Not recommendedReview by PT32

30 Sep 2008, 22:07
For: Domination Lvl1
Level rating: 4.0

Hmm… This level is allright. Simply put, the object is to run a short ways to find a control point, then run a short ways to find another, and so on. I’ll try to be nice, since this is your first upload.
First off, the eyecandy stank. Virtually none to speak of, this really doesn’t say a lot about the TOP3 set [which is one of the most eyecandy-friendly tilesets around], and this level makes very little of the vast opportunities presented by this set. Music has a nice beat to it, but it’s a little confusing in parts. The level is devoted mostly to wide open spaces, and the warp is too easy to get. [a 30, I think,-coin warp, with 2 gold coins parked right next to it.] The only utilized weapons are RF’s and Toasters, the only powerups are blaster and Bouncer, and the entire level is completely symmetrical. Most people already know what a DOM level is, so what’s with the annoying tutorial at the beginning? The level is awful, to put it bluntly.
Not to say it’s beyond repair. Add loads and loads of eyecandy to this thirsty level. Add definitely more types of guns. Make the warp not so easy to get. You are not a bad level maker just because your one level didn’t do so hot. You just need to get better. I can tell you have potential. Just keep a’practicing. And watch us stare in amazement.

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