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Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Gaucheland
Level rating: 7.1

LRK ctf level ;(

The mountains are nice in the BG, but look dull at the bottom of the level. Then the eyecandy gets confusing. There are already enough ground tiles at layer 3. This may confuse some newbies but the most experienced players have seen the eyecandy like this on most levels earlier. Anyways the most part of the level is done fine and isn’t confusing. Yay.

The boring “run left, run right” style is used here. When you take a close look at this level, you see that the level features THREE PLATFORMS! OMG. The positive thing is that you still can go around easily.

Carrot and the bouncy powerups are closer to red base and RF powerup and the seek powerup are close to blue base. That means blue can have those two most deadly weapons in JJ2 and red has a lousy carrot and a lousy bouncie powerup. This is once again NOT the way.

I’d like if this level was something different for a change. Argh. There are many other levels using the run right, run left style, which is boring anyway.

Where the fun is? The level is boring run right, run left with THREE PLATFORMS!!!!! How can it be like that? Bonus points for the music. Luv it.


DOWNLOAD? If bored.
HOST? Maybe.

The Edit: I was writing this review while R3ptile was submitting his own. There was no other reviews while I started reviewing this, so I did not rate this low on purpose.

The Edit Number Two: Now the seek powerup placement rating is gone away.[This review has been edited by the WINNER]

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Holiday Headquarters
Level rating: 7.1

One of the rare levels Disguise releases.

Probably the best bit of the level. Having an ocean and an island at layer 7 isn’t a commonly used idea and it actually works. The stuff at the cavernside (right) is somewhat confusing. You can get easily confused of what’s the BG and what’s the wall. You still can get used to it tho.

This is the level’s FAILURE. You really can’t determine if the building is solid or not. You need to learn and/or remember what are solid. And the getting confused thing pointed out in the eyecandy section. Yeah. It really makes the gameplay worse and almost unplayable. The balance is not even good. The blue base has the confusing building things and red has just a simple way to the base. Not really good.

Seeker powerups are not placed by “accident”. So you TRIED to lower the rating by 1. Also, this powerup placement sux as heck. With addition to the seek powerup itself, the PU is even placed unfairly. Blue has a seek powerup (-1.0) and red has a bouncer powerup. And the seek powerup, the most overpowered one, is better than the bouncie powerup. The balance again. Just say no to balance. There is none at all. I don’t see a point to the barrel at the blue base. I really don’t. It may add to the level’s random luck stuff. “What comes out from there now…”.

Haven’t seen this tileset for a while. And never heard the music. And the island at the bg. Just marvelous.

HOST?: No.

OVERALL: 7.2 (-1.0)

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: The Mosquito Coast
Level rating: 7.1

Another level.

IT ROX. The bg looks like 3d, although it isn’t, but it still looks like. The level has a goood lighting. Just like DARK.

Some places have spaz biased stuff and some places just lack springs. Place near bouncer powerup is a good example of lack of springs. He used RED SPRINGS that can’t reach the powerup, but Spaz can easily run from the right and reach the powerup. The secret isn’t obvious at first. Anyway, there aren’t dead ends, at least many.

Seek powerup killed one point =(. Evil seekers. The level isn’t balanced and is blue biased. Red has bouncies and blue has RFs. What is this? Anyway, the ammo is otherwise placed fine and I see no point for the electro blasters.

This tileset has been used many times and the music is default. You can still access the red base from the down, but you can only go up from there. One of these original ideas.

OVERALL: 7.5 (-1.0)

HOST?: If you hate stup annoying games, no. But yes, if you don’t think so.

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Deathwish
Level rating: 8.6

Gr333t, no tileset :/

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: mi first GOOD level please try
Level rating: 2.1

TSF (1.24) levels NEVER work with 1.23.
Just don’t make levels with the 1.24 JCS. 1.24 is not a new version. It is an expansion. They who don’t have the expansion, can’t review this! And I happen to have TSF to review this. Use 1.23 JCS next time, if you have it.

