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15 Dec 2006, 05:31 (edited 15 Dec 06, 15:46 by Cooba)
For: Two semi edits =D
Level rating: 7.5

Heh, I was watching one of the ep vids yesterday then I heard this today ;P. A la short review:

Mini Semi

Perfectly downsized. Way too cramped tho.

Fairly good, no real changes.

Makes it a bit easier for Jazzers and Loris, but too easy for Spazzers.


Mini Semi 2

Pretty much the same but a tad bit poorer. Still good.

A lot of things are added in, and to good effect. I liked the background the most because it looked 3D and complemented the tileset.

Same as Mini Semi but nicer eyecandy than the first.


Total Score: 7.2
Download Reccomendation: Yes
Comments: Suggested for all that find the original Happy Semiconductor CTF too open and spacious. Hilarious music choice as well – I’ve always thought of the Pokémon theme songs good JJ2 ones with all of the Pokémon-ish references taken out!

[Rating (7.2) clearance. Please give more elaborated reasons for your ratings. ~Cooba]

Review by NovaStar

22 May 2006, 10:04
For: Space Waterspout
Level rating: 3.3

Hey, can you provide the link to the music?
Then I’ll review.

Review by NovaStar

18 May 2006, 05:06 (edited 19 May 06, 04:21 by ShadowRabbit)
For: Omen Woods
Level rating: 9.1
Uhhh, I beleive I added some tiles too, but were never added to the tileset? That means I contributed some work, but my name seems to have not been added for reasons I can’t figure out.

Internet’s too slow to download this. :(

Review by NovaStar

29 Apr 2006, 04:08
For: NeoAntiCrash
Level rating: N/A

Nice since my computer at home is a 2000. Not.

Review by NovaStar

17 Mar 2006, 05:14
For: Jazz VS Spaz
Level rating: N/A

Jazz and Spaz have different advantages and disadvantages. That was the way they were created. Nobody would chose one character over the other if they had the same skills, would they?

Jump High is incorrect. It isn’t fair that Spaz gets a run-up. Jazz jumps higher, not Spaz.

Jump Far’s correct as far as I know.

Power. Did you host the level online with two equally skilled players and judges and rounded to the aproximate score of the combined ratings? Was there more than one judge? If not, well, not judged correctly.

Grand Final Laughing is just to make Spaz win, and is quite stupid. You could of at least changed that to Speed.

Please, stop this madness. You’re just saying ‘z0mg th3s3 r unsup0rt3d cl4imz l3tz re4ffirm z3m 4nd m4k3 sur3 m4h f4vs win!!!11!111!!one’ when the claims have extensive supportive evidence that they are true.

Please stop.

RecommendedReview by NovaStar

6 Mar 2006, 10:42
For: Bonez
Level rating: 7.2

Fairly good for a first time.
It is a bit short, but what it lacks in distance it sort of patches up with suprises. You never know when you can randomly run into a bit of wind or get pushed back by a spring.

The good thing is that you have to stay alert and not just run, as you could either run in the wrong direction or run into a surprise. The eyecandy was very very nice, the textured background was a nice change from other ones we’ve seen, and yea. First I didn’t notice it was TSF X.X . Then I realised it was, and was quite happy to play as good ol’ Lori.

Score: Well, I’d say a rating of 6.7.
Download Recommendation: Hmmm… depends really. If you love race levels, download this. If you don’t mind race levels download this. If you HATE race levels I’ll host this level online and torture you with it.

Oh, and may I post my fastest time?
0:28:71. I’ll update it if I get quicker.

Review by NovaStar

4 Mar 2006, 01:46
For: Jazz Sprite Dynamite
Level rating: 9.7

Yays! Wait, we’d need the source code for that.

Not recommendedReview by NovaStar

24 Feb 2006, 21:29 (edited 1 Mar 06, 12:07 by ShadowRabbit)
For: Time Rabbit
Level rating: 5.7

Here’s my review!

