Review by Saphir

Posted more than 18 years ago (edited 25 Oct 06, 19:51)
For: Saphir's First Racepack
Level rating: 8.1

Thanks, Becky!

About each level!

Pipe Mosaics:
A standard type hard race.Tileset: Clouds1

Toxic Raceway:
A quite short race. If you fall in the slime you get back into the tube. Tileset: Slimy Tower

“Storm Tests”:
Like a test. You CAN play this on high detail, but it is hard. Tileset: Clouds4

Primitive speed laboratory:
A long race level with annoying foreground Tileset: Clouds3

Tube Facility:
Choose right tube.
Tileset: Warbase Inside

Asteroid Planets:
A HUUUGE race level where you jump from planet to planet.
Tileset: Warbase Outside

Running through the rain:
A strange level. Tileset: Clouds2

Springy Pink:
You run from the right to the left.
Tileset: Pinkish Walls

Spacey Speedway (or what was it again):
A maze level.
Tileset: Starlit Spaceship

Head for the Crater:
A quite typical level.
Tileset: Eruption Night (Quite good except for the lava)

The frost lvl (dont remember the name):
A long ice race with belt slopes. Tileset: Temple of Winter

Flying through the Milky Way:
Fly with the airboard through the pinball track. Tileset: Another Universe

Deep Under the Ground: A short but hard and ugly race level.

Epileptic Pinball:
Name says it all. Tileset: Pulsar Colors
That’s all, I think!
Rate them high!

P.S. Actually, all levels are easily playable with Spaz, I think… except for Ice Cold Speedway.

Yea, AcId, there is a way to “cheat” in springy pink, if you mean the drop thing..I maybe should’ve edited it, but it doesn’t help you go much faster.

EDIT: Omg, Ischa way overrated this.

Review by Saphir

Posted more than 18 years ago
For: Starlit Spaceship(upgraded)
Level rating: 5.1

Actually vines are included in the tileset, Biohazard. did you play the example level? I included the vines there.

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