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Permalink Gamer.NL reviews Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Gamer.nl Dutch’s largest gaming website has made a review about Jazz Jackrabbit 2 in their reload series. Reload is a series of reviews from games from the past, think about games such as Sonic the Hegdehog, Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros 3. But this time it was our green rabbit in the spotlight.

Their review is pretty straight forward, it reflects back on the game’s development. They also point out that the game is timeless and still works as it is. Plus they praise the community about building new levels etc.

You can read everything here in Dutch here at Gamer.NL.

- ShadowGPW

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    Re-Purposed Offshore Platform

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Best JJ1 Guardian?

Diamondus (secret level turtle)
1 votes 8%
Medivo (flying pod)
1 votes 8%
Orbitus (ostrich)
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