Let's talk about Guardians August 9th 2019

Which of CliffyB’s unfinished game ideas do you find most interesting?
DragonFlies 6 votes (25%)
DogWalkers 1 vote (4%)
Donuts 12 votes (50%)
Radical Heights 5 votes (20%)
Total votes: 24

Next up, as part of our celebration of Jazz Jackrabbit’s 25th anniversary, it’s time for a JJ1 poll! When we asked about the best JJ1 episode overall, Ballistic Bunny was the winner. But what if we’re just talking about Guardians, or “bosses” as some may call them? Who’s your favorite? Here’s a refresher video if you need one.

And while we’re on the subject, check out the Silver Jubilee CTF Contest! cooba is giving you until September 1st to create a large CTF level using a JJ1 conversion tileset. Click through to read the rest of the rules and get yourself jazzed up to participate!

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25 Years of Jazz Jackrabbit August 1st 2019

Fasten your seatbelts for the ride of your life! JAZZ JACKRABBIT is coming towards you at light speed, and this little bunny carries a big gun. The evil turtle emperor Devan Shell has rabbitnapped the beloved princess Eva Earlong. Now he’s swiping all the goodies in the galaxy to support his plot of Galactic Rabbit Destruction! Lead the speedy Jazz on a wild treasure hunt spanning enormous areas jam-packed with major danger!
Jazz features ULTRA-FAST scrolling 256 color graphics, ROCKING Digital Audio with Surround Sound, and WHITE-HOT action from Epic MegaGames! Look out Sonic, this is one tough little bunny!

It’s been 25 years since the release of Jazz Jackrabbit 1 by Epic MegaGames (later Epic Games). 25 years ago today, we learned that when crisis strikes, the universe turns to one supehero… one of great strength and moral character… quick wit and inventiveness… incredible speed and flexibility… but most importantly… floppy ears and a big gun!!!

It’s time to party! Play some Jazz 1! Read some community history! Bake a cake in the shape of a rabbit! This is our day, and there are no wrong answers.

Downloads and other links:

Buy Jazz Jackrabbit from GOG

Jazz Jackrabbit shareware
Holiday Hare 1994 Freeware
Holiday Hare 1995 Freeware

Jazz 1 emulated in your browser
Open-Source remake of Jazz 1 for lots of platforms
AngelScript-based remake of Jazz 1 in JJ2+

Usermade Jazz 1 levels
Jazz 1 editing utilities: J1E, JJ1MOD, J1LES

Jazz 1 tilesets converted for use in Jazz 2
Jazz 1 shareware ported to Jazz 2
Jazz 1 shareware recreated from scratch using normal Jazz 2 tilesets
Unfinished, more extreme version of the same
Use most Jazz 1 enemies in your Jazz 2 levels

While we wait for more information about JDC Season 30, Jazz Jackrabbit has been making some surprising appearances across the internet:

Jazz is in Doom

AlanjWeh89 has created a custom .wad file for Doom that lets you play as Jazz in several familiar locales, fighting familiar enemies with familiar weapons. You can read about it and download it now.

Jazz is in anime

Shaddow Black0 would like you to watch Jazz Jackrabbit The Movie Mini Trailer Fanmade (Jazz With Muscles)!

Jazz is in ultra high resolution

Magnifai has upscaled the Jazz 2 intro animation (as well as the Epic Megagames and Orange Games logo sequences) to 1920×1440, working frame by frame using different neural networks. Check it out here!

Mark your calendars, because JDC is returning for its 30th season on Saturday 20th July!

More info to follow shortly, so stay tuned.

You may have heard of SRB2Kart, a kart racing mod of a mod of a fork of a port of Doom. With 100 different race tracks and 31 different characters, it’s hard to think of what SRB2Kart is missing… except Jazz Jackrabbit.

But fortunately, community member Guppinas (also known for working on a mod for Risk of Rain) has discovered a Jazz Jackrabbit character mod for SRB2Kart! You can download it here for an optimal racing experience.

At long last, the annual Anniversary Bash is happening to celebrate 21 years since the shareware release of Jazz Jackrabbit 2! Beginning on the 6th of April, 15:00 GMT+1, it’ll run for 4 days.

For those unfamiliar, this is a public casual online event that hosts a hand-picked set of maps in the Battle and Capture the Flag gamemodes. You can even just chat if you’d like—you might spot a retired veteran! More information is available in this forum thread.

To join the event, you’ll need a registered copy of Jazz 2 with the JJ2+ patch applied. (For more information about JJ2+, click here.)

April News Roundup '19 April 1st 2019

Gravis announces new Gravis Gamepad Mini

Gravis has announced a new “mini” version of their Gravis Gamepad controller that was made famous by its numerous appearances in Jazz Jackrabbit 1. The new controller will be essentially identical in function and design to the older hardware that ceased production because nobody wanted to buy it anymore, except this time around, it will be smaller. A spokesperson for Gravis explained that unlike the original, which could theoretically be used to play any game ever, this new Gamepad Mini will be limited to working with a handpicked set of forty or so games. When asked whether this didn’t make it a strictly inferior product, the spokesperson patiently explained, “but, you see, it’s smaller.”

JJ2+ Developers Attempt to Form Union

Unfortunately, unions are not supported constructs in AngelScript.

Epic Games Announces Exclusivity Contract With Epic Games Store

That counts as a joke, right? Look, I dunno, it’s late and I’m tired.

Prep for Bash 21 begins March 11th 2019

As the sunny day of April 9th draws near, preparations for the yearly Anniversary Bash are already underway. Follow the JCF thread for info about the dates and the lists!

If you want one (or more) of your new Battle or CTF level(s) to be considered for inclusion, you have until Wednesday 3rd April to submit it (…). I highly recommend you go and make something, as the Bash more than any other time of the year (outside of JDC) is a fantastic opportunity to give your levels the exposure they deserve!

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JCS Awards 2018 January 26th 2019

The JCS awards have returned, and there’s a real variety of levels to choose from this time across multiple categories! Cast your votes here to give recognition to your favourite uploads last year!

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