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15 Aug 2012, 00:26
For: Frog Hunt
Level rating: 5.5

Great to hear others are making frog hunt modes to!

Ill dunno who was the first with the idea (don’t really care) but I worked on some levels to to make it work flawless even without the frog program. see this forum post: only disadvantace is that other see your frog like an crazy jazz sprite) I like to try something out with who is interested (if I make the time for it ;) )

I will download your level sometime on a pc with Jazz2 on it and play on the server to exchange idea’s

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3 Dec 2010, 03:17
For: Haunted House Lite
Level rating: 9.1

This Tilesets are really worth it!

Tip: Take a look at the Haunted house winter conversion of Pyromanus to! ;)

Review by Technopauluz

3 Dec 2010, 03:09
For: TSF Episode and WinterStuffs
Level rating: N/A

Thanks for making this great conversions!

I only need to find an way to modify your haunted tileset so it let me use 13 animation tiles insteed of 3.

The Xmas haunted set, I hope to see it used some day.

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1 Jan 2010, 23:22
For: Prismatic Palace
Level rating: 8.6

I love it <3 :D

This tileset has many options! I love the use of rainbow collors. I gonna use this set in the future somehow.

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7 Aug 2009, 21:55 (edited 7 Aug 09, 21:57)
For: Reworder v0.9
Level rating: 9.3

I see you uploaded it :D

I am sure this program works great, the first betaversion did work already… But now it’s more userfriendly!

When I am back off vacation I finish my battle level using this program for nice effects!

For sure a download recommendation for people that like to do great things with trigger scenery in there levels!

A fat 9 for this great program!


A tip: Look at the example levels first how they work in JJ2 than how it’s done in reworder. That wil help you understand the program ;)

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3 Apr 2009, 14:18
For: Running Rabbit 2
Level rating: 8.4

A part of this I saw before I gues but the most of it was new and looking very coowl!! Almost everything did work flawless except the lizards.

Almost compleetly agree with Plunk about the Wow! part :D

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22 Mar 2009, 08:46
For: Tubular Terror
Level rating: 6.7

Quitte a funny little battle to play with 3 – 5 people in game. That it’s 1.24 isn’t a problem any more since we have the 1.24>1.23 convertor :D

+ Maskings where fine
+ Triggers working correct
+ Nice layout

! Little more eyecandy but don’t let it hurt the gameplay
! Make the warp maybe more easy to find
! You dit use almost all kind of weapons, I don’t see the use of pepper spray and ice gun here… but thats personal taste :)
! Make more use of the layers to make a even more nice game!

Download recommendation?
hmm… yes why not? I gonna host this some time i gues.

Keep improving! ;)

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8 Mar 2009, 14:19
For: TSF to 1.23 J2L Converter
Level rating: 9.7

It was very usefull for me! And it works perfect :D

Review by Technopauluz

9 Jan 2009, 09:08 (edited 9 Jan 09, 09:09)
For: Aurora Citadel
Level rating: 7.7

I did really like the eyecandy in this level! The combination with the foreground & background layer + the 3 warp spots in this small level make it somewhat confusing to play & learn.

When I saw the fix thing in the tileset i thought OMFG why I didn’t see that? But it was almost nothing to worry about ;)

Thanks for the nice ideas, Good teamwork!

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5 Nov 2008, 23:55
For: Winter Dreams: the 4-in-1 multiplayer pack
Level rating: 4.9

It’s well known that the Holiday Hare 98 tileset has nice eyecandy but is terrible masked and is difficult to use. I see that you give it some try but there is missing some creativety and skill. If u work on it you really can make better levels.

I am currently working on a battle level and using this tileset to. (2nd time) It cost a lot of time to get the best out of this set and make a nice unique battle ;)
If u like i can send you some screenshots.

Things to mention:

- The spring on 13, 56 isn’t jazz friendly…
- The layers 5, 3, 2 are not used very well…
- Get more Ammo in the game
- The masking is bad (partly tnx to epic)
- Lot’s of more…

As tip I can give u to download some levels that used this set to (like mine old level ;) )for some example you might learn a lot of it :D


Review by Technopauluz

2 Oct 2008, 11:34
For: Jazz Jackrabbit Quiz!
Level rating: N/A

Quite nice quiz, it’s something totally different from the other downloads :)

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13 Jul 2008, 20:20
For: JCS INI upgrade - simplier than the normal one!
Level rating: 9.1

Last time i did review this, i wasn’t very positive about it. Maybe i did got the old version or so…

But now i am very happy with it :D It fixed my trigger event problems (didn’t show that event :O) in JCS.

