Party Mode

Party Mode is Jazz Jackrabbit 2‘s multiplayer mode. On the New Game screen, it is the second choice. While playing party mode, players can choose to play splitscreen, with local internet Jazzers, or over the Internet.

Local Play Splitscreen

2-4 players can play splitscreen in Cooperative, Battle, Race, Treasure Hunt, and Capture the Flag. Also, with creativity, they are also able to play their own custom game type.

Internet Play

1-4 players on one computer can play against others on the Internet. Officially, only Battle,Capture the Flag and Treasure Hunt are supported, however with the use of third-party utilities, players may also play Cooperative or Race.

Local Network TCP

1-4 players on one computer can play on against others through LAN, or a player can connect to an online server on the internet using its IP address. The supported game types are the same as in Internet Play.

Local Network IPX

Same as Local Network TCP, but uses the IPX protocol, which was popular when Jazz 2 was released, but was since then replaced with TCP.

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