Permalink Dimension jazz's new layout January 12th 2001

The fellows at Dimension Jazz have created a new layout, with customisation features and a new news system. It’s pretty neat, although it has a few glitches, which will undoubtly be fixed soon.

Their serverlist script is also better then ours. :)

Go check it out!

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Permalink Great news! January 12th 2001

Move script

I have finally finished the move script, and that means j2o won’t die. Ever. We won’t ever run out of space, because we can now move files to our other server(s). :) I am moving some files already.. Europians will like to hear that the server is in Holland, on a lightning fast connection.


Roaster has asked me to post a link to this ad. The ad is about a pack and I am really looking forward to it. :)

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Permalink J2N moved. January 12th 2001

Jazz 2 news has moved to

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Permalink I'm a loser. January 12th 2001

Its true, I lost in JDC. When going for my 50th win, I lost. I’m a puny 49-1 lifetime in JDC. I lost to the Birthday boy iCeD in Diamondus Warzone, in a great CTF duel to 10, he won 10-8. Oh well everything has to come to an end one day. I’m glad it came now. :)

On a side note, iCeD and I will take on any 4 other people in a CTF game. Making it iCeD and I vs 4 other people. We bet we can even still win too. Dare to try us? :)

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Permalink Articles section. January 12th 2001

I have finally finished our articles section.(my time is sparse, y’know) It already has some articles by Ice M A N, Stripe, me and Disguise. A great thanks goes out to their will to write articles before the section was released. And a thanks goes out to Bobby for making the edit, edit comment and delete comment scripts when I was out of time.

You can comment on articles or write your own, have fun. :)

Good articles will be told about in the news. So do your best!

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Permalink JJ2 news diseased and articles. January 12th 2001

Jj2 news deceased
Source: FoD
FoD has quit his personal site, jj2 news. But I believe noogy is going to redesign it..or so I heard. (Could be mistaken..)

Our users have submitted some very neat articles:
This link sends you to a great article by aiko, also containing an interesting comment by wakeman.
Jazz2Stuff history
Rabbits only history

Also, I almost finished the j2o customisation. When it is finished it is going to be betatested for one day by the admins and aiko(if he wants. :P).

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Permalink New Poll January 12th 2001

Well, J2O is nearly at 1000 reviews. Would you call the J2O downloads a success story?

Of Course! The J2O downloads are better than anything Jazz has ever seen! Votes: 52 46%

I like them, but J2C did it better. Votes: 45 40%

They are fine. Votes: 12 11%

No, I dislike them. Votes: 3 3%
Total Votes: 112

About time for a new poll. I’m glad you like the downloads.

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Permalink Vacation! January 12th 2001

I finished the customisation. Go to the customize page to customize index.php in any way you want. We also have 2 new sections for index.php.

What does this mean for us admins? We(except iCeD, he has to finish the links script. :P) are going to take a break from coding j2o(Not from managing it) because all the big projects are done. We will now concentrate ourselves on little bugs and improvements. And we will start the coding on pBoard, our bulletin board project. And I am going to start coding JCS.Ref.

By the way..
The newspaz has added a nice little article on how to upgrade your 1.23 to be able to play with TSF players.
Go check it!

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Permalink More news January 12th 2001

1.23-TSF patch
The newspaz has made a patch to make 1.23 TSF compatible. Check out the thread here

If you don’t dare to patch jj2, you can view his article about manually doing it here.
Project 3 interactive
Shadow GPW has digged up some real good news. Project 2 is coming back as Project 3. And that could mean jj3 is going to continue but that’s not necesarrily happening. Read the original thread here

Jdc headlines
I just finished a jdc headlines panel. You can add it to index.php using the customisation.

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Permalink News, News, News January 12th 2001

JDC Event Added

Again we are going to try an O/C, we need people to show for it to be fun though. Check JDC for more info. You better come ;P

Haze’s Jazz It Up Contest Results

Now, the news you have all been awaiting, the results:

1st place Electric IR
2nd place Newspaz

Other entries (in random order)
Eric Nelson
Talec LP

Congrats to Electric, Newspaz and everyone else on a great job. Head over to Haze’s site to check out their entries.

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