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Permalink April News Roundup '19

Gravis announces new Gravis Gamepad Mini

Gravis has announced a new “mini” version of their Gravis Gamepad controller that was made famous by its numerous appearances in Jazz Jackrabbit 1. The new controller will be essentially identical in function and design to the older hardware that ceased production because nobody wanted to buy it anymore, except this time around, it will be smaller. A spokesperson for Gravis explained that unlike the original, which could theoretically be used to play any game ever, this new Gamepad Mini will be limited to working with a handpicked set of forty or so games. When asked whether this didn’t make it a strictly inferior product, the spokesperson patiently explained, “but, you see, it’s smaller.”

JJ2+ Developers Attempt to Form Union

Unfortunately, unions are not supported constructs in AngelScript.

Epic Games Announces Exclusivity Contract With Epic Games Store

That counts as a joke, right? Look, I dunno, it’s late and I’m tired.

- Violet CLM

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Did you know?

In Treasure Hunt levels, don�t make it so that everybody has enough to finish. Shooting each other to get the gems is part of the fun. [-Shen]

Downloads spotlight

  • Nightwalker


    By PurpleJazz (Capture the flag)

  • Sanctuary
  • Discofever (come and join the time:)
  • Rollercoaster Park
  • JJ1Tubelectric
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Best JJ1 Guardian?

Diamondus (secret level turtle)
3 votes 12%
Medivo (flying pod)
3 votes 12%
Orbitus (ostrich)
1 votes 4%
Megairbase (tank)
1 votes 4%
Jungrock (green lizard)
1 votes 4%
Dreempipes (owl)
2 votes 8%
Battleships (CPUs)
0 votes 0%
Battleships (giant rabbit)
10 votes 41%
Muckamok (Zoonik)
2 votes 8%
Deckstar (machine)
1 votes 4%
Lagunicus (orb)
0 votes 0%

Total votes: 24