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Permalink Jazz to be featured at the Shots Fired marathon!

So you’re probably thinking “What the heck is Shots Fired?” Well, it’s a semi-annual speedrunning marathon which exclusively features shooting games of all kinds. And not one – but two Jazz games are featured to appear!

There will be Jazz 1, All episodes + bonus levels with turbo run by SimonN on 7:33pm UTC+1, Saturday the 14th.

And also a Jazz 2 Spaz race of the original campaign between BinaryBlob and Dominator101, (the top two runners) on 9:03pm UTC+1, Saturday the 14th.

The marathon itself is running on the 10th-15th of July. Check out its full timetable here, and here for the marathon stream.

DISCLAIMER: Times are announced at the time of creating this post, and may become delayed. Keep rechecking the timetable (which automatically adjusts according to your own timezone) if you want to catch them live.

In other less but somewhat related news, BinaryBlob just smashed a new World Record in this classic category!

- TreyLina

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Did you know?

If you're being shot into the air with Seekers (4) simply hold the control button and press the left and right buttons to shake off damage.

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    Toxic Waste

    By ShadowGpw (Battle)

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Best JJ1 Guardian?

Diamondus (secret level turtle)
1 votes 8%
Medivo (flying pod)
1 votes 8%
Orbitus (ostrich)
0 votes 0%
Megairbase (tank)
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Jungrock (green lizard)
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Dreempipes (owl)
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Battleships (CPUs)
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Battleships (giant rabbit)
6 votes 50%
Muckamok (Zoonik)
1 votes 8%
Deckstar (machine)
1 votes 8%
Lagunicus (orb)
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Total votes: 12