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28 Jun 2009, 20:24
For: Episode Five: The Fortress of Ruin
Level rating: 9.8

I just finished playing, and knew that any rating below 10 would not do. Fantastic work.

Review by Falcury

31 May 2006, 17:22
For: Project Toolbox 1.0.2
Level rating: 8.5

The endboss has to be hit 25 times – for every five times a block of his health disappears.
As for the hotkeys that don’t work, I don’t know what’s the problem, it should work fine… You should know that I have only enabled hotkeys (shift+alt+)1,2 and 3 – the rest is disabled.

Good idea. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet in version 1.0.1, but the next version will allow you to choose to transfer coins/triggers only.

Review by Falcury

14 Apr 2006, 10:25
For: Central Diamondus
Level rating: 5.1

I think a 6.7 is a little bit overrated.

Weighing: Graphics 35%, Gameplay 45%, Music 5%, Originality 10%, Presentation 5%

Graphics – 4.2
You’ve chosen a weak tileset to begin with. Use a more challenging tileset next time. Overall you’ve made fair use of the tileset, nothing special though. It all looks quite clean and I’ve only found a few bugs: at 153,6; 157,6 and the vines (160,20). Oh, and you should check the mask of the bottom of most of the platforms. There is no real nice diversity in the level, it all feels the same to me, though I like the mountain background at the bottom of the level. The eyecandy overall is certainly disappointing, because the moving fore/background things annoy me and apart from a few leaves there isn’t much. You’ve made bad use of the textured background, because of the black background; it doesn’t fit. Use some nice colour the next time.

Gameplay – 2.8
The size is OK, but for the rest, there are many cons here. There were very few pickups, even fewer of them of any use: some pepper spray that can’t easily be reached, a seeker powerup which one should never place inside a battle level, some RFs and bouncy’s and fire. They’re almost all in unlogical places. Now, the environment. There are some annoying things about this level. First of all, the unmasked bottom tile of platforms I mentioned above. It’s very irritaing. But even more irritating is your use of layer 3/5 for platforms (e.g. at 183,6; 190,36). It is exasperating. There’s even a bouncy powerup behind one of these things. On with the flow. The level doesn’t flow nicely. A useless sucker tube, some misplaced springs, vines at 106,5, you’ve put arrow signs in the level that make no sense… and I can’t even shoot the Rabbits Stink signs! :(

Music – 2
The music doesn’t at all suit the level, and JJ2’s ending sequence isn’t very original to use, either.

Originality – 3
This is is just another battle level. Nothing special that will make it fun hosting online.

Presentation – 6
Central Diamondus is presented OK. Pay more attention to things like ‘i’, ‘u’, ‘Its’ in the description of the level, they make reading hard. The Zip file looks OK, as well. Nothing special

Final Rating: 3.4
No download recommendation

Review by Falcury

25 Jan 2006, 15:09
For: The Royal Blue Tileset
Level rating: N/A

Disguise has already created a tileset named Blue World, so consider changing the name of the tileset.

I like the transparacy effects in your tileset!

Review by Falcury

27 Dec 2005, 15:09
For: Dangerous Castle
Level rating: 6.2

I’m the 100th downloader :)

Eyecandy – reasonable
You did fine for the standards of the tileset, but I wish you had chosen a less overused and more challenging tileset. No major eyecandy bugs.

Gameplay – average
A flow is missing. When you are down there, there isn’t a lot of room for movement. Those poles are irritating as well. Next time you should concentrate on what the player would like to experience; obstacles aren’t generally welcome in battle levels. Secrets were ok, except you have to know them; they’re difficult to find, e.g. the “floating” warp and the secret area up there. Goodie placement is ok, but don’t give an unfair advantage to the players who know where to find the golden coins… you placed the ammo generally well, I think. Remove the respawning crate in the secret area; causes laggggg…

Overall rating: 6.2

Review by Falcury

27 Dec 2005, 10:45
For: CashKeep 0.3
Level rating: N/A

“I also hereby copyright the above idea. Use of it is prohibited until I use it in a level pack. Or something.”

You can’t copyright ideas, only finished products ( :P
By the way, it would be quite selfish of you to stop other people using CashKeep in the way you suggested. Funnily enough, I thought of using it to make powerup stores as well. I feel that everyone should be able to use the program in that way.

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