The added text is nice and can be usefull even for experienced JCS’ers. Some info about MCE could be nice to just as Sonicnatan Suggests.

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14 May 2008, 15:26
For: Instagib mini-pack
Level rating: 8.0

These are quite funny little levels with good gameplay and eyecandy and fun to host on a 2-4 player based game…

Review by Technopauluz

13 May 2008, 00:50 (edited 14 May 08, 15:28)
For: Ballistic Bullets
Level rating: 6.0

This can be funny to play with 2 or 3 people. Masking is not perfect but not frustrating to… Carrots are placed well.

The eyecandy is pretty standard and it could be looking much coowler ;)

A hint for u: convert the hook events into vine events, it make te game run smoother… ;)

The ricochet idea is nice here, it can be pretty fun if u hit someone with backbouncing weapons :P I used it in one of my battles to.

Download Recomendation?

Well why not host this if u are with only 2 or 3 people in a game? I let it in the middle and give it a yes and a 6.0 round.

Succes making new battles!

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13 May 2008, 00:05 (edited 13 May 08, 16:45 by cooba)
For: Hall of Legends
Level rating: 8.5


I have seen some nice levels from PJ on the servers when i did played online, so i decided to download this level and i was surprised about this very good level!
No review jet? This is sure worth one!
So here we Go :)

Eye candy:

This level had LOTs of eyecandy and it is placed all very well :D The tile set is used more than optimal and I just have learned a new layer trick that u did use in layer 6 to make the background more darker… Thx :)
Something about the layers:

Layer 4 is filled maximum with nice tiles and layer 3 & 5 are good helpers.
Layer 6… that one translucent black tile can make that difference ++ for this :D
Layer 7 and 8 are also custom made and look very good toogether with layer 6.
Layer 1 & 2 are used to set the points on the I ;)

I didn’t see any animation tiles from the tile set (It hasn’t got them) Some gems (rings) and stuff make it even more beautiful.


I noticed that i still can learn of this layer skills. 9.5 + 0.5 Bonus All eye candy to the max 10/10 for this one!


Than something about the layout…

The size of the level is medium its not a only platforms level (that’s good) and i think its most fun to play with 3-12 players.
Nothing bad to say about the masking though in the editor it looks good and when i am testing this i didn’t became stuck :)


Its good no more and surely no less, 8/10

Game play:

I think the game play of this level is also very good, navigation is good to do the eye candy doesn’t hinder and warps and tubes are lighted up or pointed with arrows goodies are not very hard to find and that’s good in a battle. I greatly liked the stomp en jump super high trick! Maybe its an old trick but i didn’t saw this before :o Tnx again :) ++ for this!
The balance with Jazz and Spaz is good Spaz could double jump at the pits and platforms and has always some advantage with the power ups. But Jazz can use his copter ears to avoid falling in the pit and air attack from above the platforms. Lori has some disadvantage with the copters but 1.23 players don’t care about that huh ;).
O yes… the pits that’s always some thing to be carefully with to place it well… Good Job! They are good to avoid not to big not to small and you don’t just falling in them without a reason.

Moving in this level is no problemo also and the events are working properly.


A good working game play for me 8 + 0.5 (jump trick) + 0.2 (pits good) A 8.7/10!

Placement of Events:

*Power ups:
Spread ed out very well, Good placed, Good power ups for that lvl they only regenerate slow.
Seekers, Toasters, Bouncers, 2Way Missiles are good. The ice is meaned for strategic use by pits huh? But i never seen use someone that successfully… I really don’t like pepper spray it is only nasty when u want to switch a weapon and that trash is hindering u >:( The same with ice… Its just what u like the most… The placement is good and amount of ammo is quite enough for about 8 players…
They are spread ed out well, placed good, 2 carrots in this lvl is good, and the regeneration is …. good!
*Text Strings:
Some disappear and some don’t and its done right :)
No food detected we must do it with the carrots here, it don’t lower my eye candy rating though.
They are well done…
*Sugar Tubes:
Just one but a good placed one with a good flow.
*Starting Positions:
I did detect 4 and they are good placed.
One, good placed good findable
2 Nice placed copters with good regeneration


All very good I have seen some MCE tricks to, only a flow is the very big arsenal weapons you get with ice & peperspray… a good 7.5/10 for this!


