Review by hungabiesjozsi

15 Dec 2007, 14:47
For: Episode Two: The Rebirth of Evil
Level rating: 9.6

This file has many adventages.
First of all, you play easy, and hard skill, not only normal. Secondly, you build on one story, and the game make a new adventure. Finally it isnot boring, but very hard in the hard skill (i always play in hard)
But the other hand, it is too hard for the 6-10 years old Jazzers. I think it is IC, becouse not enough 1up in the game. add the checkpoint is too far of theme. and the big thing in the game what’s make me angry the save. When i not on the savepoint level and save the game when i like to contine it is OUT OF MEMORY. so i need to start again at the savepoint.


-Story: 10/10

-Long of levels: 10/10 (+5)plus points

-enemys: 10/10

-objects,sounds: 10/5

-secret areas, foods: 10/10
-weapons: 10/5
-others: 10/7

-trigs: 10/10

-background: 10/10

-layers: 10/10

-10 (for the out of memory)
-10 (it is too hard for the younger children)

so 100/72 —-> 7.2

Review by hungabiesjozsi

3 Dec 2007, 18:29
For: Castle Manor
Level rating: 8.4

It is brilliant!
I really enjoyed this castle level.
this is the best, and longest single player level of thet I played.

it’s a bit hard, but not impassible, i did it, the 4. try, becouse i left some cousines.


-layer 3,4 decoration
-long level
-not boring
bad: – i don’t like when i need serch cousines. – a bit of hard.