces 1 and adds 2.

Rating: 5

Warps: None. N/a rating.


Please Improve those:

1-Make sure that float ups don’t stick people to upper walls.

2-door lock trigger zones must be deleted and use some normal items such as springs

3-Don’t ever use disappearing climbing blocks instead put freeze enemies if you want tricks

N/A rating.

Final Rating 4.7
Donda97’s Rating 5
Download Recommended

Wait for the other levels ratings By Donda97

(Last edited by Lori 98 due to mistakes)

RecommendedReview by Sacrush

26 Jan 2005, 16:45
For: Mindfull Candy
Level rating: 7.6

Since I got banned for no reason I have time to review this level, Oh and I promised it too.

Gameplay: rating: 7.5
A quite fun level to play in. The flow is more then decent because you can run through the level without really much trouble. There are some small dead ends in this level but that isn’t a really big problem in battle mode. There are many places to go and the level isn’t linear like most multiplayer levels should be. There are vines, one ways, one suckertube and other stuff to make the level a little bit more fun. There aren’t any irritating float ups. Well the gameplay is just good but it could be a little bit better.

Leveldesign: rating: 7.5
The leveldesign is quite nice. The level looks natural because there are many up and downs and the walls and ceilings arent flat, but the level also looks more natural because the cave’s are more narrow and outside the levle is more open which is in the real world too. Everything seems logic enough and not weird or strange, good job.

Placement: rating: 7.8
The placement isn’t bad at all. The ammo is spread out in the level in multiple groups which is nice and good, but on some places it’s a bit empty so there could be a little bit more ammo. There are 3 powerups which are nicely spread out in the level in walls which is good but it wouldn’t be a trouble if they where out in the open, the bouncer is out in the open though. There are 2 carrots which are nicely placed but are on the same side and one side of the level doesn’t have a carrot so you could move the carrot that was in the cave to the other side whit no carrot. There is also a pit with candy which is ok. The spring placement is good and get me where I want to go but the spring at position 50,20 could be a bleu one so you can go all the way up and that would’t be a dead end then.

Eye candy: rating: 7.4
When it wasn’t uploaden the background was still 2d and empty, but now the background is 3d and you can see the sea with a boat on it :D. The level self has also some eyecandy on it’s own, there are beautiful waterfalls, stone heads, some flowers and rocks but also nice caves which all looks quite nice together. Then there is also ambient lightning in caves and some flicker light’s which looks also nice. However this tileset can do better eye candy as you see in this level, there could be more rocks and flowers in the level and there could be a lot more eyecandy in the ground. It’s still a nice looking level, well done.

Extra stuff:

Final rating: 7.5+7.5+7.8+7.4=30,2->-> 30,2:4=*7.6*


Review by rabbit

25 Jan 2005, 17:51
For: Mindfull Candy
Level rating: 7.6

this lvl is cooooooool
(Unsupported rating (8.7) removal. Please explain your rating. And you two who rated this helpful, please explain that, too. ~Violet)

Not recommendedReview by White Rabbit

20 Dec 2004, 11:50
For: Xan
Level rating: 5.4

Well, admittedly Xan isn’t the reatest lvl maker in the JJ2 community, but he has improved a lot (just looks at his previous Coca Cola lvls! :-D). These lvls have very rough gameplay and flow, meaning that things seem to be in the right place but it’s not what’s there that bothers me, it’s what is not there. Many stuff do not have on ways (mainly in Intellectual Killer), more springs are needed, more ammo, more, more eyecandy, more bug-fixes, more, more, more, more, more!!! You never make good lvl by being lazy. Da man, you da man ;-P, you’ve already pretty much described everything I wanted to say, so I’ll summarize a couple of stuff and leave before I make Xan sad. :-(

Eyecandy – Some tile and placement bugs, mainly in Intellectual Killers, otherwise all right. Could do with less confusing foreground tiles in Bulletpoof.

Gameplay – More stuff needed! Not enough springs, float ups, platforms to make the lvls easy to play in. Also, some stuff, mainly float ups and very tall buildings, hinder the player more than they should.

