Review by the WINNER

16 Jul 2007, 16:35
For: Hotel Helper V1.1
Level rating: N/A

After testing, it seems that this program does not work on TSF. Only on 1.23. Because hotels need the larger space that TSF allows, this is basically useless.

Review by the WINNER

9 Jul 2007, 13:31
For: HotelManager 2
Level rating: 9.2

Anyone that actually plans on making a good hotel level needs to use TSF. This is because TSF allows larger levels than 1.23, and hotels generally need the larger space.

Because it doesn’t work in TSF, it’s basically useless. Leaving it unrated.

Not recommendedReview by the WINNER

8 Jul 2007, 12:02 (edited 8 Jul 07, 18:47 by Cooba)
For: Deluxe Hotel 2.2!!!
Level rating: 2.2

This is 1.24, not 1.23. Anyone downloading should note that.
Tileset used is Hotel Dream. It’s not included and must be downloaded separately.

Low quality hotels are spreading everywhere among TSF servers. Low quality hotels like this. The first thing you see in this hotel is that it’s ugly. It’s confusing too. Before you know it, you’ve stepped into a warp and you suddenly appear in a diffrent place.

I have no idea what those blinking dogs at the start are supposed to be. Anyway, the spawn area is the only place that looks decent in this level. The entire level is filled with tile bugs, you couldn’t even get the ceiling right. You can’t see any of the text strings because they’re at the top. A few @ signs could have done the job. The “Fire City” is the (worst) thing of them all. The Disco is dangerous to your eyes if you’re playing in the dark – it’s all flashy.

This is an annoying level to play. It’s hard to move around without suddenly getting warped somewhere. Anyway, you collect coins. The only way to get them is getting “a job”. Every single one of them involves sitting on a couch, automatically collecting a respawning gold coin. Or just become a “dancer”, survive the seizure-causing disco and get much more coins than from any other job.

About the hotel rooms and houses… for some reason, some rooms are larger than others. Poor Black Knight, you got the smallest house. Better luck in another hotel.

I don’t know why I have to wait 10 seconds for a door to open, and then go inside within 2 seconds. That’s annoying, but what isn’t in this level? You can’t have fun in this level, at all. Not fun. Instead of having places to go in, you get some sort of a menu where you choose where you want to go. Please, don’t do (menus) like this anymore. Have us players explore the hotel instead.

Join a TSF server and you’ll see a hotel like this. Low quality hotels seem to be produced every day. Do some work and hotels may get a better reputation. This hotel does have the English advantage over the others – this isn’t completely written in Polish.

[Negativity edit. Be nice to the users! ~cooba]

Review by the WINNER

21 Apr 2005, 17:16
For: AGP6
Level rating: N/A

My Eyes notice that you did not include the tileset! Please have that one too!

Not recommendedReview by the WINNER

20 Apr 2005, 18:35
For: Disco Jazz
Level rating: 2.1

Due to the low expectations of this level, I will do a QuickReview™

Eye Candy 1.8
You used some kinds of foreground tiles as the background. The whole level is the annoying eye-hurting background tiles. You run along some tunnel made from some tube tiles. There’s absolutely nothing else to say about the eyecandy, because that’s all there is! You only ever used the layers 4 and 8 in the level. Layer 8 background hurts eyes. Is that good, is it?

Gameplay 1.5
Where is it? There’s some guessing parts “Guess which warp is the right one!” The “WRONG SEE YA” instantkill hurt things make this level very annoying. This is NOT FUN. At some points you get RF powerups and then you annihilate all baddies. Nothing stops you. The parts where you guess the right warp from multiple choices, are the only things that can stop you. Yes, the most annoying things in the level that I already mentioned.

Placement of Enemies and Pickups 2.0
I mentioned in the last section that you have two parts where you can get an RF powerup from. And as mentioned, this gets rid of all enemies that come in the way. You have massive amounts of enemies at one spot, they come towards you. This would be a challenge. Well, it would without that RF powerup. You placed NO CARROTS in this level. I won’t substract points for that, because the level’s unbelieveably easy already.