Hide from Home Cooked Levels is on, oh no…

There is no eyecandy at all. No animated tiles, no layer 1,2,3,5,6,7 stuff, only 4 and 8 used…. WAAAAAAAHHHHH. The first thing I did is to say 1.7 to eyecandy part. Really, this is worse than The Astronauts. You misused the tileset awfully. This is the worst level with 7th Lava Fall I ever saw. This tileset has plenty of eyecandy tiles and you didn’t even use the layers they were meant for! No PLEASE. I wonder why the extra 0.7.. Oh yes, you used Layer 8. Yay.

There is really no indication that where are the warps. This level is filled with warps. No indication that there actually are warps. Then there is that stupid square part. This is the place where the JAZZ-BIASED part comes. I like that this is Jazz biased. At least some change for the durn Spaz users. You could easily uppercut the witch.

Enemies worstly ever placed on top of the one tile squares, which use a wrong tile from the tileset anyway. The witch is jazz biased, and almost all enemies are badly placed. I like the placement of the witch. It makes the darn Spaz users switch to Jazz either JJMORPH or restart the level with Jazz.

Three shields, four ammo crates, one powerup (seeker powerup, but doesn’t matter in single player), and other little stuff. That’s really all. I hate the three shields. They made the boss easy. YaY.

The level is short, the level is short, the level is short and the level is short. This is annoying with the swarmbees that you have a blaster to kill them. No. No. I got killed twice there. This level is annoying with bad placement of things. Don’t download this.

Download this: No
Play this: No


Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Skulls planet
Level rating: 2.7

This level… it sux. And it’s not assault, by the way.

The worst thing in the level. There is nothing in layer 8 at all and you apparently don’t know how to make animations. I would give eyecandy a 1 if there was no layer 5,6,7 eyecandy. OmG.

No borders around the place. The FLAG BUG will happen. Sooner or later. ALWAYS PUT A BORDER AROUND THE LEVEL. ANY wall tile will fit. The fullhealth carrot is something like hidden. One-tile passage way with a warp. Yay. This suxes.

AMMO PLACEMENT: 1.5 (+0.5)
Oh. You did not put any seekers in this level. It rises the +0.5, but it won’t really help because the rating is already down. This level has one powerup and one ammo crate. Some kind of pepperspray and electro blaster. That’s pretty much all. So the 1.5 +0.5 is in here. And with more, there is no ammo at all near the red base. Ohhhhhh.

The level is so boring. SO BORING. SOOOO BOOOORIIINNNGGG. You can’t even use the level in any laggy server. So any 56K’ers will have their server just as buggy as it can go. No 56K’er can host it without having other players the NO-LAYER8 thing that happens in single player. No.



OVERALL: 1.7 (+0.5)[This review has been edited by the WINNER]

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Party beach gang
Level rating: 6.2

Darn. Had to rename the file to get this thing working.

It’s not really bad for a first level. There is no layer 5-7 or 1-2 eyecandy at all. Stuff. You didn’t really use many tiles of the tileset but the level is ok.

The gameplay is pwnage. You placed one ways. That’s pretty good for a small level like this. The level is easy to navigate through and other stuff. Still, too small =/

No, not really. This level is a small stuff which uses the normal beach music and tileset.

A little boring level. You get bored easily after a while. YaY.

STUFF PLACEMENT: 7.2 (+0.5) (-0.5)
There is NO SEEKERS AT ALL. YAY. (+0.5) A little toaster powerup, few RFs and TNT. That’s all. And distributed well. But there is no carrots at all. (-0.5) That pretty much makes it.

OVERALL: 6.5 (+0.5) (-0.5)

DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDATION: Maybe, if you are very bored.
HOST?: Again, yes if you are very bored. But no, if you aren’t

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Survivor pack
Level rating: N/A

These levels are not Survivor levels. Survivor levels are the levels in BlurredD’s pack. The gametype’s name is GROUND FORCE. GROUND FORCE. GROUND FORCE. That is enough. Let me do something.

SURVIVOR = Name of BlurredD’s pack

GROUND FORCE = Name of the gametype used in these levels.

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Electronic Malfunction
Level rating: 6

A ctf level. In TSF. These are rare in TSF. Anyway, starting review…

The level’s eyecandy is pretty stupid. It’s hard to navigate in this level cause the eyecandy’s layer7 and layer6 are confusing.

The layer 8 background is pretty weird. That is confusing too. Navigating is hard and I always have the illusion that at the very bottom is ground. There isn’t. And some springs are badly placed and can’t be seen.

