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On The Trip

This small pack includes two singleplayer-levels. These are actually the
very first levels I made in JCS (about three years ago). I ocassionnally
found them today when looking for some singleplayerlevels in my home cooked
levels folder. I found them, both already overworked a lot, and
re-overworked them, in the hope that they could offer a few jazzers at
least 5 minutes of fun ;).
Btw: these levels have been part of a pack including four levels I made
about three years ago. The others are too worse and I'm not in the mood to
work over them, except you'll rate these levels VERY :P good...

Well, the two levels:
ottrip_1.j2l  -  Fellow Spring      -  Carrottus 1
ottrip_2.j2l  -  Invisible Menaces  -  Medivo 1

Watch out for secrets and hidden ways. There are a lot compared with the
size ;).

Much fun with playing it, and don't rate it too bad ;P!

- Unhit

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