Permalink Rad Rodgers available for early purchase November 14th 2016

Source: GOG

A couple months ago I told you about an in-development 2D platformer that’s trying to tie its wagon to the 90’s DOS platformer nostalgia train, or however metaphors work. Flash forward to today (okay, Friday actually) and it’s ready for you to buy. It’s still “in development,” which is kind of like “early access” but not really I guess. The point is if you, like apparently everyone else, dislike the writing, now may be the time to get them to change it?


Permalink Assault the Base contest updates November 1st 2016

Looks like TreyLina’s excellent Medium-sized battle map contest awoke some sleeping giants, cause suddenly there’s some interest in what surely is one of the longer-running fan contests in gaming history by this point: BlurredD’s infamous Assault the base contest.

We first wrote about this all the way back in December 2004, and were chastised for being “a few weeks late” even then. Twelve years later, the contest is still going, thanks to the unique rule that it will only end when a set number of entries have been received. That number of entries is now 10, but on the other hand the prize has been raised to $20 multiplied by the amount of entries, netting the winner a guaranteed minimum of $200. Not bad, right?

There are some other rule changes as well, so check out the thread and get that Assault level going.


Permalink The medium-large battle map contest! October 29th 2016


That’s right, I’m doing another contest again, and possibly my final one. The map should ideally accomodate 8-16 players.

First prize is 30, second is 15, and the deadline is the 31st of December 2016. NO DELAYS, I’d like some JCS award candidates!

Click here for more information!

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Permalink Forerunners: The History Of The PC Side-Scroller September 27th 2016


3D Realms has released another interesting thing: it has teamed up with some of the most iconic legends to bring us a piece of gaming history:


- John Romero – Cliff Blezinski – Tom Hall – John Passfield – Bill McIntosh – Dave Taylor – Scott Miller – Clint Basinger

And others. Go check it out.

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Quick news bit:

Jazz2Online was down a few times over the past two days - side-effects of moving and reconfiguring our servers. Should be over now, apologies for any inconvenience caused. Stijn

Permalink Platformer kickstarter namedrops Jazz, Epic, Apogee, etc. September 8th 2016

Source: Kickstarter

A new Kickstarter project titled Rad Rodgers advertises itself as “the return of the 90’s era Apogee platformer,” specifically citing “classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff’n‘Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit.” People they got quotes from include “Mark Rein, Co-Founder of Epic Games,” “John Romero, Co-Founder of Id Software (Commander Keen),” and course “Cliff Bleszinski, Co-Creator of Jazz Jackrabbit (Epic Games).”

Given all that, it makes you wonder what this line might be hinting at: “Classic Easter Eggs: The game features hard-to-find collectibles in sometimes even harder-to-find classic secret rooms. Use your precision platforming skills to collect ‘em all.”

Anyway the game is about 28% funded right now. What do you think? I’m not a fan of the dialogue (content or quantity) and I could do without the bloody explosions for that matter, but hey, I suppose that Apogee’s oeuvre did include Duke Nukem, not just Cosmo. It definitely looks like a platformer, though, and I appreciate they’re making an effort to have some weird-looking environments, though the lack of contrast makes me imagine the palettes are still a work in-progress.


Permalink Polling the player list August 22nd 2016

How many separate layers do you need for your levels??
Mo' layers mo' problems 6 votes (18%)
1-3 1 vote (3%)
3-6 4 votes (12%)
7-8 9 votes (27%)
One more 13 votes (39%)
Total votes: 33

That was a strange one. Here’s another strange one, asking about how you use (or don’t use) the F9 and Tab keys when playing online multiplayer JJ2. Hopefully I nailed every major category but maybe not?


Permalink National Tournament 2016 is OVER! August 16th 2016


National Tournament – Season 5 (2016) is now officially over! All games have been completed except for the 7th place which has been awarded to Serbia. Congratulations to Poland for winning the tournament 3rd time in total! Final rankings:

1. Poland
2. The Netherlands
3. Germany
4. Finland
5. Egypt
6. United Kingdom
7. Serbia
8. Romania

Stats and awards can be found HERE!

Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the whole tournament is: [GER]KeV! Congratulations!

It was an exciting tournament overall with a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who participated on one way or another! Many thanks to all the referees, all the broadcasters, the whole crew and all players who represented their countries!

In case you missed any game, you can watch most of the replays by clicking on a specific game you want to watch!

All information about the NT can be found in the menu to the left under ‘Tournaments’, when you click on National tournament! (

See you next season!

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Permalink It begins! August 12th 2016


NOTE: The event has been extended by one day, and now ends on the 15th!

The not-so-annual UNniversary bash 2 has begun! It will end on the 14th of August, 2016 5:30pm BST August 15th, 5:30pm BST

To give a recap, it’s a casual event where we go through all the bash levels, minus duplicates. Whether you want to chat or play, it’s up to you. A whopping over 250 levels for both gamemodes!

For those who have a failing serverlist, you can also join via the IP here:
However, it’s highly recommended you use JJ2+ or the LK avalon serverlist fix. However, support for plusless players is only temporary.

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Permalink Create-a-Boss contest! July 31st 2016


Have you ever said to yourself “Man, I have an awesome idea for a boss, but I suck at animating art.” – well, here’s your chance to shine!

Unlike my other contests, the prize is not money, but your boss coming to life – fully animated from scratch!

If you have a lack of trust in contests, don’t worry – I have a good track record in promising contest winners. I got experience in animating sprites with high standards.

The deadline is on September the 15th, 2016

For more information about the contest, click here.

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