The base placement is copied from Zaitox. Think something original next time. H8 @ Originality

A seeker powerup. Oh why again… There seem to be 6 powerups, BLASTER, RF, SEEKER (-1.0), GUN8, GUN9 and TOASTER. Way too much powerups. And the seeker reduces the 1.0. The seeker powerup reduces the 1.0 FROM THE TOTAL OVERALL RATING. Fun. The ammo placement is although pretty fine, and the coins sux.

The level itself is actually fun to play with low detail on. The level itself is so confusing that no playing with high detail anymore. You used ground tiles in the layer 8. Anyway, this was the last section to rate on.

OVERALL: 6.7 (-1.0)

DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDATION: Maybe, or not. Your choice.
HOST OR NOT: No really.

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Prime Retribution
Level rating: 8.6

There is no apparent ORDER for these levels. I happened to start from Medieval Skycrapers so I’ll start there.


Eyecandy: 9.5
The eyecandy is pwnage. The mountains in the background and some stuff that makes even low detail users enjoy the game. I like the “burning” atmosphere in the level. It feels like the level is on fire or in a volcano. Anyway, the eyecandy is pwnage. That’s all.

Gameplay: 8.7
Fly carrots. Many of levels don’t use these. There’s really two ways of going to the bases. One is the most obvious. Fly carrots. And you could always just go simply inside. Now, the gameplay.. the level isn’t sux. It’s fun to play at and pretty easy to navigate in.

Stuff placement: 6.0 – 0.25
Two +1 carrots, toaster powerup, bouncer powerup and a seeker powerup (-0.25). I liked the ammo placement of all except the seek powerup. It’s way too easy to get, and of course, seek powerup ruins JJ2 so there’s no real reason to use it. You can get the powerups with the TNT spawning nearby.

Originality: 8.7
Not many levels use a fly carrot. It’s the thing what really makes the level original. None of the levels I’ve met used the music I found.

Fun factor: 6.5
The seek powerup mostly ruins it all. Time to stop the review, people want me to skip.
OVERALL: 7.3 (-0.25)

The level’s idea is original. Go in the warp and then choose the base to raid.

Eyecandy: 7.5
This tileset used is ugly. I know it’s a JJ1 tileset but still I hate it. The tileset is actually used well but I hate the tileset so the eyecandy sux. You still don’t have any tiling errors, can’t see any.

Gameplay: 8.5
The idea is to go in a warp to choose which base to raid. It’s pretty fast to score and that’s what isn’t good. You really don’t need any of the powerups. Just be faster than the other player.

Originality: 10
The level is the first to use the idea for getting inside a warp to choose which flag to capture. Sadly, it doesn’t work well, but it is still an idea.

Fun factor: 7
Mostly when you score yourself, the other team manages to score before you capture their flag again.

Stuff placement: 8.5
The powerups are placed well, and you can get them easily. Most of it are just close to the warp and makes them easy to get.

I have seen this level before. The first thing I saw that wide screen is added and seek powerup removed.

Eyecandy: 6.6
This is where the level falls to victim. The edges of the pipey things where the tileset maker has written “lag is deth” and stuff, the edges of them look ugly when compared to the other things of the level. They look dull. The bg layers are used and they rox. The dull parts of the levels, mostly up, suck.

Gameplay: 8.2
The thing is fine, sometimes the tubes what suck you in, may surprise if you don’t know about that yet. It’s bad for the people not familiar with the level. Anyway, the gameplay is fine and at least you don’t fall down to the tubes so often that you now added a platform with the pepper powerup.

Stuff placement: 7.1
Red has an advantage with the RFs and blue has just bouncies. The main powerup is a PEPPER SPRAY POWERUP. It doesn’t cause nothing but 1 damage, powered up or not. Weird idea to use a powerup like that.

Fun factor: 8.7
Although of the many downsides, the level IS fun to play. You can have a good fun with this level. GF HL or how was it.

Battle level time.
This level presents a jail ;/

The eyecandy is fine. I like it. This thing looks like you would be in a jail. Looks like that.

