Pit of Necrosis

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31 Mar 2011 at 01:11 (Major update on 4 Sep 2015)

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PurpleJazz (More uploads by PurpleJazz)
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1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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xlmnecrosis.j2l Pit of Necrosis 14.83 kB 03 Apr 2011
xlmnecrosislite.j2l Pit of Necrosis [Lite] 14.86 kB 04 Sep 2015
ICInfernoF.j2t Inferno 2.0 Fire 246.86 kB 30 Nov 2006
ICInfernoN.j2t Inferno 2.0 Necrosis 245.31 kB 03 Jan 2011
nali.it Nali Chant 930.24 kB 17 Jan 2009
darkfrozen.mp3 5779.01 kB 01 Dec 2010


After nearly 1.5 years without any releases, it’s about time that I finally break the trend of doing nothing in JCS. Besides, I really shouldn’t be procrastinating from my studies so much, so I do want to get this off of my hands.

Pit of Necrosis is a medium sized battle level suited for any amount of players, set in a desolate wasteland of bones and decaying flesh. Even the players themselves look somewhat dead with the palette modification I have made from P4ul’s Inferno 2.0 Shade. There’s a lot of powerups and ammunition here, so a violent battle game will be guarenteed!



Snooze/DarkSonic/FireSworD/cooba/FawFuL for feedback

P4ul for the original IC Inferno 2.0

Daniel Edward Byerly for the awesome “Frozen” which you hear in the level.

Alexander Brandon for “Nail Chant”, from the game Unreal.

EDIT: Due to popular request, I’ve added a “lite” version. This one is a lot more playable online, although the original is still included as I consider it to have a stronger theme. Please re-download and perhaps reconsider your reviews, taking the inclusion of the lite version into account.

EDIT 2: TreyLina has kindly modified the lite version in order to be more Jazz/Lori friendly. The Seeker PU is also much easier to see and obtain in this version as well. However, I’ve decided to the leave the original version untouched.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9

Recommendedsnzspeed rated 9.0

I thought it was awesome level. now that there’s a lite version its imo even better. and music is not by kevin riepl, so thats great for a pj level! gj :D

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.2

RecommendedReview by PT32

1 Apr 2011, 02:12 (edited 6 Jun 12, 14:45)
Spaz Slackrabbit (197 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness60%

Inferno is not necessarily the first tileset I think of when I imagine a golden opportunity to make brilliant levels. Despite the fact that it was my second favorite planet in Jazz 2 (TSF’s Turtleville is still the best), let’s face it: The tileset is buggy, the eyecandy is just plain hard to use, and the tileset is incredibly monotonous.

Allow me to put your mind at ease when I say that while it may be a hair on the monotonous side, Purple Jazz’s Pit of Necrosis is certainly none of those other things.

For one thing, the level looks just plain awesome. PJ took a tileset that was originally supposed to be a frozen wasteland and turned it into a lonely, windy boneyard completely appropriate for a battle level. No piece of eyecandy is used the same way twice, as he made good use of the various images of skeletons and bones and musty old skulls in several different layers, putting one in the foreground here, while placing it in the background there. There were even a few random bones lying on the ground, which I thought was a cute (depending on how you look at it) little touch. I especially liked the “bone pile” in the lower left corner of the map, built up to look like a bunch of giant animals just fell on top of each other and died.

But he didn’t stop there, utilizing a trick that I myself am a big fan of (if it’s used right), which is creating side paths as eyecandy in the level. In random areas of Necrosis, PJ put a few little alternate roads under certain areas and behind certain walls, preventing you from accessing them, but ever increasing the visual size of the level.

Necrosis was a nice and wide open level, but not in the sense that it was empty and boring. Oh, no no no. There were a number of paths stuck on top of paths on top of paths, leaving a truckload of escape routes by which to avoid your attackers, which means it’s easy to get lost here. And in my book, if a level can do that successfully, it’s a good thing.

I wasn’t too crazy about some of the little scattered text strings PJ used, but let’s not drag personal views into a perfectly good review.

There was also very fine bug management control, and for a tileset like this, that’s terrific.

Remember all the anvil-shaped platforms? Well, Purple Jazz found a unique (although not original) way to deal with it, making the very edges one-way. In fact, I had a hard time finding anything wrong buggage-wise here.

Layer 8 and the surrounding background layers were a bit bland, in my opinion, but not intolerably so. I didn’t mind too much after a while.

