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Coop Bug Fixer
Made by Sfaizst
Informations and Problems you can have:

      - This Tool was written by Sfaizst for the Players who want
to loose hearts and lives as clients in Coop Servers

      - The Tool is compatible to 1.23 and 1.24 (Not the LK avalon TSF)

      - The Tool need to detect JJ2 the exe-name of your Jazz2, so if its
Jazz2 1.23.exe, 
Jazz2 1.24.exe, 
Jazz2 1.23+.exe, 
Jazz2 1.24+.exe or
the Tool will not detect your Jazz2 as running.
      - The Tool working and Fixing the Bug when its showing: 'Coop BugFix

      - This Tool is reading out the Blinking of your Rabbit, so if your
Rabbit is blinking
        you will loose one heart, so don't be wonderd when a plus server
changes the Game-
        mode too Coop and you loosing a heart.

      - For this Tool will not be written any Updates, so if its not
working on your system
its not changeable