Level Groups

Level Groups are usually groups of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 players who create levels. The goal of level groups is to help the members by sharing knowledge and experience. Members may team up to create a level pack or episode.

The first known Jazz Jackrabbit 2 level group, Mystic Legends was founded by the former Epic Games level designer Jeh and President of J2C DethMan.

For a few years J2LC was mostly the only active levelgroup, after OLC was founded by Evilmike out of displeasure with J2LC and somewhat later XLM was started, those two levelgroups became the generally known level groups in the community, with J2LC taking a almost invisible role. In July 2005, IC was founded by cooba and P4ul, and was shut down by them exactly 2 years later.

List of active level groups

  • OLC (Obsessive Level Creators)
  • XLM (eXtreme Level Makers)
  • OSJ (Old School Jazz)

List of inactive/dead level groups

  • J2LC (Jazz 2 Level Creators)
  • ML (Mystic Legends)
  • IC (Impressive Creations)
  • CLM (Cathartic Level Makers)