The Freezer is the 3rd weapon in Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

Table of Contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Effect
  3. Strategy
  4. Power-Up


When fired, it creates a bolt of ice (light-blue), which behaves very similarly to the Blaster, but freezes its target rather than damaging it.


Normal enemies and bosses will be frozen for three seconds when hit by this weapon; while frozen, they will be entirely unable to move, and will take an additional two hearts of damage if hit by any attack (though this will unfreeze them). Colliding with a frozen opponent at high speed will do two hearts of damage plus additional two for them being frozen in the first place, but also hurt you unless you use a special move to do so. This will outright kill every Bad Guy, except for the Witch.
The Devil Devan boss is resistant to freezing, and will unfreeze in half of a second rather than two.

The Freezer can freeze any object that can be pushed around. Such objects will be destroyed if you collide with them at high speed, and, if pushed, will continue to “slide” until the freezing wears off.


Against other players, freezing is not especially useful. While they will be immobilized, they can quickly break free by repeatedly pressing the fire button; most players will do this before you have a chance to hit them (and even if you do, why use the Freezer in the first place? Just hit them with a regular weapon).

However, Freezer can be useful in Race and Ground Force, especially above a hole or an annoying warp, because frozen players are still affected by gravity. The Freeze Enemies event in also often used in Ground Force levels.

JJ2+ has an Evil Ice option, which causes the Freezer to do one heart of damage in addition to freezing its target. Also of note is that the introduction of pits makes the Freezer considerably more useful, for fairly obvious reasons.


The Freezer’s Power-Up has very little effect; it causes you to fire two bolts of ice instead of one, and this second bolt behaves rather oddly: if you shoot it upwards, this will still go in front of you, allowing you to simultaneously fire up and right.