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Did you forget that 2018 is the 20th anniversary of Jazz 2? Well, Hungary didn’t! In just over a week, a team of musicians from Hungary (including community member tazar) will release a free Jazz 2 tribute album of nine different remixes on Bandcamp:

It’s been 20 years since Jazz, the green jackrabbit has returned with his sidekicks to take blastin’ revenge on the evil turtle Devan Shell and his nasty minions. Since then, Jazz Jackrabbit 2’s popularity has been on the rise and its legacy has not just been kept alive up to this day but enriched by its fan community.
To celebrate the two-decade anniversary of this shiny gem of classic platformer gaming, a musical tribute album has been arranged by various Hungarian artists. This collection is an expression of appreciation towards Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and its creators, especially Alexander Brandon, the composer of the game’s remarkable soundtrack.

You can listen to previews of the tunes right now, along with some nifty JJ2-styled animation.

- Violet CLM

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Best JJ1 Guardian?

Diamondus (secret level turtle)
3 votes 12%
Medivo (flying pod)
3 votes 12%
Orbitus (ostrich)
1 votes 4%
Megairbase (tank)
1 votes 4%
Jungrock (green lizard)
1 votes 4%
Dreempipes (owl)
2 votes 8%
Battleships (CPUs)
0 votes 0%
Battleships (giant rabbit)
10 votes 41%
Muckamok (Zoonik)
2 votes 8%
Deckstar (machine)
1 votes 4%
Lagunicus (orb)
0 votes 0%

Total votes: 24