Quick Review by Sebek aka Slayer

18 Aug 2009, 22:48
For: Hot Carrots
Level rating: 6.5

nice work man i really had a fun playing it, good job shake

Review by fearofdark

2 Aug 2009, 00:02
For: Hot Carrots
Level rating: 6.5

Can’t think of an introduction so lets get right to the review:

Starting off with the eyecandy, and I found it quite interesting. There is a mixture of blocks and normal carrotus tiles throughout, which was quite creative, but on the other hand, looks quite buggy (in my opinion), especially where insane amounts of blocks are used. It’s not a pretty level, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting to look at. There are some jungle tiles used as well in parts of the level, which looked iweirdly good, and I think could have covered more of the level. (I’m never good at reviewing when it comes to eyecandy). Other than that, layers were used well, although there could have been a bit more background eyecandy. There aren’t too many noticable bugs and the auther made good use of the tileset. Overall, I quite liked the eyecandy, apart from the overuseage of blocks.

Now on to the gameplay. The whole level consists of puzzles. There are no enemies (apart from one or two clusters), and not many items. Firstly, the good things: I like the concept of having to be careful with ammo in order to progress, and you have to have certain weapons to pass places. Unfortunately, there were a couple of bugs with this. For example, if you were stupid like me, and got to the second warp challenge with no toaster ammo, and couldn’t unfreeze the spring, there was no way of warping back, so I had to cheat. Secondly, there were too many warp challenges, which were quite fustraiting to get past, and thirdly, too many of the challenges were slow paced, especially the part where you have to get stuck, and then sink to the bottom. In turn, the level didn’t flow very nicely.

Other problems are that the level is too linear, the boss was too easy cause of all the powerups, there could have been more enemies and items and the level was too short. So overall, the gameplay isn’t great, despite some nice concepts.

Music was standard carrotus, and I didn’t see the point of the filing system. Good effort, but it made things a bit too complicated I thought.

DOWNLOAD?: Not sure. There are some good concepts in this level, but I think it still needs to be worked on, and made longer in order to be more fun.

Review by ShakerNL

1 Aug 2009, 19:57
For: Hot Carrots
Level rating: 6.5

Thanks for your comment, I made things regenerate, because I hosted this on a server. I wanted to remove it, but I didn’t. :P

RecommendedReview by mortalspaz

1 Aug 2009, 09:08 (edited 1 Aug 09, 20:08)
For: Hot Carrots
Level rating: 6.5

I can. And i saw lots of regenerating things such as PU’s coins and others!

*STORY*(EDIT 1: Missed this one)
No story in this pack…Always include a story to make it more interesting.
Cons:No story N/a

EYECANDY… This is a good level that combines jungle with other tilesets.Some tilebugs were found but not too much.
Pros:not to many tilebugs and level looks nice.
Cons:Flashy floor somewhere near the end of the level.

GAMEPLAY: No word to describe it… can’t say neutral.
The truth is that this level has some sort of warp chamber where you have to be careful not to fall into one or you’ll start back over.
There are few puzzles,,, well most of them require a certain weapon.
Pros:Good gameplay and puzzles.
Cons:The warp chambers were kinda hard to pass.

PICUP PLACEMENT:There’s a problem here:
All the picups are just “chock-a-block”…(deffinition: All of them are one next to each other)without the possibility to find more.Another thing is that there are respawning coins and ammo. eg: 307 bullets of bouncer when maximum is 99. See this one :D
Cons:Respawning things.

The majority of the enemies are just in one place,these respawning as well.I mean… There ar lots of fat chicks and normal turtles somewhere all of them respawning.
Pros:it was a challenge….
Cons:Lots of enemies in 1 place and respawning.


I think this level is quite fast paced having 2 almost impossibe warp chambers to pass without a cheat, 2 bosses: a schwarzenguard and a bolly, having RF TNT Bouncer and seeker ammo, using an original set, and the music being….. carrotus?Oh well…


Fast Paced: quite
Boss(es):Schwarzenguard and Bolly
Long:Not really
Lori Playable: Yes (has 1.23 version and 1.24 in the *.zip file)

This level can be improoved but after all it is fun to play.
EDIT 2: I did not knew that… that’s an explication for respawning enemies.. Apolagies. Rating changed from 6.5 to 7.2….

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Review by Zoro

1 Aug 2009, 04:02 (edited 1 Aug 09, 06:19 by Crazy Rabbit)
For: Hot Carrots
Level rating: 6.5

In the level beginning too hard. I cannot pass further.

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