I didn’t download the music track for this level (since the last time I tried something like that, I got a vicious spyware virus that knocked out my internet for nine months), but if PJ took as much care with that as with this level, I’m sure it works just fine.

I was disappointed, though, that some of the platforms were just out of the reach of normal jumping (and no springs were around), which meant that you either had to get a running start (if you even had enough room to do that), or else just uppercut/double jump, which can cost precious time in a battle.

In addition, I tried and I tried, but I could just not get into the Seeker warp at the top of the level. Unless there’s some newfangled gameplay trick out there that I don’t know about (And that’s entirely possible), it’s not accessible at all, except by using singleplayer cheats.

My biggest major problem with this level is, as I originally pointed out, it IS a bit on the monotonous side. I mean, you can only go so far with a black+gray+white color scheme (There was a little orange in the background, however). I would’ve maybe put a light dusting of dark red into the level (or the set, if you modified it yourself), and that would’ve made it so much better. But this is a small nuance, and it doesn’t irk me as badly as others might have.

In short, I think that Pit of Necrosis is a pretty darn good level, if I do say so myself. Perfect for a brawl between a large number of players, or a really long two-player contest. Download today, compliments of the reviewer.

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Review by PurpleJazz

1 Apr 2011, 06:10 (edited 1 Apr 11, 23:45)
Spaz Slackrabbit (106 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings55 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness74%

It is possible to get the Seeker PU with a cleverly placed shot with non powered up Bouncers. The warp is just a “bonus” way of getting there – you can get there either if you are good with RFs or by getting shot up by another player.

EDIT @ TW: When are you getting stuck exactly? This level has been tested throughly, and I haven’t noticed anywhere players could potentially get stuck. Seeing as I made this level in 1.23, isn’t the argument that this level isn’t Lori friendly technically invalid? You claim you keep hitting walls – you will if you don’t actually control yourself instead of mindlessly running forward. Why do I need to make this level “noob friendly”? I’m pretty sure they’re all happily playing Battle 1 No Fire Hotels and generic top3 tests. I can appriciate why you may not enjoy the atmosphere. The downbeat, monochrome, dreary theme was completely intentional, creating a more morbid arena with a grittier feel than the usual colourful levels found in JJ2. I don’t have a problem with you disliking this level, but I really think you should at least consider justifying your arguments a bit better.

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Review by Seren

2 Apr 2011, 10:56
Bee Boy Swarm (39 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews6 Average helpfulness72%

@ PJ: Honestly, I may not know the exact definition of “skills”, but I don’t think it’s like you can call discovering the existence of the PU (no chance for it if you play the level in battle mode, low chances in offline/not serious games – you’ll basically only find it via JCS, SP cheats or if someone tells you), training the level offline a lot to find the proper spot, memorizing it by heart, and being lucky enough to hit the shoot button in the right gametick (there’s one or two I think when you can successfully get the PU) during the game as being “skilled enough to get it”.

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Review by ThunderWalker

1 Apr 2011, 23:15 (edited 3 Apr 11, 12:34)
Bee Boy Swarm (42 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings38 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness54%

Full review, after playing it.

Well, that was allright. Fits the level

Eyecandy: Well done, but a few bugs in the background… It is very monotonous but that’s a tileset issue probably so no rate-down… it isn’t really PurpleJazz’ fault considering he tried to use every eyecandy piece as orginal as he could.
Flow: Ah, by FAR not the best I’ve seen this year. Many levels surpassed this one. I got stuck into one-ways, bumped into walls, needed to make weird running jumps because Lori can’t double-jump etc. Jazz could uppercut but that takes more time like Lori’s running jumps (so Jazz should have to do those jumps too). Also, some places are very hard to reach with Jazz/Lori, which makes this level noob-proof (noobs use Spaz less often in comparison, while being unable to negate Spaz advantages with tricky jumping due to relatively low skills).

Only Spaz can double jump; Jazz can’t either. So only Spaz can play here properly. Lori’s weird jumps are faster than Jazz uppercut, while they lack the predictable course (possibility to turn away and slam bouncy in you face!). It isn’t about Lori’s disadvantage – it is about the Spaz advantage over both Jazz and Lori. It is true a noob who at least knows how to uppercut, will do better with Jazz than with Lori here.

Edit: With noob-proof I also say that are less competent players in general have there issues, and not only the walk-and-shoot TheServer/ZA noobs.

