RecommendedReview by KboutR

4 Feb 2006, 11:57
For: Alton Towers
Level rating: 7.2

The best thing about this tileset is the layer 6+7 background. There are lots of attractions like rollercoasters, merry-go-rounds, flight simulators ect. These are all animated and look great (especially the rollercoaster). It really feels like a view over a funfair. Sadly the layer 4 tiles are pretty boring. There are some concrete (floor) tiles, a horizontal rollercoaster rail, and some food-kiosks. The tileset also contains signs, destruct-blocks and letters.

This tileset is nice, and the background is very good in my opinion. Also, the example-level called Roller Coaster!!!! or something like it was very good. It reminded me of the T-rex chase in Ninja-Dodo’s lost world pack, but this examplelevel is better.

Do I like it: 4/6
Eyecandy: 4/6
Event Tiles: 4/6
User Friendlyness: 5/6

Rating: 7.2

Download rocommended

Nice Job!

RecommendedReview by KboutR

21 Jan 2006, 20:27
For: Kansas
Level rating: 8.1

Swimming in acid is not advised.

This tileset has three main floor/wall types. The first one consists of green plants, with some red and blue gems, the second type consists of (brown) rocks, and the third type can be described as some kind of wooden tubes. If you want, these three types can be easily mixed together, because there are lots of connection tiles in the tileset.

There’s enough eyecandy in the tileset, there’s a textured background but you can also use a starfield as layer 8 background. You can use water or acid as layer 6/7 background, and there also is a nice layer 4 background. There also is an acid-fall and a sword-in-a-rock.

The tileset contains hurting electricity/fire, poles, hooks, vines, signs, tubes, water block and even a fooruman with a bowler hat (omg). The only thing I’m missing is destruct blocks. Ok, there are buttstomp blocks, star blocks, ?-blocks and empty blocks, but no weapon-specific blocks or countdown blocks.

This tileset is pretty easy to use and contains lots of different tiles. There’s also a night version of the set. Sadly there’s no example level, but I think you’ll get more original levels because of this. I think I’ll help with LMAT February.

Do I Like It: 5/6
Eyecandy: 5/6
Event Tiles: 5/6
User Friendlyness: 5/6

Rating: 8.5

Nice Job to all of you! (Yes, my English sucks)

RecommendedReview by KboutR

21 Jan 2006, 12:57 (edited 5 Mar 06, 13:16)
For: Exoticus (updated remake)
Level rating: 8.4


This tileset is some kind of remake of the JJ1 Exoticus Set, and it consists of three types of scenery: Brown rock with grass on it (a lot like the original Exoticus set), Brown rock with brown grass, and some beachy stuff. It looks a bit cartoony, but it’s pretty nice.

The bad thing about this tileset is the lack of eyecandy. There’s no eyecandy in the rocky part of the tileset (Gus solves this by adding some “small tree” -events at his example level), only the beach part of the set contains some starfish and shells. The set also has a layer 4 background, containing the same rock, but this time purple colored.

The tileset has a textured background, and for layer 6 and 7: ocean and some grassy fields. This looks pretty nice, but still a bit empty. Also, the acid from the original Exoticus tileset is replaced by grass. (even the hole in the background with acid coming out is replaced by a hole with (non-animated) grass coming out!)

The tileset contains spikes, all kinds of destructable blocks, signs and one-way floors. But sadly, no poles nor animated tiles are added. Making this tileset a bit simple-looking.

This is a nice and big tileset (Disguise also hardly used animated tiles), it looks a lot better than the original Exoticus, but maybe you should have added some more (eyecandy) tiles. (BTW I forgot to mention, this tileset is very user-friendly!)

Overall: 4/6
Eyecandy: 4/6
Event Tiles: 3/6
User Friendlyness: 5/6

Total rating: 7.0
Nice Work!

Edit: Hey is this your first tileset? You ‘re good!

The tileset has been updated, and it has improved a lot. The acid is now animated, there’s more beach stuff and background added, some flowers and vines, plants, a waterfall, and lots of colored blocks like in the JJ1-Exoticus. These tiles make the tileset look a lot more colorful.

Also, the nessecery event tiles are added, like poles and vines, and platforms moving up. Still, some things could use some improvent. The colored blocks, especially the bigger ones, look very simple. And the grassy/rocky part looks still a bit empty. Maybe you should add some plants growing from the ground and some holes in it. Still, the tileset looks really good, and it deserves more than a 7.0.