Gameplay: 5.6
The gameplay is good, but sometimes you keep hitting the warps accidentally. I keep doing that alltime. A shield, which you can’t obtain, is in here. ohhh… But the jail sucks. I hate jails. It was a stupid bad idea to put something like that there.

Stuff placement: 8.6 (-0.25)
Seek powerup strikes back. Sux0red by seek powerup. The level has only three powerups. A bouncie powerup, seek powerup(-0.25), pepperspray powerup, which doesn’t do more damage than one. The ammo is placed fine. I don’t see any probs in that.

Fun factor: 7.5
Isn’t fun to run away from seeks. Anyway, many people don’t even know where is a seek powerup. But it still ruins the game.

Originality: 8.5
Omg, BATTLE LEVEL WITH JAIL ;O. This sounds like a hotel. But it still isn’t. Go see this level. I hate the jail.

PACK OVERALL: 7.7 (-1.0)

[EDIT] I forgot to mention that when I skip level with Controller or when the score limit is reached, the level skips to itself, not the other levels in the pack. (-0.5)

(Borderline rating removal. Please do not rate multiplayer levels based on their next level settings; that is irrelevant to level quality. Additionally, consider being a bit less harsh, especially given that the other ratings are so much higher. -Trafton)[This review has been edited by Trafton AT]

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Darkers First Battle
Level rating: 6.3

You used a normal musicfile. Oh.

EYECANDY – - 7.5
No, not at all. I found it out that you overused many tiles and which is not funny at all. Looks pretty boring. No textured background either. Argh. Not again.

GAMEPLAY – - 5.5
You overused carrots. Way too many. A full health carrot in battle isn’t a good thing, because it’s straight 5 hearts immediately. And, oh. A seeker powerup. One point explodes.

STUFF PLACEMENT – - 6.7 (-1.0)
Seeeekeeerrr powerup =( Of course you had to place a seeker powerup to make this rating even worse. Ohhhh. The stuff placement is almost average. Below average. 6.7 – 1.0.

Oh. A default JJ2 music file. I HATE THAT MUSIC OVER AND OVER. Too bad it doesn’t affect the originality except that using default music annoys me. H8.

OVERALL – - 6.5 (-1.0)
The seeker powerup lowered my rating by one. 6.5 would be good but it’s 5.5 then. Don’t upload everything you make…


Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: J2vf: DS's CTF pack
Level rating: 5.9


Level 1: Diamond Dusts

The first thing I saw is that this looks stup. This diamondus edition misses colors and makes the level look sux. Also it took me a while to know where are the warps. It’s very easy to score. I won’t host this level after this review. The originality.. it pwns. I won’t make a level like this. I really wouldn’t. That’s what differs from others. At least no seek powerup. Sick or reviewing. Bye.
TOTAL: 5.4

Level 2: Morpheus City

I found some bugs to make you stuck. =( No seeker powerup in here. FUN. The powerups are again easy to access. I don’t think I like this level much.. It takes a while to find out that you can drop down at the white building thing. Argh. I got sick of this level enough now. BYE. =(
TOTAL: 6.4

Level 3: Castle of Control

I found myself at the blue base, without being able to go anywhere. I didn’t see a reason for a suckertube there. I got sick and cheated out. Rating LOWER. The level’s eyecandy itself looks dull. Sometimes the eyecandy is weird. And how about the MUSIC… that suxxxxxxxx. No more stupid things here. I hate this level. You can’t play this thing without cheating. That’s enough. Bye.

TOTAL: 3.2

LEVEL 4: Mega-Galactix

This has no red startpoint, I saw that on Blur’s server. Instead, that’s a BLUE START POINT. So I captured the flag instantly after spawning. The level’s on top place where you can drop down, you can actually pass. Spaz only. This level is spaz biased. Stuff. The level looks like Snooz’s level. Looks almost the same. The layout is although different. There are two toaster powerups on each side. The NO RED START POSITION is enough to make me NEVER host this level. No. No. No. No. No. Enough NO’es.

TOTAL: 3.2

It’s an average CTF pack, mostly BELOW average. The CTF pack had no FUN in it.
OVERALL: 4.8 ~ 4.7

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: J2VF: Universal Spacebase
Level rating: 6.1

It’s a CTF level.

