Permalink Proxy JJ2 Stuff January 12th 2001

Well, Im sure some of you know this, but I for one was impressed when Paul recently found this in the JJ2 FAQ. Basically you can play and host servers when you have a firewall. The only odd thing we found when Paul tested this was he would time out from Monolith’s Battle Server, but not mine. He was also able to successfully host a server.

This is from the FAQ.

I’m behind a Firewall and can’t start Internet Games!

You will need to contact your Network Administrator and make sure ports 10052-10054 TCP and 10052 UDP are open to both inbound and outbound traffic.”

For the complete FAQ go to Jazz Jackrabbit home. This will hopefully help a few of you people out there.

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Permalink Rabbit Hole Returns January 12th 2001

Source: JMMB

Well, Spaztic is currently redesigning and will hopefully totally restart the former RH. Im sure everyone would be glad to see it back. You can see the current unfinished layout here.

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Permalink Change logs. January 12th 2001

Because they were flooding the normal news, I decided that all the admins will post their changelogs in the j2o forum(link is in the purple bar).

Admins, please put all changelogs from the same day in the topic of that day. And record all your changes so we know how to fix something if something went wrong.

Users, please post all your bugs and suggestions in the forum too.
If the bugs have to do with the changelog, post it in the changelog.

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Permalink The Colors, Duke; the Colors! January 12th 2001

Yeah, well besides ripping off extremely cheesy popsicle commercials, guess what? Colors! Pleantiful (well, not that much, but… ;p) colors!

Sure, right now it’s not too user-friendly and you’ll have to enter HEX values, but it’s nice to have a heads-up on what’s going on. Go take a look at my wonderful colorizing script.

If you’re looking for a nice, fresh change, try BlueBoard’s colors:

Dark: #526478
Light: #8CA0B4
Text: Black
Hover: Blue
Footer: #8CA0B4

Now, obviosuly i’m not going to make you type those all the time, so soon to come are schemes. You’ll be able to “upload” (it’s not quite upload, you’re going to able to put them in a database, but enough of that) your schemes into a place where everyone can look around, and take their pick. Also, drop-down menus will be availabe with most common colors defined, so if you just want to do it yourself w/out HEX values, that’s an option.

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Permalink Project GT. January 12th 2001

A group of experienced leveldesigners is working on a very promising levelpack, called GT. I was asked to link to their ad.

The ad for project “Gameplay theory”

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Permalink JDC Event Added January 12th 2001

Well, we at JDC added another event. This week we are having an O/C be sure to attend, everyone always has fun. Click here to go to JDC.

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Permalink Dimension jazz's new layout January 12th 2001

The fellows at Dimension Jazz have created a new layout, with customisation features and a new news system. It’s pretty neat, although it has a few glitches, which will undoubtly be fixed soon.

Their serverlist script is also better then ours. :)

Go check it out!

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Permalink Great news! January 12th 2001

Move script

I have finally finished the move script, and that means j2o won’t die. Ever. We won’t ever run out of space, because we can now move files to our other server(s). :) I am moving some files already.. Europians will like to hear that the server is in Holland, on a lightning fast connection.


Roaster has asked me to post a link to this ad. The ad is about a pack and I am really looking forward to it. :)

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Permalink J2N moved. January 12th 2001

Jazz 2 news has moved to

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Permalink I'm a loser. January 12th 2001

Its true, I lost in JDC. When going for my 50th win, I lost. I’m a puny 49-1 lifetime in JDC. I lost to the Birthday boy iCeD in Diamondus Warzone, in a great CTF duel to 10, he won 10-8. Oh well everything has to come to an end one day. I’m glad it came now. :)

On a side note, iCeD and I will take on any 4 other people in a CTF game. Making it iCeD and I vs 4 other people. We bet we can even still win too. Dare to try us? :)

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