Overall: 5/6
Eyecandy: 5/6
Event Tiles: 4/6
User Friendlyness: 5/6

Total rating: 8.2

Review by KboutR

28 Sep 2005, 17:10
For: 3D Level Thing
Level rating: 6.5

yeah its pretty cool but i dont think its very useful to use in a real level, maybe for cutscene thingies?

Not recommendedReview by KboutR

25 Sep 2005, 11:11
For: Castlebattle
Level rating: 4.5

This level has two areas. The right area is rectangle-shaped and every tile on the floor contains a blue spring. There are a few floating platforms with weapons on them, and some well hidden tunnels, taking you to the other area. This second area is called the Duel Arena, and contains nothing more but platforms with powerups and fastfires on them. There’s also a lizard-helicopter to fly you back to the first area.
This level isn’t really fun, too much springs in a battle level can get really annoying and it’s hard to get to the other area. The gameplay isn’t that good either. The reappearing time of the helicopter is too long, so you have to wait (I think) 30 seconds before you can get the next one. This wouldn’t have been too much trouble if the helicopter made you able to reach a secret, and not the main area of the level. The background eyecandy is ok, but there are a few bugs in it. There’s also a layer 5 eyecandy but this contains the tiles actually meant for layer 4, making the level confusing. The layer 4 eyecandy is just bad. There are a few parts where wall and floor tiles are used but the biggest part of the level only contains the bricks at the bottom part of the tileset. Sometimes there is layer 4 background, but also here are a lot mistakes. The event placement is ok, but there are too much powerups placed in the Duel Area.

Fun: 2/6
Eyecandy: 2/6
Gameplay: 3/6
Event placement: 3/6

This makes your final rating a 4,5

Don’t make boring rectangle-shaped rooms, but use diagonal floors and and walls. There are enough good battle-level showing you how a battle level could look like. Also, use more paths leading to the rooms. Springs are ok, but the best use of them is to gaurd weapons and powerups. Also try to avoid using passages just 1 tile high, becouse if you meet an enemy here you can’t avoid its shots. Look at the battle1 level and look at how the tileset is used. You can learn very much with looking at a level in JCS. Look at how the tileset is used, look at the different ways the player can take and the obstacles like shootable blocks and springs. I hope I can help you with this, but I can’t give you any higher than a 4.5

Review by KboutR

22 Sep 2005, 09:24 (edited 22 Sep 05, 09:25)
For: System Crash
Level rating: 5.8

I completely agree with n00b, but I don’t think this deserves a 5.3

This pack is pretty original. You are inside an operating system and have to flip switches and find root keys to gain access to other parts of the OS. This makes the pack a bit like a puzzle, but sometimes you don’t know what to do next and need to search through the whole level to find a difference somewhere.
The second and third levels are much the same, but they’re a lot shorter than the first level.
The eyecandy isn’t that good, but this isn’t required for an OS, and the tileset hardly has eyecandy tiles.
There are a few enimies, like dragonfly’s and turtles, but I don’t think they fit in an OS (or have they escaped from the Jazz Jackrabbit window?). Also there are hardly any secrets.
Still I don’t think this pack deserves a 5.3. It’s fun to play through and has an amusing – but sadly a bit overused – gameplay.

Fun 4/6
Eyecandy 3/6
Gameplay 3/6
Event placement: 3/6

This gives you a 6.2

Review by KboutR

19 Sep 2005, 17:18
For: Armageddon Treasure Hunt
Level rating: 7.0

This is a nice level! It is made with the d*mn tileset, and contains about 150 gems (i think) making it idial for two player treasure hunt. The level contains some helmuts and demons, but there aren’t annoying much of them. I also found a masking mistake, at the higest platform at the far left of the level, but this isn’t that bad. The gems are nice placed, but the background eyecandy (stalagmites) doesn’t move up or down (y-speed = 0) making it a bit lame. Maybe you should try a little out with y-speeds like 0,05 or 0,1. This usually doesn’t give much trouble, but it still looks a lot better. Btw there’s a mistake in the layer 8 background as well.


Fun: 4/6
Eyecandy: 3/6
Gameplay: 4/6
Event Placement: 5/6

This makes your rating (calculator): 7.0

Nice job

Download? If you like 2 player Treasure Hunt: Yes

Not recommendedReview by KboutR

14 Jul 2005, 14:45
For: the Lost World episode
Level rating: 9.1

This pack contains 12 single-player levels, a tileset, a few music files and 5 cinematics, but it’s not about the cinematics, but it’s about the levels.

