The Bouncer is a weapon in the Jazz Jackrabbit games:


The bouncer is affected by gravity: it goes down when you shoot it. It bounces on every wall it touches and can go very far: it disappears after about 30 tiles.

In Jazz Jackrabbit 1

The bouncer is a horizontal rectangle with semi-circles on its left and right sides. It is blue with a vertical white line in the middle. It is slow.

In Jazz Jackrabbit 2

The bouncer is a light-blue bullet which damages as much as the Blaster. When powered-up, it becomes dark purple.

It can be very fast if you run when shooting it; it can even go through walls! That’s why some Power-Ups are put behind walls in some multiplayer levels.


The bouncer is very useful when you arrive in a big area located lower than you: you can shoot bouncers to hurt players or enemies who are already there.

It can also be used to defend your area: shoot a lot of bouncers to prevent anyone from entering. It is especially useful for the CTF Base.