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Permalink Finally say something positive about CliffyB

The last poll has been online for a long time, so let’s see what people thought:

If JJ2 had a new playable character, who should it be?
Devan Shell 24 votes (40%)
Eva Earlong 8 votes (13%)
Zoe Cottontail (from JJA) 3 votes (5%)
Razz ma Tazz (from JJ3) 10 votes (16%)
Batteryman (from Battery Check) 0 vote (0%)
Fooruman (from Foo Products) 2 votes (3%)
Other existing character 0 vote (0%)
New original character 12 votes (20%)
0 vote (0%)
0 vote (0%)
1 vote (1%)
0 vote (0%)
Total votes: 60

That’s a pretty clear plurality! I’m not sure how those last four blank options got added, but at least one person felt pretty passionate about one of them, so that’s nice.

Recently, following the lack of traction with its LawBreakers game, CliffyB’s new game studio shut down. But then he posted a lot of concept art on Twitter from some other games he’d been thinking about doing. If all those different games from Boss Key Productions had come to fruition, which would you have found most interesting?

- Violet CLM

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Which of CliffyB's unfinished game ideas do you find most interesting?

6 votes 31%
1 votes 5%
9 votes 47%
Radical Heights
3 votes 15%

Total votes: 19