Weapons placement – More stuff needed. There is simply not enough around. Also, the seeker PU in Bulletproof, and the toaster PU, is too close to red base.

5.5. These lvls could do with a lot of improvement, but, believe it or not, if Xan keeps the general lvl structure, fix all the bugs, add more stuff, he could push it all the way up to…a 7!! faints

Not recommendedReview by DarkSonic

1 Dec 2004, 20:42
For: Xan
Level rating: 5.4

Ehm… this is TSF, but it says it’s 1.23. Could you change that?
My review will come soon.
@The Blaziken Master: you have to rate the levels, not the info.
As I promised, here is my review.

Introduction to this pack: this pack includes 3 levels by Xan aka Drokz, and the levels have a day and a night version. 2 Battle levels and one CTF. Fun. Btw, I am trying a new system.

At first, the name of this level is creative, but I don’t know why it’s called this way.
The first thing I saw when playing this level, was that the poles were annoying. It’s quite hard to move around in this level. The float ups can be irritating too(the ones above and under the Full energy carrot). The houses are irritating too, because there is only one way through them. I cannot say that I like the layout, the level doesn’t have many routes, and also dead ends. It’s pretty hard to get around the level, cause of some small platforms that are a bit irritating.

The eye candy is fine, it’s not very impressive, but just fine. There was enough stuff for me.

The placement of this level is a bit a problem. There isn’t many ammo, and I can’t say I like the carrot placement. The full energy is right from an area where you will be ‘float-upped’. This is a big advantage for the blue team. Power-up placement is fine, the RF pu is in the upper area of the blue team, and the Seek pu is in the upper area of the red team.

‘Intellectual Killer’
Another creative name, let’s check out if this level is good or not.

The gameplay is almost the same as in Bulletproof, it’s pretty hard to get around, there are again that irritating poles, and there is a place where you can’t get out easily. I really dislike the platforms around 146,58, they are irritating(again) and it’s hard to get around. You need 20 coins for the bonus. That is not a problem. I do not see a reason for the vine in the top area.

Eye candy is typical Diamondus, cave tiles, flowers etc. so it’s pretty basic, and I don’t have any complaiments.

The placement is a bit better than in Bulletproof. When you got the bonus, you get 2 power-ups and a full energy(plus some crates) the top area is irritating, because the vines have food on it. It’s hard to get around and get that food. There is a RF pu in the bottom area of the level. The coins are placed fine. Two carrots are too close to each other; the others are good placed.

‘Mindfull Candy’
The last level also has a creative name, but you’re not there with only creative names.

The gameplay in this level is a bit better than in the other 2 levels. The horizontal springs near 31,29 are irritating. This level is small, but it also has some irritating platforms(again), like at the right side. It’s not very easy to get around, you need to learn something. I don’t really like the ‘pit of candy’ like is noticed in the text. You need 20 coins for the bonus, which gives you fast fire and will freeze you. Fun. The layout is a bit better than then the other levels, but still needs work.

The eye candy is good this time, I can’t say I dislike it. This tileset does not give you major eye candy, and you did what you could do with it. Some places could have more eye candy, but this is good enough.

The placement in the level is fine. The Bouncy pu is at 56,20, with some ammo near it. There is a tube to the Seek PU, which is at the upper-left side of the level, where a green spring and two red springs are. Like I said, the bonus gives you fast fire, and you have the max already after you entered the bonus. The only carrot is placed near a statue, but that statue is in layer 4, so it’s pretty hard to get it. There is food and some ammo in the ‘pit of candy’. It’s easy to get hit when you are entering that place, so it’s pretty irritating(I’m sorry that I have to use that word all the time). That was all about the placement here.

Others: an average pack by Xan aka Drokz, but the gameplay should be improved alot.

I’m giving this pack a 5.9. It’s a nice try, but could be better. I don’t give this a download recommendation. Also, don’t host this, even when it IS TSF.

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