AngelScript code snippet database

This is a database of AngelScript code snippets, which can be used for scripting Jazz Jackrabbit 2 levels using JJ2+. You can find out more about JJ2+'s AngelScript capabilities and syntax in the scripting readme.

Latest snippets
Wall Jumping 1.0 October 21, 2013 22:25
Lets you jump from walls and slide down on them.
Vertically flip any tile by placing an event 1.0 October 20, 2013 13:58
What it says. In this case, the event is Leaf (119).
Enemies drop ammo 2.0 September 28, 2013 16:22
Here's a simple bit of a code that enables random ammo drops from enemies, alongside the standard drops. Mostly based on cooba's Fire Shield burn code. Feel free to edit the code to your liking, if say you don't want players having access to a certain kind of ammo yet. Note that non-local players will not be able to see your ammo drops if you are playing Coop online, and that in splitscreen mode, the amount of ammo dropped by an enemy varies depending on the number of local players.
Warper 1.0 August 01, 2013 11:22
This lets you warp anywhere in the level.
Double Blaster 1.0 July 27, 2013 12:24
It fires two blaster bullets at a time, like the blaster of the bird.
Spell Gun 1.0 July 27, 2013 12:18
It works like the spell shot by the witch enemy, it transforms other players into frogs for ten seconds.
Smoke Ring Gun (based on Foly's Throwing Bombs script) 2.0 July 10, 2013 16:52
This changes the Electroblaster projectiles to smoke rings, and that's it.
Base to flag 1.0 March 14, 2013 15:58
This is a code that works only for CTF or death CTF. When a player carries the red/blue flag and dies, it will move the red/blue base to the player instead of the flag back to the red/blue base. Because the server has to have a different way of detecting when a player loses the flag, there can be an error in the position of the bases. This is why this script doesn't work well for open levels like JE. Still, it can be fun to change the overplayed gamemode CTF a bit :)
Change TNT to throwing bombs 2.0 February 26, 2013 16:58
Does what the title says. The bomb explosion is the same as a TNT explosion, so setting tntdamage or extended tnt range will also affect these bombs. You can change behaviour by changing the bomb constants at the top of the code. Bombs can only be thrown left and right.
Blaster Trail 2.0 February 26, 2013 16:53
Creates a green trail (barrel shards) for the normal blaster bullets and a blue trail (ice shards) for normal and powered up ice bullets. Thanks to SE for telling me these where not green and blue leaves :P. Also i was a bit inspired by cooba's fireball trail.
Boomerang gun 3.0 February 26, 2013 16:41
This is a script that changes the upgraded blaster into a boomerang gun. The behaviour of the boomerang (faster, higher, etc) can be changed by changing the constants.
global trigger zone events 1.0 February 24, 2013 18:33
this script makes all the local trigger zones global. you need to use event ID 255 instead of trigger zone event, but you can change it and use any event. JCS.ini parameters:
Working FastFeet as food (like jj1) 1.0 February 19, 2013 19:18
Replaces any kind of object (change variable OBJECT::APPLE) to fast feet. It will add jump height per taken fast feet to a certain amount of maximum jump height set. This works like the jump upgrade in JJ1.
Powered-up Fireball on steroids 2.0 February 14, 2013 18:11
Basing on Violet's code...
Tomb Rabbit presets 1.0 February 10, 2013 12:23
Nothing special, it's just a bunch of basic expression to use in a Tomb Rabbit level.
Colorful Super Gems 1.0 February 09, 2013 16:52
Allows you to add green, blue and purple super gems and invisible gem stomps. To make use of this code you will have to edit two lines of your JCS.ini:
Triggar zones 1.0 February 05, 2013 00:24
I adapted my Punish campers xd! script so that you can use it to trigger whatever kind of stuff you want. It basically lets you define tiles in a level that are triggar zones, and then provides you with three events where you can handle them: one when the triggerzone is entered, one when it is left, and one when its been occupied for longer than your defined limit (you can just put the gameticks column to 0 and ignore that event along with the triggarTime-array, if you want).
Punish campers! xd 4.0 February 04, 2013 13:27
Illustrating what tiles are marked for camparea #3:
Random ammo and powerups 1.0 February 03, 2013 23:39
Does exactly what it says.
Blade gun (Electroblaster PU) 1.0 February 03, 2013 23:34
This will replace all powered-up electroblaster bullets with blades (discs), that can be controlled by the player. This works in multiplayer. Not tested in singleplayer.