Old Carrots:
The tileset didn’t really match the theme of the level.
You out Demons in. Note that demons didn’t exist in Pre-historic times, so that kinda ruined it.
The music was a good choice.
Not enough enemies.
Gameplay was basically kill all the baddies, destroy all the crates.
Very short.
SCORE: 3.7

Golden TNT:
The tileset sorta matched this time.
The music didn’t really match.
I branded this level a failure since I couldn’t warp to the puzzle.

Flight Might!:
I liked the music for this level. I’m not too sure it matched but it was good.
The textured background didn’t work but was still pretty.
Very large and I got lost the first time. The second time I got it, but it required extensive searching.
Very annoying since crows and bees come after you.
The eyecandy was average, maybe a bit above.
SCORE: 4.7

Frog Thunder:
Pretty good eyecandy. Ischa seems to get the hang of making good levels now.
Then I see a witch. And another one. And another one. Now the level seems to be a survivor test. Dodge the spells, go back to the start if you get hit… well, for a start the concept of that is a bit… let’s just say not very good. I was forced to use JJGOD to get through it all. Altho upon un-JJGODing I discovered how to beat them. Yay!
The music started off quite good but then I hear Medivo plonked in randomly. Yeurk. At least it isn’t too bad.
I didn’t like the disappearing bricks, they annoyed me and forced to cheat again, this time using JJFLY.
A little too big. Two of the crates were unreachable.
Now it’s getting WAY too large, same mistake as Old Carrots.
I come to the Queen. Hmmmm… this looks familiar… where have we seen this type of seen before? Why, of course, Knight Cap! Quite a rip-off you have there Your Majesty.
SCORE: 3.9

Future Frenzy:
Very good music, matches the level… grooves
The sucker chain was kind of pointless, but then I noticed they move in a chain.
I liked the MCE use of the buttstomping Jazz. Especially since it counts as an enemy and dances.
Had to use JJFLY and JJNOWALL to get up the top. Also the copters are non-Lori-friendly, did you know?
But in the end I gave up. I saw no point in the level at all other than to show that the level maker’s gotten slightly better. I failed this level.
SCORE: 1.2

Bad Pitt:
JJ2 Bad Pitt rip-off.

NOTES: Not very Lori-friendly (which makes me mad as I’m a Lori user), nice music, gameplay concept not too good, very basic.

Nice music choices. +3

Too short. –4
Bad gameplay. –5
Lori-unfriendly. –3

So, let’s see… 3.7 + 1.9 = 5.6 + 4.7 = 10.3 + 3.9 = 14.2 + 1.2 = 15.4 – 2 = 13.2, so that’s the level score.
Add the pros, 13.2 + 3 = 16.2, and take away the cons, 16.2 – 4 = 12.2 – 5 = 7.2, – 3 = 4.2, round it off to a JCF and it’s still 4.2.
OVERALL SCORE = 4.2. Not too bad, very good for a beginner (if you are one).
DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDATION: Unfortunately in my ratings it takes a fairly good score to get a DR, like around 5-6, so I must say no unless you want some tilesets and good music.

Review by NovaStar

22 Feb 2006, 23:39
For: Green Gem=5 red gems
Level rating: N/A

What RedJazz said, so that proves this myth confirm pointless.

Review by NovaStar

18 Feb 2006, 17:24
For: Jazz2 ServerScan
Level rating: 8.8

Run-time error ‘339’:

Component ‘MSWINSCK.OCX’or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

Review by NovaStar

30 Jan 2006, 00:15 (edited 30 Jan 06, 00:24 by ShadowRabbit)
For: Mega Memory Boost for JJ2 1.23
Level rating: N/A

Does this work on Windows 2000 computers?
If it doesn’t I can’t use it.
Woo, first to post. Woops, sorry FQuisty. But there’s info! Don’t edit!

.:EDIT:. Never mind.

