Main description

Hurt is a JCS event. When placed on a (partly or fully) masked tile, it make the player lose one heart when he touches this tile. It will kill a player if he touches a tile with the hurt event on it while having only one heart left. If the player has a shield while he’s hurt, he will not lose a heart. Instead, he will lose 5 seconds from his shield time and he will not recoil unlike he does without a shield.

If tiles with the hurt event on them are touched from below, they will not hurt the player. The hurt event does not hurt anyone but the host in multiplayer, and is therefore pretty much useless in non-single player gameplay. However, BlurredD has found a way to make it useful in multiplayer gameplay, by creating a system which prevents the player from warping if he has a shield. That system is used in the Shield Assault gametype.

If you make a Generator supposed to generate the hurt event, you get a non-powered up Bouncer SCE.

JCS Details

This event has no parameters.