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* JelZe's Cyber MultiPlayer Pack *                       (yeah right!)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is my crappiest, lamest, first incomplete upload of my career! If you
can call it a career. A long time has passed since my last upload, and in
that time, I've done zilch to nothing. Would you believe it was planned
with 3 CTF's and 3 Battles? Instead, it's a crappy 2 CTF's and 1 even
crappier battle! And guess the reason: lack of inspiration, too many things
on my mind, distracted too many times, you name it. It seems to me that the
only way to get going is to get rid of my junk, including this thing.

Yeah, I know I may be overreacting a bit, that's my way of blowing of some
steam. A lot of things have happened and i can't quite deal with it. When I
discover one thing, i neglect the other. That's natural for me. But now
it's enough! I've had it! It's time to start with a clean record! And
starting with a clean record is a bit hard for me to do...Since I don't
change easily. I'm not flexible enough to be a decent creator. You may say
my work is great (which i appreciate), but i think it stinks! Just look at
the levels for crying out loud! Everything is wrong with them!


You can see I'm not making any sense. I'm just a bit depressed and mad
about myself. I can't get myself to do anything (as always), and it has
worsened over time. I started looking for other things that might bring me
inspiration, with no luck, and over time, i left my projects alone to die a
pitifull death...

*sighs again*

OK, i might as well get this over with. I'm gonna stop typing before I'm
going to kill myself. Don't place any bad comments about this (or maybe do
so, I deserve it).

- JelZe GoldRabbit

P.S. For those interested, I've included my now dead second SP level. Maybe
someone else can finsih it instead of me.

P.P.S. Darn, I forgot the passes for the levels...
Cyber: Cyberspace
Vine: banaan