Review by NovaStar

13 Jan 2006, 04:41 (edited 13 Jan 06, 10:51 by ShadowRabbit)
For: Kansas
Level rating: 8.1

It is finished!
Well done to those who helped.
Now to get ideas for LMAT Feburary.
I’ll be helping! :D

(Unsupported rating (7.7) removal. ~Violet)

Well, it wouldn’t let me post if I didn’t rate it…

Review by NovaStar

20 Dec 2005, 10:01
For: Tungstelectric
Level rating: 3.2

Eh… how do you listen to the music without playing it in JJ2?

Review by NovaStar

19 Dec 2005, 07:51
For: Christmas Disco
Level rating: N/A

Follow the arrows like you’re supposed to, text says Entrance—> _

Review by NovaStar

16 Dec 2005, 08:07
For: Penguin Hotel
Level rating: N/A

No ratings? I’d like a rating, that kinda sux.

Review by NovaStar

23 Oct 2005, 13:39
For: Project Controller 4
Level rating: 9.3

How to fix:
Delete all Controller Files (except zip)
Unload all the files again

Keep repeating until it works!

Not recommendedReview by NovaStar

15 Sep 2005, 12:16
For: Flooded Valley
Level rating: 6.3

OK. My review. Here it is:

Very short, -2. Short Battle levels are BAD.
Surprises! 3!
Just a few too many warp spots…0.

Um, the pre-historic Carrotus music? Really, you should of just used someone elses and given credit. -2.
It matches. 1.

Just an edited Jazz 2 one. And it even uses the Diamondus trees! -2
The colors go funny underwater. -1

Ha ha, found the Seeker Powerup too easily. 0.
Spaz only? Bow bow. Big disapointment to Jazz users. -0.5
Good use of the tube sucking effect, 2!
NO BUBBLES. >:( -5. Actually cross that out. -1
Good ammo placing. 3.
Fantasic colour editing! 4!
I ADORE the background. 3.

Overall: 3+1+3+4+3=14. 14 -2 -2 -1 -2 -1 -0.5 -1 =4.5. Sorry, it’s the way it was!

DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDATION: No. Not to sure if it’s even good enough to be considered as a battle level.
PLAYERS: 2-5. It’s too small for anything over 5.

RecommendedReview by NovaStar

6 Sep 2005, 08:05
For: JazzEd 0.74 Beta
Level rating: 9.2

:D :D :D

10/10, very useful.
I’m even starting a new game right now and I’m gonna recommend this for other players!
Bravo! Good job!


Eh, also, can we have a non-static colour list? Cause most of my colours come up…shall we say…“Funny”.

Review by NovaStar

6 Sep 2005, 07:12 (edited 16 Sep 05, 19:38 by Fquist)
For: Jazz Paradise 1.23 (Lite)
Level rating: 7.6

I can’t get it to work, how do you install these files?
(ADMIN RESPONSE: You do not install them. Extract the files into the same folder as Jazz2.exe. The tileset will be available in the list of tilesets in JCS, and you will be able to play the level through various ways. ~Violet)

Eh, I knew you didn’t install them.
looks around What?! I’m being honest!
Here’s the review:

I noticed something.
When you get the red flag and go to the blue base, it says LOSER.

When I played, You were stuck in the top, so I custom added the starting position.

I like the music and it\‘s fun!

Imagine if you made a Lori level with the Lori stuff, it would be……yellow.

Nice job, Download Recommendation but be prepared to custom add your starting point near the \‘Welcome\’ sign.

Animations-2/2 – I like the firework circles lots.
Bonus Points- 1 – Music + Tileset = This Level. What I\‘m saying is, the music and tiles go together.

Overall- 7.5.
Actually, I like it, +1 lol. But I meant that.
Overall+LikeIt Point= 8.5
Download Recommendation? Yes.

EDITED BY SHADOWRABBIT 9/9/05 (How coincedental)

Just now I realised. +1 for the FANTASTIC eyecandy. It’s everywhere, and I love it. That makes it 9.5. Well done!

[Unsupported rating removal. You reviewed the level in the pack, while this is a tileset upload. Please review the tileset instead. – FQuist]

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