Jungle 2.0

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19 Nov 2006 at 18:17 (Major update on 21 Nov 2006)

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P4ul (More uploads by P4ul)
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ICJungEx.j2l adasdsdsasdsasdsadasdsd 3.37 kB 19 Nov 2006
ICJungD.j2t Jungle 2.0 Day 247.89 kB 19 Nov 2006
ICJungE.j2t Jungle 2.0 Evening 248.85 kB 19 Nov 2006
ICJungS.j2t Jungle 2.0 Storm 249.33 kB 19 Nov 2006
GW2.XM Gateways part II 1000.44 kB 19 Nov 2006


Edit: Lightened the versions up due to many requests D=


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Recommendedabgrenv rated 9.0

Awesome, love original level recolors, once I start making the rest of the People Chimp I’m definitely going to use the Jungle Storm tileset. I’ve been looking for a really dark version of the tileset and this will be perfect!

Download recommended! It brings some variation to the original tilesets.


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Review by n00b

28 Nov 2006, 00:03
Spaz Slackrabbit (170 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings78 Featured reviews14 Average helpfulness83%

I like the changes made here, but calling it “2.0” is a bit much, more like a 1.5 if you ask me.

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RecommendedReview by PurpleJazz

7 Jan 2007, 12:31 (edited 25 Jan 07, 22:20 by Purplejazz7)
Spaz Slackrabbit (106 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings55 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness75%

Jungle 2.0 is an improved version of Jungle, but it could still be better.
P4ul has given it a new layout, which was a very good move. (I couldn’t use Jungle very well until I downloaded this :P) However, the layout was made up by taking large areas of the tileset and moving them around. It would of been better if you made a layout of only 1 or 2 tiles at a time. I think the diagonals should of been closer to the top, and the textured BG should go at the bottom.
Some layout areas were very good, like the way he took all the wooden tree stuff and placed it all together to make it easier to use.

The addtions include Trees from the OEM Jungle (Yay :D), rain and lightning tiles, waterfalls,
bushes wierd white tiles at the top, a hook, and leaf tiles to be used as caves.
I like the trees from the OEM Jungle, but they should be a bit lighter. The Rain tile looks ok, but it could be better if it had a more rain drop like shape. The Lightning is not that good though, it needs to look more like lightning. The hook is a bit too small. I like the BG leaves but like the OEM trees they need to be a bit lighter. The grey/green destruct blocks are good, but maybe you should make blend with the rest of the set like in Diamondus Beta. Also, the arrow signs have been replaced with Inferno arrows. I personally think the old arrows look better in Jungle, but this won’t effect the rating.But the waterfalls and the bushes are just Blah. The bushes use less colours than they used to, which makes them look ugly. While the waterfalls look good in this set, they are becoming overused in tileset conversions, so they are becoming boring. Why not make your own waterfalls? If you aren’t bothered to make your own, either use them from a tileset other than Diamond Dust or edit them so they could be used on layer for by adding extra
connecting tiles.

Some of the old EC has been removed like the water reflection tiles but I can forgive you for that because size was an issue. Also the background foliage has been extended. I think you could of been more creative with the additions though, levels made with this won’t look much different to levels made with the standard Jungle. There are 3 palettes: The standard one plus 2 new ones. My favourite is the Evening version; the storm version is still a bit too dark for me. Also, the mask has been fixed.

While there is serveral stuff that could be improved on, it’s still a good conversion.

Download Reccomendation.

@Cooba: Lol…I know. :p I’m not going to use them in future tilesets. And you made a good point Cooba. His rating is now 8.2.

EDIT – I’ve decided it doesn’t deserve an 8.2 now. 90% of the aditions are ripped, and that example level really disguise the true quality of this set. (It makes the set look a lot better than it actually is, but this wont affect the rating.) Those background leaves that I thought were your’s were actually ripped from Omen Woods. Even if they were actually made by you, I still think you should make some new leaves not used before.
I don’t now why you people see this set as “an amazing conversion.” It’s still pretty decent though.

EDIT – Those OEM trees just look so cool, that I’m increasing the rating.
And please don’t complain Cooba, even I made all of these mistakes in my own conversions, it doesn’t mean I should rate this conversion any higher. 7.9 is my final rating, and I won’t change it.

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Review by cooba

7 Jan 2007, 12:33 (edited 7 Jan 07, 12:41 by Cooba)
Carrot Juice Addict (325 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews32 Average helpfulness85%

“While the waterfalls look good in this set, they are becoming overused in tileset conversions, so they are becoming boring.”

The problem is, it’s you who made them overused and boring in your conversions, so downrating P4ul’s tileset for the mistakes you made is quite illogical :)

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RecommendedReview by Dragusela

31 Aug 2021, 22:15
CTF Bug (7 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings7 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness40%

Remake of the jungle tileset, very nice, useful, good eyecandy.
But you could still put something more.
Nice that you have made more than one tileset:

IC Jungle Day:
good, uses the original jungle palette
the backgorund is full of stuff: OEM trees, Bushes/Leaves, Waterfalls, Thunders and Rain (the purple waterfall doesn’t look good at all) overall it’s very nice

IC Jungle Evening:
I thought he had the jungle 2 palette but instead he has a quite different palette, more red than the original one
this looks like a jungle on fire, nice (again)

IC Jungle Storm:
my favorite of the three, very dark, stormy and tropical, has a nice palette: dark green, dark blue and turquoise, a nice mix of colors. Very beautiful

I have been hoping for other tilesets with different palettes like: jungle 2, jungle 2 oem

Rating: 8.7/10 download recommended

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RecommendedReview by Arclite288

12 Apr 2011, 23:36
Frog (19 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings19 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness17%

This is significantly better than the standard Jungle tilesets that came with JJ2, and also way better than many of its competitors.

Those that have read my reviews on Blade’s tilesets may notice that I don’t pull any punches when reviewing a pathetic tileset. That’s just how I operate. Thankfully, I don’t have to do that here, since these ARE examples of good tilesets.

The day version is the one I like the least, but that’s not a problem, as the other two are amazingly good. The evening version accomplishes amazing atmosphere with skilful use of the scenery available (such as the waterfalls and foliage).

The storm version is easily the best jungle-themed tileset when it comes to storms, as it takes the good lightning from Windstorm Fortress and combines it with strong rain. Put the six rain tiles in a 2×3 layer with both tiling options and some good automatic speed settings, and it looks like it’s chucking it down.

On top of all that, it’s ultra-strong at making trees. If you’re interested in a dark jungle environment, the evening and storm versions are almost essential. Quality-wise, this is close to chasing down Swamps of the Sleeping Jaguar. This is worthy of a strong 8.7.

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Review by WerBack3>>

23 Nov 2006, 16:08 (edited 23 Nov 06, 16:27 by Fquist)
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness11%

Great Tileset!
My rating
Tileset usage(original ideas)10/10
Your original idea is to use the tileset simply. There are not suprise, ships, trees, made from water, and other crazy stuff. That’s the thing I like- you’re in the jungle, not in the jungle, near the spaceship, or near the city.
Easy to use: Yes! 10/10
Usefullnes: 10/10
Very useful, I’ve liked the demo level!
Fullnes: 10/10
Enought stuff in it, I think!
Overal: 10/10

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