16 bit to 8 bit
3D Tileset Objects
Ambient sounds (Howto JCS)
Background Music
Bouncy things
Buttstomp Scenery
Compiling a tileset
Cool layer tricks
Creating the Palette
Destruct Scenery
Detached Starfields
Event Theory
Events moved by belts
Important phrases (Howto JCS)
JCS Hotkeys
Layers (Howto JCS)
Links and Resources
Making a simple level (Howto JCS)
Masking in general
MCE's - why and how
Motion Blur
Mystery of the Pacman Ghost
Palette Swap Animations
Remembering Triggers
Textured Backgrounds
Tile Cache
Trigger Scenery in background layers
Underwater Ambient Lighting
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Even more contests

Create a 300 100 tile tileset (deadline March 15th)
Create any level containing enemies (deadline February 17th)

Also, if any of you are interested in playing JJ2 at high speeds (50 minutes or less), check this topic out.

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