The community surrounding the Jazz Jackrabbit Series mainly consists of people who once played the game and stuck around. The main hub of it is this site, Jazz2Online.

Table of Contents

  1. History
  2. Demographics


Main entry: Community History

The history of the Jazz Jackrabbit community goes back to even before the release of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. There is no trace of a real community around Jazz Jackrabbit 1; one of the possible reasons for this is that internet use wasn’t as widespread back then as it was around JJ2’s release or that JJ1 didn’t support multiplayer.
During the first days, several sites existed, most ran by “legends” such as Dethman and Wakeman.
After Jazz2City, the most important community website, had not been updated for over a year, the board it hosted (the JMMB) also closed down. This prompted the active part of the JMMB staff to open a forum of their own, hosted by Jazz2Online. This forum, the Jazz Jackrabbit Community Forums, had the same subforums as the Jazz2City forums, and most of the JMMB staff also continued at the JCF.


Most of the community consists of (former) Jazz Jackrabbit 2 players from North America and Europe. The most plausible reason for this would be that those are the continents where the game was most actively marketed. The majority of the community is male, however there is still a reasonably sized female presence.