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After spending a day as a command-line application, the Jazz2Online front page is now back to its regular multimedia visage. Did you find all the commands? You can still access the interface via the floppy button in the bottom right corner of the front page. I hope you enjoyed this little diversion! -Stijn


Permalink Level Contest Season

The bash may be over, but there are still plenty of excuses to make new levels for Jazz 2! Let’s take a look. (All descriptions below are abbreviated: please click the contest links for the full lists of rules.)

Assault the Base Contest
Deadline: One week after the tenth entry
Prize: $20 per level entered
Make an assault level (either one-sided or double-sided) with at least five objectives.

Bring back the lights to Jazz2 City!
Deadline: End of the quarantine
Prize: Hugs
Pick an old level from Jazz 2 City and revamp its eyecandy.

Lori is a contest
Deadline: One week after the first entry
Prize: $5 per person who entered, plus Steam keys for Dust: An Elysian Tale and Outlast
Make a level somehow connected to Lori.

Single Screen 4 Contest
Deadline: May 17th
Prize: None
Create a level either 25×19 tiles or 50×38 tiles in size.

- Violet CLM

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Did you know?

Battle games make up about 70% of games on the list servers.

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    Agony Void

    By P4ul (Battle)

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What medium should Jazz be adapted to?

Alternate Reality Game
1 votes 5%
Live action TV
4 votes 22%
Musical theater
5 votes 27%
Black-and-white comic strips published in monthly zine
3 votes 16%
Folk music
1 votes 5%
Numbers station
2 votes 11%
Pachinko machine
2 votes 11%

Total votes: 18