Overall 1.9 (not an average!)
Oh yes, and this is boring. I can tell you that. Just like the above reviewer did. And if this gets more reviewers, all others will also tell this is boring. Because it is.

RecommendedReview by the WINNER

17 Apr 2005, 17:19
For: Santranigus V
Level rating: 8.2

I can’t believe it I found a jaguar in a level that’s author said there’s NO JAGUARS. Liar!

Eye Candy 8.7
Thank you for not respecting Mike’s opinion of having crap eyecandy in a good gameplay level. And I see you lied about the absence of jaguars. I found four jaguars in this level. For the rest, you see nothing original. The eyecandy’s exactly like in any other of your average Swamps levels. And because I found no tilebugs, I will proceed to the next section.

Gameplay 8.4
The fastest way to get the flag is through the hole in the tree. Jumping over the tree isn’t smart, because there’s wind at the top for an unknown reason I don’t know of. It slows down and is sometimes annoying. Now, unlike the author said, the level isn’t symmetrical. He said it’s not 100% symmetrical. But it isn’t 75% symmetrical either. It’s less than that. There’s also water in the bottom.

Placement of Stuff 7.1
You said in the author’s description there’s no drinkable liquids. Now that’s a lie. There’s a lot of them. And also a lot of other kinds of food. Thanks for not overusing them (although sometimes I get this weird feeling “NOT ANOTHER SUGAR RUSH”). There’s the powerups. RF on the right side and bouncers on the left side. I dislike this. RFs are better than bouncers in many ways. There’s the seek powerup in the middle, that’s having a bit different placement. You take one of the warps in the water (YES! Either side! Doesn’t matter which!) and then you QUICKLY shoot right! The Power is Yours. About the rest of the loose ammo, they’re placed in a good way. There’s a Full Health Carrot at the top of the watery place (Find a jaguar below it!).

Miscellaneous Stuff
I noticed that you lied in the author’s desctiption, in the readme, and even in the level about one thing. You said there are no jaguars, owls or drinkable liquids. Well, I found four jaguars, two owls and three different drinkable liquids, and there’s a lot of them on the loose. April fool’s over already!

Overall 7.9 (not an average!)
This is the conclusion text for another CTF level, this time using the swamps tileset. Thumb-up (download recommendation) for you and I’m gone!

No, I didn’t lower the rating because of you lying. That would be stupid.

RecommendedReview by the WINNER

12 Apr 2005, 18:11
For: Space Station : Milaria
Level rating: 8.1

(comment that has nothing to do with rating)
“And I dno why I just said that. Anyway, nice level, and I snuck on in my schooltime to write this. So flame the WINNER if it sucks.”

The only thing I can say to this is: I like how sometimes people find sneaky ways of flaming me without admins noticing. Especially when I did nothing!
(end of comment. Begin review)

Eye Candy 8.0
I see you are really limited to the eyecandy offers of this tileset. I mean that the tileset doesn’t have lots of things to do good eyecandy tricks. The lack of animations. I found none. There’s a little confusing part at the bottom. The bottom-middle, exactly. Anyone could think “I can go through that!” but they can’t.

Gameplay 7.0
I decided to agree with Chippie a bit, and hate the springs. I really hate them at the bottom. As mentioned in the eyecandy section, you can’t go through the bottom-middle, although it looks like you can. You actually can go through it from a 1-tile high passage. WHY did you do a 1 tile passage, although you could have made all of the tiles at the bottom-middle able to go through? The annoying springs do a good job on hiding it. Nobody can notice it, because they just get bounced up by the springs.
Now for the suckertubes in the base area. I dislike how you can use a suckertube to easily catch the flag, and the only way to defend it is to shoot seekers all the time, hoping someone goes through the tube and gets hit.

Placement of Stuff 8.5
What idea made you have a blaster powerup as the “middle-powerup” and bouncer/toaster powerups as the “side-powerups”? It’s simple to say that toaster and bouncers are better than the blaster. Except if you keep bashing the spacebar (or other fire button) like mad. You should have fastfires, if you have a blaster powerup as the middle one.

