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Permalink Original Uncensored Jazz Jackrabbit Build Unearthed

For years, it’s been assumed that Jazz Jackrabbit 1 was always intended to be a cartoony, child-friendly affair. But a new prototype build has just been discovered calling that into question. The build appears to have been designed for international release, while the version we are all familiar with was censored/localized for the American market.

Major differences in the localization process apparently included the removal of excess gore, greater adherence to copyright laws, removing Devan Shell’s pimp imagery, and the jettisoning of a subplot revolving around Eva Earlong being 12 years old but participating in a swimsuit competition.

Later developments in the Jazz Jackrabbit series, particularly the iOS stick shooter demo, now retroactively make more sense.

This prototype build was discovered on Google Stadia, where it has technically been playable since November, but today was the first time anyone tried out the service.

- Violet CLM

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