Review by RockyR

Posted more than 18 years ago
For: Sunset CTF
Level rating: 7.0

This is a worthwhile new capture level despite its simplicity and lack of perfectionism. Have a look:

The level feels small, but keeps a good size for itself. The capture bases are planted in the ground on opposite sides of the level (split by a long carrot) and easy to enter (through a hole) and exit, with a one-way tile area.

Lovely packaging eyecandy-wise is not in this level, but it isn’t ugly at all despite rough corners. The design isn’t elaborate, so it’s all right that the graphics aren’t either. However it looks nice, some carrots are sprouting out of the ground in front of your character, there are pumpkins, a waterfall, some weeds, a beet, and that sort of thing. Being set in the sky, apparently, makes this level look much more interesting.
Other things that make this level nice are the matching springs near the red/blue bases, “John wears pink footsies!!!”, and the use of the Easter song, instead of the normal Carrotus bg music.

Structure-wise you won’t be gliding and sliding through this level that easily, but nothing really gets in your way. It really is somewhat symmetric, but not very much so, and this works well. Either side has a replica base, and a different platform structuring underneath. Both sides of the carrot have a Toaster box, and a second unique ammunition to each side. Works just fine and probably will make for a fun online game.

The verdict is guilty: You should probably get this level and keep it for a good time. It is a fine new level with no real shortcomings.
However if you’re skeptical about the graphical quality or how interesting the level is, you might not want to play it. Find out though, since it’s such a small file.
If you want a new level and you’re not a stickler for maximum quality, go for it. Nothing takes away from this level even though it’s very simple, and this simplicity itself somehow makes it all right it’s Carrotus: it’s only boring if it’s always used in the same normal way, which this one isn’t. Pick this one up and keep it around![This review has been edited by rockyr]

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