This isn’t a very common tile set like castle or so :P but what is found so special is the not standard use of tiles… Example: the layer 8 background is nice used in layer 8 and that kind of things. The game play is pretty common except the water/frost jump. And the use age of some MCE’s. Necro’s music is an excellent choice, it fits very good by this level!




A very nice level to see and to play i just see that this has cost some spare time and creativity to make, that’s the reason that i reviewed this one good and spend some time to write this. To bad you stop making this kind of battles because this is quality above quantity.

3.2 of 3 for Eye candy
0.8 of 1 for Layout
1.8 of 2 for Game play
1.6 of 2 for Placement of Events
1.5 of 2 for Originality
I give it a 8.9 rounded up to a 9!

Download Recommendation: YES!

[Rating changed to 8.9 ~cooba]

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30 Apr 2008, 16:22 (edited 30 Apr 08, 16:59)
For: Episode Four: The Resistance
Level rating: 9.3

Wow this level a way cool!

I did play it on hard and did die some times :P every lvl i was happy that i survived with one heart left :O
The first lvl with the lizards that must follow u can be frustrating bequase if they go of the screen above u they’re always disappear. It almost did me cheat on that piece :P

Its al so good!

The eyecandy rox in every level! Al the layers are used very good i am sure u spend a lot of time in this thing!

The gameplay especialy is great, there are well hidden secrets tons of enemy’s speaded out very well in the jungle and dark levels especialy it is a great challenge to kill them without getting hurt. Foot is spreaded out very well not to much. And you did test your game very well i didn’t become stuck even once! :D

And one thing to say Hard Mode really is hard ;) If you run though it youre sure fast gonna die!

Yes on some levels u cant save but thats Jazz2’s problem not yours…

Maybe its a short review but i can say that this is the best single player level pack i’ve ever played!

Download Recommendation? NO! if ur hate great levels or ure blind. otherwise download now! and gonna be a crazy killer!

Edit: LOL i didn’t download the music :(
And the music is great to!! That makes a 10+!

Haha “ur clever one ill make it easyer for u” 1930 sec water shield (or more ):P

Review by Technopauluz

27 Jan 2008, 00:44
For: Armageddon Castle
Level rating: N/A

I am quite suprised that there are lots of dutch people still playing the game :D

Ill played the level short and what i can say for now that it looks nice.Yes, castle set is used 100003 times but its easy to make a start with and you did a nice Job.

Ill making levels to quite a time for now and maybe i can help you with improving your lvls… if i have some time…

I don’t have experience with making my own .mod etc. files but maybe you can learn something if you check the articles tab above or go to


Not recommendedQuick Review by Technopauluz

20 Jan 2008, 17:03 (edited 20 Jan 08, 17:03)
For: Lost Vikings battle factory
Level rating: 6.5

Sorry this one was to overrated to lett that unnotised…

Eyecandy and Gameplay are not good :S
Spaz can get stuck in the small rooms and its very small…

But Whatever…

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20 Jan 2008, 16:36
For: Ice Temple Ruins
Level rating: 8.2

Mmm a nice light level with a good flow :)
Ill gonna host this some times i gues…

Review by Technopauluz

15 Jun 2007, 16:55
For: Hellbreeds Game
Level rating: N/A

‘98… Yes, thats a long time ago :)…

I’ve played the level some time and it’s a typicaly starting builders level with some extra like a secret room leading from a long fast sugar tube, big and small rooms , layer 7 used.

Well the gameplay wasn’t good and the weapons placent uhum.. not good either i don’t gonna discus about that beqause it’s 9 years old :P.

Conclusion; a funny much colloring level that’s defenitly above average beginners levels, but not something to host and play online.

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