RecommendedReview by Ahmed Magdy

20 Mar 2020, 16:24
For: Weapon Mega
Level rating: 8.7

Cool weapons I can use them in my server and they are actually made in AngleScript
So .. I want to tell you something about them ..

First the blaster… It is about a fire that when you shoot it, it comes back to you, cool weapon

Second thr bouncer, it is like a digging machine that when you shoot it, it digs the ground, and it becomes unseen that makes the player have a hit without knowing why he had this hit. However, It is cool to make in a server.

Third the freezer, it looks like a flame weapon but freezes instead of toasting the player, but the bug in it that it finishes quickly, but I forgive this detail.

Forth the seeker, it looks like an electric fire that goes to a certain area then it increases in length if speed is fast.

Then the RF, it goes from two directions on left and right, so the player has known how to shoot to down.

Now the toaster is changed to a ring of bombs, that is cool for throwing the player away instead of running away from him.

The TNT, is changed to an area like the hurt event in JCS. Like a spike thing or another…

Now the fireball, it becomes multiple when comes to a certain area (like 1—2——4)

Finally the electro blaster (And it is the best one if them)
It is about a fire of electricity that goes up then goes down like a rocket, it is cool that you can fight of a masked wall.

So final rating is 8.0


Review by Ahmed Magdy

17 Mar 2020, 10:58 (edited 29 Mar 20, 14:49)
For: Multi-Layer Level Editor (v2.14)
Level rating: 8.7

Ok…First of all … This editor is actually weird and now I am going to talk about the details of this editor. (Bugs “-” and goods”+”)
+ It is good for paletting and drawing new tiles and editing tileset.
+ Good for making a j2as without opening the program, but you have to set tge default program first. – WTF, Fps is very low because of the feautures?
So I can’t rate this program 10.0. – Paletting is very difficult that you do to change the tileset color, I may ruin it, so I advise you to be much better in coloring the tileset.
+ You can search for events without hacing a long time while looking for an event.
+ Adding new layers is very good, that you can make about 100 layer with a forest and natural areas, makes the level good.
+ Instead of typing a number, you can check a box, or chossing the type easily. – This program needs 4.8 to work, firstly the program didn’t save changes, but when I tried to install before, it was not supported for opering my system, so I had to change my windows.
+ And finally I see a jazz jackrabbit 2 editor that can browse for music and play it while making a level, so it won’t be nassecery to know the music file name correctly, by typing the first two letters of the file, it appeares completely.
+ Yeah, and the four texturesare now set! thanks.
+ Flipping vertically is very good.
+ I can name this editor to a tileset creator! Because of editing tiles and adding new tilesets!

Rating is 5.2. But if fps improvs, I will rate it 10.0, I promise ;)

Review by Ahmed Magdy

16 Mar 2020, 09:02 (edited 18 Mar 20, 10:59)
Level rating: 5.7

@VioletCLM : First of all,, If we play single player with these events you require me to do,we won’t be able to finish these lvls.

Then, about trigger crates I didn’t have ideas to make trigger crates (however, I made some in these lvls), After that, ‘‘Multi-Player” events are not recommended to make in these lvls.

Many Coins Warps I meant this beacuse it encourages you to look for coins, not to get it as a speedrun, Now, All of layers 7,6 and 5 are only move horizontally beacuse the lvl may be ruined if I make them move vertically.

About Ammo, I put one type per level so the player can have much ammo in the next levels, and I put the powerup of each ammo type and I made some ammo rings, I hope you liked them.

These are all your questions. Have more? Ask me.

RecommendedQuick Review by Ahmed Magdy

9 Mar 2020, 09:22
For: Ozymandius
Level rating: 9.8

This level is pretty cool and I like it….Looks like an Egyptian level that is made by another tool :D

RecommendedReview by Ahmed Magdy

6 Feb 2020, 09:34
For: Candy Goth
Level rating: 8.1

THE COOLEST UPLOAD FOR YOU (And I think Bl18 is nice too)
But some cool tricks and intellegence that changes the game
LOL….That can be anotther game not JJ2+++ only!!
YOU ARE THE KING OF JJ2++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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