Review by snipperdepipper

20 May 2007, 22:44
For: Hogwarts 1.0
Level rating: 7.5

Well eh, FOX282;
There isn’t a layer eight, since everything is allready on a background, so a background has no function here…

And I wouldn’t know something about that ‘acces violation’. It must work, so the files aren’t the problem ;)

RecommendedReview by snipperdepipper

18 Feb 2007, 23:17
For: Night World
Level rating: 8.7


This is just amazing.

At the first place:
You perfectly build up the levels and they’re just as much fun and energic as the official Levels, well done!

At the second place:
The music is nice. The tracks fit with the levels, zo another good point.

At the third and last place:
The levels are great for the real players. The secrets are very well hidden, the enemies make it real hard levels and all the pickups are very well lay-out.

Final opinion:
A real MUST HAVE for the real Jazz2 player. Good Music and Good levels, some tiny mini defaults, makes me come up with a 9.7

Great Job, keep on the good work.

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