You have been stranded on an island called Site-B. The eyecandy in this level is ok, but the background looks a bit empty. The level disign is in one word: boring. You just need to follow a straigt path from left to right. In games like super mario this would’ve been possible, becouse mario can’t jump very far, but in jazz2 you can just run and jump through this level in 30 seconds, without missing lots of pickups.

Wierd Lizards
This level is not much different than the previous one. The background contains a few trees and rocks and a big hill, making the background again a bit empty. The level design is a bit better than the previous level, more jumping is needed and it’s a bit harder. Near the and of the level you need to climb trees to find the cave leading to the next level.

Under the Mountain
This level was also pretty easy. It’s inside a cave, and you need to avoid a few rocks and jump over a few collapsing platforms. That’s it. Eyecandy was very poor, only the Ground, and a plain rocky background.

On top of the World
This level is on the top of a big mountain or something like that. Eyecandy is still poor but the level design is a bit better. Falling down often results in a deep spiky pit (you can’t get out) and is sometimes unavoidable, being very annoying.

Sorna Falls
This level is nothing but rocks and waterfalls. Falling down a waterfall results in going back to the beginning. It’s a bit a maze like level, which is pretty fun, but the falling down spoils the fun a bit.

Into the Long Grass
This level is into the long grass (what a surprise). Eyecandy has improved a lot, but the level is very easy because you can just run and jump through the whole level.

A Call for Help
This level is mainly inside a house thingy. Eyecandy is ok and this level is a lot harder than the other levels. Sadly, after you exit the house the level is nearly finished. Another 30 second level…

Down the Tubes
Youre inside a sort of sewer. Eyecandy is a bit poor again, and the level is pretty short and easy. There’s a cool trap in the level with raising water and lots of fish.

Goose Chase
In this level you’ll be chased by a T-rex I think. But it’s far to easy and if you shoot and run to the right for 30 seconds, the level is finished. Eyecandy is okay, but the level is just far to easy and short.

Climate Change
Just another boring level with a few dinosaurs. Blah

The Storm
Nothing much to say about this level. This time it rains at the background. It’s again easy to just helicopter-ear over the whole level in 30 seconds.

Coastal Cliffs
This level is very small and easy again, especially for Jazz. You can just fly over the whole level again.

This pack is mostly aimed at realism and at the story, spoiling the fun a bit. The levels are very short and easy, and its often possible to just skip the whole level by just jumping over it. Eyecandy is sometimes a bit poor, but this is often just because of the tileset. Item placement is ok, and so is enemy placement. The cinematics are nice but I dont think it’s worth to download because of the filesize, and because the levels bring not much special.

Fun: 3/6
Eyecandy: 3/6
Gameplay: 3/6
Event Placement 4/6
Rating: 5.7

Download not recommended

RecommendedReview by KboutR

21 Jun 2005, 16:06
For: Jazz Jackrabbit 1: Episode 1
Level rating: 7.9


Diamond Forest Sector 1
This level is converted well, but there’s one thing I dont like about this level: In JJ1 it was possible to jump on the top of a tree. There are enough invisible mask in the Diamondus tileset, so why didn’t you use them to mask te treetop? Because the treetops aren’t masked, it’s not possible for Jazz to find the Birdie. I didn’t find any mistake in this level, except for the missing spring, making you unable to get a toaster box.

Diamond Forest Sector 2
This level is also nice, but there’s no reason to use bee-generators. You also could reduce the amount of bees because JJ2 bees have a longer range and are much harder to avoid then JJ1 bees. The fast feet part is very original and I like the last cave before the exit. But why did you use the Diamondus Night tileset?

Diamond Forest Secret
I’ve got not much to say about this level. Please change the airboard into a bird morph, and I’ll be happy.

Tubelectric Tower Sector 1
This level is really good. This one is done really well and it gives me the good old Tubelectric feeling. The tube-corner-parts are used as the huge flashing blocks which looks really cool. There are a few eyecandy mistakes and you could have used something better then the countdown blocks (used instead of the barriers), like the electric pillars in the tileset, but this level is really fun. There’s one thing I really have to mention: the turrets have been removed, and the dark area (which isn’t really dark) is really boring without them. You could add some sparks or use something inside the tileset as turrets, and turn the light to something between 0-50% to make the dark part dark again.

