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Permalink Hand drawn character animations

We continue to find lots of great Jazz art around the internet. Recently tumblr user PictoPatch finished a set of five standing animations for Lori, Spaz, Jazz, and even Eva and Devan, all looking ready for some HD action, possibly in a fighting game. Check them out here and leave the artist some appreciative comments in their notes!

- Violet CLM

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Did you know?

Four large-scale Jazz Jackrabbit 2 fan meetings have been held in the United States so far: one East Coast and three West Coast meetings.

Downloads spotlight

  • Windstorm Fortress

    Windstorm Fortress

    By blurredd! (Tileset)

  • After Apocalypse
  • Enhancement v1.2(instagib level pack)
  • Level Packer v1.4.3
  • Forest Forgotten
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