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Mystery of the Pacman Ghost

What is it exactly?
The pacman ghost is an unfinished event. It has never been made official, but it can be just used in your level. It was first discovered by an user on J2O. Too bad, it only works for 1.24 like the HH98 enemies and the Cat.

What does it look like?
It's a hairy blue ghost as shown on the left.

How does it work?
The pacman ghost moves like the addon sparks event. However, it's only for TSF (1.24) and it won't show up with 1.23.

How can I get it with JCS?
1. Open JCS. INI and find event number 253.
2. Change the two "Don't use" names to something like "Blue Ghost" or "Pacman Ghost".
3. Change the |+| to |-| and make sure that all this lines up like the the other enemy events are.
4. Go to JCS and look for "Blue Ghost" in the enemy folder.

If you are afraid of doing this yourself, download our JCS.ini with Blue Ghost.

Congratulations, you now have a new event.. Go use it!

We are not responsible for any possible damage to your JCS.ini. Always make a backup before replacing the file.

Added on: 27 February 2003 14:51. Made by Electric.