Tubelectric Tower Sector 2
This level was my favourite of JJ1 Episode 1. It uses the Night tileset again, but this isn’t that worse as in Diamondus. Maybe you could reduce the number of sparks (same reason as the bees in Diamondus2) and delete the extra part behind the exit.

Medivo Fortress Sector 1
This level is done very well. The Eyecandy is very good, but it is a lot easier to play then Tubelectric and Diamondus. This time you could increase the number of helmut’s and rapiers a bit (yes I’m terrible) to make it harder. There’s one bad thing in this level: there are hardly any obstacles in the airboard part. I know there are no wall- and ceiling spikes in this tileset, but you could also use moving (or not moving) spike bolls. Except for the airboard part this level is really good.

Medivo Fortress Sector 2
This level is also really good. I’ve got not much to say about it. By the way: There are two ways to get the bird in this level.

Medivo Fortress Gaurdian
This level is a bit small. The boss appears to early and the hidden 1up has been removed. Not much to say about this level.

This level pack is nothing special, but it is one of the rare packs that amused me. You could improve the enemy placement and things like the turrets and airboard part. It’s more important to make a fun pack, then to make a perfect clone of JJ1.

Fun: 5/6
Eyecandy: 5/6
Gameplay: 4/6
Event Placement: 4/6

Rating: 8.0
Download recommendation

Good Job!!

Review by KboutR

5 Jun 2005, 12:09
For: The Forest at Night
Level rating: 5.4


The Forest at Night
This level is a floating platform, with a few smaller floating platforms on top of it. The eyecandy is good, all layers are used, but there are lots of bushes placed, making the level a bit confusing. Lots of ammo has been placed. The gameplay is ok, but I found two places slowing you down, and the lighting has been set to 40%. If you jump off the main platform, a sucker tube will send you to the opposite part of the platform, witch is useful if you want to flight.

The level is cool, but it’s a bit small, and the there’s a bit to much eyecandy. Maybe you could create a pack with more small battle-levels. The sucker tube system is also really cool.

Fun: 4/6
Eyecandy: 4/6
Event Placement: 4/6
Gameplay: 3/6

I’ll give you a 6.7

Review by KboutR

5 Jun 2005, 11:54
For: Betrayed
Level rating: 6.5

Why nobody reviews this pack?

The first short level of the pack uses the Wasteland tileset. The eyecandy is ok, but it only uses layer 4 and maybe layer 3. It took me a while to figure out you have to shoot invisible tiles to create blocks, and some of these invisible blocks lock you in easily.

The palace
This level uses the Dark Reign tileset. There are more enemies in this level and and some trigger crates. To get one of this crates, you must first shoot those invisible blocks. There are a few cool traps in this level, like a small room with raven generators. After a while you’ll have to buttstomp-climb on float suckers above an insta-death pit, being very hard. The eyecandy improved a bit.

Central Dungeon
This very short level uses again the Dark Reign tileset and has the same meaning as the Central Cave of Tomb Rabbit. There’s an annoying slow sucker tube at the start.

Gaurd’s Barracks
This level uses the castle tileset and has a lot of warps. This level is a complete maze and you must find trigger crates to open doors. Eyecandy is a bit poor in this level. The level is ok but there are a few warps leading to death, making this level taking lots of lives.

Central Dungeon
This time you need to collect coins to continue.

The Keymaster
This level uses the Desert tileset. Eyecandy improved a lot but there’s again a stupid insta-death pit with float suckers. You’ll have to find the key and return to the start of the level. There is a cool obstacle in this level with collapsing blocks, but there’s no save point out there.

Central Dungeon
This level is just a short straigt walk to the exit of the dungeon.

Just a little cutscene and the credits, using E.E.H Ending Credits tileset.

This is a nice levelpack, but at some points it could be improved a lot. Like removing the buttstomp-climb on enemies and filling up the not used part of the levels with ground, to make it look nicer. Also dont use hundreds of enemies at the same place. It is harder to place enemies at hard places then placing a lot of enemies. Some of the traps you used are cool, but some of them cost a lot of lives/health. There is hardly any ammo added, making it harder, but a bit more boring.

Fun: 4/6
Eyecandy: 4/6
Gameplay: 3/6
Event Placement: 3/6

I’ll give you a 6.5
Nice work!

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