Edit2: I could no longer get stuck into one-ways.

5,5 -> 6,5/10.

Pickup placement
Everything was allright… the Seek PU has, despite the freakin’ warp is removed, still its issues. You can shoot it with unpowered bouncy, but it takes a very precise hit – which takes also a lot of time if you don’t have experience or when you can’t aim too good. If this map is intended for a lot of players, more fastfires would be nice as well…

EDIT: Warp to Seek PU removed. Still, Seek PU is hard to reach for those who don’t have a VERY good aim. In SP it is possible if you don’t have a good aim, but try hitting it with less than five bouncy spent, in three seconds.

7,5/10 -> 8,5/10

Replay value:
Zero. I’ve played it… and well… I really don’t want to play it again. Getting stuck feels really, really frustrating… considering I did it twice in only half a minute… well. Goddamnit.
The grim atmosphere, while looking allright, doesn’t really help either. It is all grey and dusty which is something I don’t really like to see too often in a server…

Edit: OK, the worst things are removed so this level are removed. But in fact, this is my personal like/dislike box; would I like to replay this?
3,5/10 -> 4,5/10

36/50 -> 39/50


7.2/10 -> 7.8/10

DR: This level isn’t made for noobs. So if you consider yourself a noob, don’t download this.

Edits: Main issues were fixed, so the rating is now upped quite a bit. Bumping into walls is still an annoyance though.

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RecommendedReview by Loon

2 Apr 2011, 13:32 (edited 2 Apr 11, 14:30)
Bee Boy Swarm (41 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness56%

Since people dislike this level I’ll help you guys out with my rating.
Decided to give a fully full review which is fuller than full!

Considering that this eyecandy has a few ‘bugs’ doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It’s actually well done. The speeds are good and gives a really nice hell effect. The grey atmosphere has a nice colored balanced glow of its map. But the red mists are kind of weird with its speeds.

Since there are newbies for who has to be the flow perfect. Let me tell you this, not even a single level is perfect. It doesn’t excist, so be happy with what you’ve got. By learning the map you can improve you skills and be like the real pwners. But it seems you don’t seem to understand that. Anyway, now about the levels gameplay.
Since I liked that RF trick there should be another way to get there, with a tube or frozen spring thing, but that is up to you. But you deleted the warp (which I liked..), but that doesn’t effect my rating though. The flow is fifty/fifty.., it has some lacks and i see some nice ends where you can stand. (I mean in the walls) Try to fix these, you can find them by mask on. To get the seeker pu is hard for newbies. It’s just like in ‘Evil Mike’s Evil Fortress’, which has an incredible hard way to get the seeker pu if you play with a lower resolution. Because you don’t see it, I only heard it from a pwner that there was a seeker pu.
Since it’s an hard tileset to use with such crappy maskbugs, so it’s well done and makes the level with the flow a bit better.

Ai…, my eyes hurt.. It looks nice, but better you don’t play with low detail. And you hardly see your own rabbit. But that isn’t a big deal, because you always say your name (But not the ground). But I guess the layout is okay but a bit chaotic as well.
But what the hell..? I hardly see carrots because they have to same colour as everything else?!

Since this doesn’t count that much, I have to make it count more. Just in this little case.

Seeker PU:
The worst spot in the whole level. It’s too pro biased and has no more ways to get it. Even for the pro’s it sucks.

Bouncer PU:
Has a good spot, but the diagonal line of it doesn’t fit it. Just in the middle of it..

One of the best I guess. On a small island and with some ways to get there.

Blaster PU:
Small doorway, campy, and a C near it. Perfect DD spot.

Toaster PU:
A bit Spaz biased but good enough to control it.

1st (31,7): This one is Spaz biased. Uncampy.

2nd (124,17): This one is more for the DD people which like to camp at the blaster PU. It’s hard to take from the vine, so the best way to get it is from the left.

3rd (64,45): Uncamp, and in a free area. Takes some advantage to get it from the right.

Start posts:
This is something I’ve hardly seen. The startposts are at a small island near a wall. I liked that.

Ammo Placements:
Rather good, sometimes not. Too much tiles between them for example.

Nice bumbin’ straight in da ears.
(Just good, nothing to say about.)
But I wouldn’t listen this all day.


Since my review is more based on what people think about the gameplay and less about the level I’m not a disliker of this map.

So, the few maskbugs and such could be solved. Learn the freakin’ map instead of complaining.

~Ade√łn aka Loon

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