EYECANDY – - 7.6
The eyecandy is OK except the little brown walls. They have an eyecandy bug. Other stuff is fine and some places have a good eyecandy but the brown wall stuff. =(

GAMEPLAY – - 7.2
Easy, excellent but boring. There’s a boring way between the bases. Just run left and right. Jazz biased. Spaz users could accidentally fall, but Jazz users can copter. Also, you don’t need to go down anytime. There are a few narrow passages which don’t really add anything to gameplay.

Two other levels what use the same tileset&music combination. What’s the fun in that?

FUN FACTOR – - 4.4
One boring straight way between the bases and everything else down. No fun. Unlaugh. Too easy and other stuff.

It’s good enough to get over 6. The way between the toaster and RF powerup is a boring straight way which is too easy. The bouncer powerup and the full health carrot are in the middle. The platforms around the carrot isn’t fun, but fine.

OVERALL – - 5.5
This level cannot be called FUN. The boring ways between the bases and the two powerups are… boring. No fun in them. Tileset was misused in many places and stuff. 5.5 and no more.

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: J2VF: Over-Wasted
Level rating: 7

Not rating as high as Snooz. Yay.

EYECANDY – - 7.7

The eyecandy is OK. Mostly average. The level is kinda symmetrical. I like teh eyecandy. You used layers 3,4,6,7 and of course 8. Fun.

GAMEPLAY – - 7.4

The level is symmetrical, like described at the eyecandy section. Blue has an advantage with their RFs than the red with their bouncers. And a seek powerup in the middle (-1.0 points). The seek powerup.. It ruins the game already. It would be fine in battle, but NOT IN CTF. If a lot of people are playing, you won’t stand a chance without it. This level involves a lot of camping at the seek powerup. No, it isn’t a good thing. Gameplay needs improvement. 7.4 is fine for gameplay.

PICKUP PLACEMENT – - 7.4 (-1 points)

The -1 points are for the seek powerup. I happened to describe above that blue has an advantage. It is, for the RF powerup they have and red has bouncers. No advantages to other team pleaseee..
Also close to blue base are 4 +3seeker ammo. Guess are they close to RED base? No. This is a blue biased level. Wee. Snooz overrated on THIS section. Carrots are placed good. One +1 carrot and a fullhealth carrot. Good if the fullH carrot is taken and you need a little health. It’s like 7.4 for here (-1.0)

FUN FACTOR – - 5.4

The seeker powerup ruins it all. And the bluebiased stuff. This level is fun to play.. if you got the seek powerup that is. After being roasted the first time, you probably get roasted over and over again every time. Camp-ability at the seek powerup and the full health carrot is not good. The fun factor is 5.4.

OVERALL – - 7.2 (-1.0)
At least not the worst level available. Download recommendation if you like annoyance. Otherwise, NEVER. Host this often? NO NO NO PLEASE PLEASE. SERVERS WITH THIS LEVEL ARE AWFUL AND BORING ;(
Little below average, catch it out![This review has been edited by the WINNER]

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Castle Of Death!
Level rating: 3

You used the 0% lighting again…. Come on, I HAVE TO SEE SOMETHING. All of the enemies are in the beginning except the boss. There is one enemy in the mid-part but it doesn’t do anything and you can’t kill it. The eyecandy.. again.. IS AWFUL AWFUL SUXSUXSUX! Again a normal tileset with normal music. Tile problems.. You NEVER use ANY tileset correctly? Your both levels used simple tilesets. They both sucked. If your next level uses Tubelectric and it sucks, I think I am gonna say it again. This beginning review text said it all so just the ratings on the different places are visible. Wee.

EYECANDY – - 1.3

GAMEPLAY – - 4.6

No ammo! AAHH!


Like I said on the pumpkin problems review, I rarely review suxes.


Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Pumpkin Problems!
Level rating: 2.5

I saw the level’s average rating and I decided to read each review. Well, I need to agree with them. This level is now on my recycle bin. Wee. The level maker doesn’t seem to know that swearing is not allowed in here. I saw it in the filename and after killing the boss. The enemy placement is kinda sux. Fat chick and a dog aren’t carrotus stuff. And dragon on top of the pumpkin. Author probably didn’t test this level. You can jump right from the top pumpkin, break the trig crate and go to the boss.
BETATESTERS PLZTNXFUN. This level is more a beta of an average level. And yes, the TILE ERRORS. You made this level in 6 minutes or something? This level is face. Although filesize is suparsmall, if you are downloading it, stop it. Now. Or you are wasting your playtime for downloading this stupid piece of (fake trafton edit). And yes, wee. No next level. FUN >(

GAMEPLAY – - 4.6
If you used the shortcut mentioned earlier, this level is short. You fall down to emptiness if you try to fall. FUN WEE UNLAUGH.

