RecommendedReview by monkey

18 Oct 2004, 03:37
For: Dino Station
Level rating: 8.9

yeah, yeah, i’m a bit late to rate this but anyway:

story: n/a
orginality: great
gameplay: great
tileset use: excellent
eyecandy: excellent
music choice: excellent
general impression: excellent

a very nice level. i find the boss a bit too easy to beat because of the laser along the bottom but other than that, it’s flawless.

Not recommendedReview by monkey

17 Oct 2004, 08:16
For: Just Levels
Level rating: 3.9

some original ideas in here:

story: n/a
orginality: good
gameplay: good
tileset use: crap
eyecandy: crap
music choice: crap
general impression: okay

i don’t know about your impression, but i had fun playing these levels. of course you had to skip a lot of them but the ideas were creative.

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