Gurus of Proactive Warfare

Gurus of Proactive Warfare is a clan founded by Shadow. Started up back on the 20th of September 1997 in QuakeWorld (another game), it entered Jazz Jackrabbit 2 in June 1998. Usually the acronym GpW is used to refer to the clan. While the acronym now stands for Gurus of Proactive Warfare, it used to mean God Promise to Win.

The name was changed in January 2000, together with new clan rules (such as no multiclanning) and a new website. The clan was, especially in the first years, very active in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Later on, their activity slowly decreased, until the clan became barely active. The clan has been declared as being dead for a few times in the past but always returned because of the dedication some of the members had. The core hasn’t changed in the past few years and the clan hardly gets any new members, because of GpW’s invite-only policy.

GpW had also for years a website, but their host Gamepoint decided to go a different course in what they were doing before.

In the 2010,one of GpW leaders,Urbs,started recruiting members and GpW slowly became active again,playing on the clan ladder and in the third edition of JJ2WC.

GpW has won 2 major awards so far, becoming third in the first Jazz Jackrabbit 2 World Championship and second in the third one after being defeated by CC in the grand finals.

Different Games

GpW started in Quake World, but has also showed themselves in games like StarCraft : Brood War, WarCraft 3, Counter-Strike 1.6/Source and Quake 3 Arena. Some games with more or less success then the other.


  • During the GamePoint/Project 2 interactive 500 euro battle contest. 4 players of the top 5 that ended there was a member of GpW. Shadow became first.

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