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As noted in our last news post, this Monday marks the start of Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Birthday Hullabaloo, a weeklong celebration of the twenty years since Jazz 2 first entered stores. A multiplayer server is scheduled to go up Monday at 11 AM UTC. It will mostly resemble anniversary bash servers, hosting hundreds of Battle and CTF levels from past bashes and switching between gamemodes from time to time as appropriate.

But we’re also taking a page from JDC and introducing daily events in the Birthday Hullabaloo server. These can be anything—an already popular gamemode in a more specialized set of levels than the general bash, a gamemode that doesn’t otherwise get played enough, whatever.

So if you’re interested in helping out in the Birthday Hullabaloo, this is your chance! We have seven volunteer slots, one per day, for people interested in taking over the server for an hour or two. Events should start within an hour of 6 PM UTC. To show your interest (sooner better than later), please contact me in one of the following ways and tell me about what event you’d like to run and what dates are compatible with your schedule:

  • Email: violetclm@gmail.com
  • Skype: violetclm@hotmail.com
  • Discord: Violet CLM in the Jazz Jackrabbit discord channel
  • J2O: post a comment here on this news post or send me a private message, letting me know how I can contact you

- Violet CLM

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Did you know?

Jazz Jackrabbit 1 was released twenty years ago.

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