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Post JCS Awards 2019

Another year marked off, means another round of JCS awards! We had quite an eclectic variety of uploads this year, so there's bound to be something to appeal to every taste.

You must read the rules before voting. They are as follows:

1) In the past you were only allowed to vote for one nomination per category. However, in order to allow more levels to get the chance to be appreciated this time around, you are now also allowed, but not obligated to vote for your second and third choices, which respectively have x0.5 and x0.25 the weighting of your main vote. You do not have to vote in every category if you wish not to do so.

2) You are not limited to voting within the nominations, but you are advised to at least check these levels if you haven't already, in order to make your vote fair. Also, unreleased/unfinished levels cannot be voted for; they must be available for public download.

3) Votes are to be kept private until announcement of the overall results. This is to raise the tension, and also to prevent bandwagoning. In order to vote, post your votes here and then delete the post after you have submitted it, and a moderator will undelete it after the deadline. Alternatively, if you prefer, you are allowed to PM them to Stijn, but bare in mind that your choices will be announced in public once the voting stage is over. Any votes left public will be forcibly deleted by moderation, and your vote may not count.

4) Voting closes on 15th January at 23:59 GMT+1. Votes made promptly after this deadline may still be counted but as soon as a moderator undeletes the posts, any subsequent votes will be ignored.

Best Battle Level

Astolfo - Seren
Cold Cavern Classic - DennisKainz
Facilis descensus Averno - Loon
Isla de Muerta - Loon
Mindfull Candy 2.0 - Xan
Pot Plant - Loon
...So I Came Back - Electric Ir
Solstice - PurpleJazz
The Fingers of Icarus - cooba
Toxicity - Electric Ir
Umbral Thicket - PurpleJazz

Best CTF Level

- Laro B
Byzantine Blues - Jelly Jam
Castle of Devan Shell - Laro B
Faux Symmetry - Electric Ir
Forgotten empire - Lynx
Faster-Than-Light Starship - Warren
Galeloch Castle - PurpleJazz
Ivankiv Raion - Loon
Percolator - cooba
Ragnarok - Loon
Riparius Ridge - Laro B
Scarwood - Jelly Jam
Snowland - Toni
Sweet Release - Electric Ir
TCS Remastered - Ragnarok
Tech Tree - Violet CLM
Time's up - Lynx

Best SP Release

Breaking Out* - happygreenfrog
Candy Goth - Violet CLM
Christmas 2019 - JazzRaccoon
Cold Paw* - Archon/Slaz
Faded story -part 1 - Lynx
Frigid Fortress* - PurpleJazz
Penguinvasion* - Jelly Jam
Pikitia Ara* - Loon
Puszi-nyl Pc - FarkasUrdung
Silent Evening - Slaz
Tipplenborough* - PT32
TOMB: Another Rabbit's Story - Violet CLM
Toyed Badlands* - Slaz

Under the Weather* - Primpy

* Holiday Hare '18 levels are nominated individually due to being part a community-made pack.

Best Level Script

Astolfo - Seren
Breaking Out - happygreenfrog
Candy Goth - Violet CLM
Frigid Fortress - PurpleJazz
The Fingers of Icarus - cooba
Tech Tree - Violet CLM
Under the Weather - Primpy

Best Eyecandy

Somewhat experimental new category. Since what constitutes "best eyecandy" is no doubt extremely subjective, I am therefore not including any default nominations. There's plenty to choose from, as any level uploaded to Jazz2Online in 2019 will be eligible for this award. There were a lot of very good looking levels this year, so it feels appropriate to offer this accolade.

Best JCSer

Electric Ir -
Faux Symmetry, ...So I Came Back, Sweet Release, Toxicity
Jelly Jam - Byzantine Blues, Penguinvasion, Scarwood
Laro B - Bushido, Castle of Devan Shell, Riparius Ridge
Loon - Facilis descensus Averno, Isla de Muerta, Ivankiv Raion, Pikitia Ara, Pot Plant, Ragnarok
Lynx - Faded story -part 1, Forgotten empire, Time's up
PurpleJazz - Frigid Fortress, Galeloch Castle, Solstice, Umbral Thicket
Slaz - Cold Paw, Silent Evening, Toyed Badlands
Violet CLM - Candy Goth, Tech Tree, TOMB: Another Rabbit's Story

Happy voting, and good luck to you all!