EYECANDY – - 1.4
TILE ERRORS >OOOOO. The level is sux. If you are a foo to download this thing, you probably find out. The starting point is okay, but then it starts suxing. And the 0% light at the cave like thing. THE BACKGROUND TOOSUX >(

I mixed the enemy placement and ammo placement sections because I mention them both in here. I hate the dragon on the top pumpkin. It is too hard to kill. Because there are only two RF +3 ammo and one +5 health carrot, the level doesn’t have enough. No food even. >(. 5.7

It’s a basic carrotus level. Carrotus is overused. Music is the default carrotus music. What’s original then? Why 2? Because I rarely review stupid suxlevels. Ha.

It looks like a first level, which shouldn’t be uploaded. DO NOT UPLOAD FIRST LEVELS. ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE PIECE OF (fake trafton edit number 2).
And the text at ending. “Are you a turtle… or a stupid (fake trafton edit 3)”

2.2 YAY YAY >O

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Underground
Level rating: 6.6

A tileset =O

I’d like to mention that Labratkid starts to advertise TF with this tileset. And this one has even ripped mountains from Psych 1 (night?). Waterfalls are ripped from Jazz1: Diamondus. The tileset has a text “Waterfall taken from Ancient Riches. Used with permission.” Maybe Ancient Riches has that ripped waterfall too? I never saw ancient riches so I can’t tell if that’s a lie or not. Anyways the waterfall is from Jazz1 diamondus. Layer4 tiles aren’t a so good quality things. The grass isn’t wonderful, but it isn’t bad. Average, maybe.

Woah, mask messages. MASK MESSAGES STRIKE BACK! There are invisible tiles. Yay. Now you don’t need to make an arenastyle level to CTF. Just use these tiles as a border and you don’t need to take care of them again. The masking is just as it must be. Fun…

It’s actually easy to use this tileset. So all newbies can download this now. You can make a good level even if you would be new to JCS. You just need to know how JCS works and blabla…

Normal palette… Just like the stencil.
PALETTE RATING: Does not affect.

or how was it said? ;P
The tileset itself is quite boring. If the colorful one tile is ignored, the whole tileset is brown and blue. If a level with this is made, it should be short. This is boring…

A quite nice tileset, but it’s boring. I don’t really see anything interesting in it. 7.

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: JazzForce 1.1[c]
Level rating: N/A

Like description says, DON’T RATE THIS. JazzForce is a laucher. But the original JazzForce connects to logicware. That means a 1.1b version has been made for it. So it connects to contrabandent. And now a 1.1c version made to connect to contrabandent AND nimrod-online. DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL JAZZFORCE 1.1 FROM THIS LINK ( PLEASE THANKS YOU NEED THAT BEFORE USING THIS PROGRAM. KTHX BYE =D =D =D[This review has been edited by the WINNER]

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Silver Ville
Level rating: 4.1

OMG, HOTEL! AHH!! Well, hotels aren’t so bad but don’t upload them to J2O… hotels are meant to be updated all often like if someone buys a room or buys stuff to his/her room, it needs updating. And re-uploading all time wouldn’t be fun or the users who download this alltime… well, I stop yelling now and go to the rating..

WAT YOU DIDN’T INCLUDE THE TILESET! Can’t rate then. Include the tileset!! :p

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: World of Diamonds
Level rating: 6.9

I played this level and the first thing I found out was a little bad eyecandy. Especially the corners of the level. They have eyecandy bugs. The music really doesn’t fit the level though, that music file is more to space station or other levels of that type.
This level DOES have enough ammo. Too much. The last rating I give shall be 7.2. Catch the rating and make more levels!

EDIT: One sentence removed because the name was changed =)))[This review has been edited by the WINNER]

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