Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Storyline

In Jazz Jackrabbit 1, Jazz Jackrabbit saved princess Eva Earlong from the mad turtle Devan Shell who wished to take over planet Carrotus. Jazz interrupted his plan. To thank him for this, King and Queen Earlong let him marry their child, princess Eva.

Devan interrupted the marriage and stole Eva’s 24-carrot ring. With that, he could make a time machine, with which he could wipe out all rabbits.

Warning: story details below – Spoiler alert

Episode 1: Formerly a Prince

Queen Earlong was very mad about Devan returning, and threw Jazz into a jailcel. Jazz, together with his brother Spaz, who got in the jail to help Jazz escape, had to flee the castle, where he had to beat Queen Earlong at the exit.

Jazz and Spaz had to escape through the castle garden where they reached Devan’s secret laboratory. They couldn’t catch Devan there, because he distracted the two rabbits with a “super” robot, while he started up his time machine.

Episode 2: Jazz in Time

Devan’s Time Machine left a worm hole, which Jazz and Spaz promptly hopped into. However, wormholes have a nasty tendency to randomly drop one off in a random bit of time, and they land in Colonius. Colonius is a colonial version of Carrotus. But thanks to Devan’s meddling in time, turtles have overun the streets. They had to beat Fat chicks and Fencers. They also ran through the sewers, where they were ambushed by Lizards. They found another worm hole, and decided it couldn’t hurt to try it.

The worm hole dropped them in the pyschedelic 60’s of Carrotus (or Psychedelius), where Mad Hatters attack you with tea, and funky Caterpillars smoke hookas. Apparently, Devan was here recently trying to knock off Jazz and Spaz’s Hippie parents! Jazz and Spaz were able to hitch rides on mysterious Chesire cats, and dueled Dragonflies. For some reason, wormholes seem to pop up in odd places, as Jazz and Spaz found another worm hole which they hooped into, as there were no trace of Devan in this time zone (and apparently, their parents were having a Groovy time and were perfectly unharmed).

This time, the wormhole took Jazz and Spaz to some unknown time, but they were at a beach. The surk wasn’t up though, since crabs were in season. The crabs were servants of Devan working under the mysterious Uterus. Jazz and Spaz swam through through a labyrinthine sea, where they confronted Uterus. After defeating Uterus, the brothers hopped into what they hoped was the final wormhole.

Episode 3: Flashback

As it turned out, the wormhole that was guarded by Uterus was a trap set by Devan. The two jackrabbits had been sent to a locale from Jazz’s first adventure! Jazz remembered Diamondus, but was very hazy on the events that followed. So the two Jackrabbits split up defeating any of Devan’s goons, when Jazz remembered that he had gone to Tube Electric next.

Thanks to Devan’s modifications in time, Tube Electric was vastly different from Jazz’s first visit. It had turned into a hybrid of a music player and a pinball table. One thing was still the same, there were still Sparks watching Jazz and Spaz’s every movements, slowly hunting the rabbits. After wiping out Devan’s baddies from Tube Electric, Jazz remembered that he had faced Devan on Medivo, and so the two jackrabbits went there.

In search of Devan, the two jackrabbits made an assault on a castle invaded by Helmuts. They fought through Dungeons and rooftops, when they finally came to what should have been Devan’s Lair. But instead of Devan, the Bolly boss was waiting for them. Devan knew that using the same machine from his first battle on Medivo was highly inadvisable, and equipped Bolly with State of the Art weaponry. That weaponry came at a price, Bolly’s vehicle was weighted down and moved slower. After defeating Bolly, his ship left behind a wormhole, and this time Jazz and Spaz went right where they needed to go.

Episode 4: Funky Monkeys

The final wormhole lead to a Jungle on Carrotus. Devan’s plan to wreck Rabbitkind so far had been a failure. But the maniacal turtle still had one last trick up his sleeve. He had found the exact spot where he could open up the pits of Hell, and he planned to use the power from that lava-ridden land to conquer Carrotus. Jazz and Spaz had to deal with the tribal ways of the resident Monkeys, and ran from boulders.

Soon they came upon Devan, who promptly opened up the pit to Hell and jumped in. Before they could follow, a lanky demon-for-hire named Bilsy appeared and attempted to stop Jazz and Spaz. Upon Bilsy’s demise, Jazz and Spaz hopped into the pit to Hell. Apparently being a villain, nothing happened when Devan fell into Hell. The same could not be said for the Jackrabbit brothers, who, with their hearts of goodness, froze Hell when they dropped in.

Apparently freezing Hell over is a crime with upmost punishment down in Dam Nation. Because of this, Jazz and Spaz were hunted by search dogs, and were attack by an aerial Raven assault. They also had to contend with the skeletons of long-dead turtles. Unfortunately, they ran into Bubba who was a little ticked off with having a cold.

Apparently after Bubba’s defeat, Hell had returned to normal. The dogs were still on the prowl for Rabbit flesh, so the jackrabbits thought it would be best if they just cut to the chase and found Devan. After asking a tree for directions, Jazz and Spaz headed toward a deeper part of Hell.

The deeper they went, they found that the search dogs were replaced with Demon Troops. Also, float lizards under the orders of Devan were on the lookout for any suspicious Red or Green furry creatures.

Soon, the two rabbits found their adversary. Devan was equipped with his Rabbit Roaster gun, and ran about firing at Jazz and Spaz. Halfway into the fight, Devan revealed he had taken powers from Satan, and transformed into a dragon-eaque creature. In this form, Devan breathed Fireballs while staying slightly out of Jazz and Spaz’s reach. Luckily Devan was defeated slightly before tea time. Jazz was able to retrieve the 14-karat diamondus diamond meant for his wife’s wedding ring, and halted Devan’s escape by destroying the time machine. Devan had a pile of rocks fall on top of him, and Jazz and Spaz went home with one last Wormhole. Devan was able to escape however, although how he escaped is unknown.


Then Jazz could marry Eva for the 2nd time and Spaz fell in love with a yellow rabbit that was supposed to be his girlfriend, but was later changed into his sister.

Jazz and Spaz lived other adventures:

The yellow rabbit mentioned above came as a new important character under the name of Lori Jackrabbit for TSF and Christmas ’99.