AngelScript code snippet database

This is a database of AngelScript code snippets, which can be used for scripting Jazz Jackrabbit 2 levels using JJ2+. You can find out more about JJ2+'s AngelScript capabilities and syntax in the scripting readme.

Latest snippets
Powerups as Pickups 3.0 February 05, 2015 04:57
Replaces all Powerup monitors with special +3 Ammo pickups. Your powerup status for any given ammo type (except blaster) will reflect whichever ammo pickup you last collected, specifically whether it was itself powered-up or not. Updated (v3.0) to work for ammo that comes out of crates.
Steer fly carrot with mouse 1.0 February 03, 2015 22:27
As with any mouse-based code, doesn't work so well in splitscreen or 3D.
Armor 5.0 January 06, 2015 20:12
Armor. The armor protects you from enemies, if you get hurt sometimes you don't even lose a heart.
Fall Damage 3.0 December 30, 2014 16:30
Well... in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 when you fall you don't lose hearts this is a simple script that makes you lose hearts when you fall.
Gem Saving 6.0 December 29, 2014 17:43
If you add death pits in your treasure hunt levels, and gems do not re-generate, when you die in a death pit you lose all your gems, so... this will save your gems.
Drop Ammo on Death 2.0 December 01, 2014 18:36
When you die you will drop your ammo on the ground, and you can get your ammo back.
Operations on ASCII values 5.0 September 12, 2014 22:42
Although extremely simple, AS documentation never mentions how to perform these operations, so this snippet is to spare your time searching. Function explanations in comments.
Shoot as bird 1.0 September 11, 2014 22:59
Rework of this:
Shared splitscreen camera 1.0 July 09, 2014 09:45
When playing two-player splitscreen, the screen is shared between both players instead of being literally split in two whenever the two of you are near enough for this to be possible.
Carrots cannot be buried in the ground with toaster 1.0 April 15, 2014 13:28
What the title says. It has come to my knowledge that in some levels, it is possible to use toaster to "bury" objects such as carrots so that they are permanently out of reach. This snippet acts as a quick solution to that issue.
Devan as your follower 1.0 March 28, 2014 23:31
Flashbang 2.0 March 28, 2014 22:23
It works like its Counter Strike counterpart.
Limited air supply underwater 7.0 February 25, 2014 21:47
Does what the title says. You can easily adjust the time it takes to drown to your liking by changing the p.timerStart() value.
Grappling Beam 2.0 October 30, 2013 21:02
Uses the Fireball Gun as the Grappling beam, so it needs /fireball to be on. It can be used without mouse aiming, but that is not recommended.
Running uses stamina 2.0 October 28, 2013 21:00
Have a look at the title.
Player can shoot as a bird 1.0 October 24, 2013 23:20
This script lets you shoot as a bird.
Wall Jumping 1.0 October 22, 2013 00:25
Lets you jump from walls and slide down on them.
Vertically flip any tile by placing an event 1.0 October 20, 2013 15:58
What it says. In this case, the event is Leaf (119).
Enemies drop ammo 2.0 September 28, 2013 18:22
Here's a simple bit of a code that enables random ammo drops from enemies, alongside the standard drops. Mostly based on cooba's Fire Shield burn code. Feel free to edit the code to your liking, if say you don't want players having access to a certain kind of ammo yet. Note that non-local players will not be able to see your ammo drops if you are playing Coop online, and that in splitscreen mode, the amount of ammo dropped by an enemy varies depending on the number of local players.
Warper 1.0 August 01, 2013 13:22
This lets you warp anywhere in the level.