Overall 8.1 (not an average!)
So this concludes the review of another XLM level. You did a better job than other XLM people.

Review by the WINNER

4 Apr 2005, 17:37
For: Anniversary Bash 7 Levels
Level rating: N/A

I Feel Enjoy.

However, what are the tilesets here for? They’re also in the tileset pack.

Review by the WINNER

16 Mar 2005, 06:24
For: Wind Meister Trilogy
Level rating: 8.2

Seriously, I think that “Helpful Rating” things should be disabled for N/A’s. Look at danyjel’s review helpfulness. It was a comment, not a review…

Review by the WINNER

13 Mar 2005, 14:47
For: Balton
Level rating: 1.5

Download Recommendation NO and you put a THUMBS UP? Try to do things correctly next time.

Not recommendedReview by the WINNER

11 Mar 2005, 15:49 (edited 26 Sep 06, 13:49 by Cooba)
For: stupid
Level rating: 1

If you uploaded this at April 1st as an april fools joke, you would get a 10 from me. But this isn’t April 1st and not an april fools joke.

I won’t bother going into detail, since the eyecandy sucks, gameplay sucks, ammo placement is horrible, everything is worth a ONE. I’ll just describe the whole “level”.

You start in a 3×3 room, there’s a hole in the middle. It’s a little 1 tile wide pit. At the bottom, there’s a 15 seek ammo crate. And no way out. You’re basically supposed to fall in the little pit, get the seeks and continually shoot up for no reason. Except to reach the roast limit. I just don’t see the fun in this. The walls are very bland, and there’s actually a few really crappy made leaf animations! You used a 256×64 level (unresized =D) and the whole thing takes 6×34 tiles. This is something to be hosted on an april fools server. But not on real games. Never. DON’T. I will save the pain on you and rate this 1 and get a no download recommendation.

If you disagree with my rating, you’re either crazy, or you don’t know the fact that this is not an april fools level.

[Adjusted to use 1 as rating. Previous rating 0.1. ~Cooba]

Review by the WINNER

2 Feb 2005, 19:20
For: Hell's gate
Level rating: N/A

Why is part of the tileset name censored? Remove that word from the censor, since it appears on JJ2 anyway! ;P

I really think that this level is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. All you do is run left to right. Oh, there’s a buttstomp bridge -secret for even more stupidity. I’ll just be nice and NOT rate this. Probably will be bad anyway.

Not recommendedReview by the WINNER

17 Jan 2005, 20:46
For: Fear The Carrot
Level rating: 5.2


1. Fear The Carrot

{Eye Candy} [2.5]
Believe me, the worst you can ever expect from XLM. I can’t believe you actually let this get uploaded to J2O. There are tile bugs. Everywhere. You can’t miss them. Look at the walls. They look so bad my expextations from XLM are drooooooping dooown. Even worse, ChippieBW said he did the eyecandy part. AND HE’S the LEADER of XLM! Carrotus is a so simple tileset I’d expect you be able to do something NICE with it. Good job on rushing this one.

{Game Play} [5.4]
At least this is average. However, the unbelieveably unfair base placement costed a lot. The red base is a lot easier to reach than blue. Red base is a lot harder to defend, than blue. Believe it. I don’t know why should I recommend this level to anyone. The other layout is better, but the suckertubes annoy me mostly, and sometimes the springs are not powerful enough.

{Stuff Placing} [6.0]
All the ammo are in high numbers. A heck lot of bouncers near both bases.. the huge amount of GUN9 near topright… I could list a lot of places with huge amounts of ammo. Then there’s this carrot, only accessable by a secret. Nice job. There’s ONE +1 carrot for those that don’t know the secret! I never found the way to the toaster powerup, not that good.


2. Rabbit Warz
Nice job on not including the tileset for this one. No rating given.

{OVERALL ALL LEVELS OF PACK} 5.2. What would you have thought? Can’t review the second level for not including tileset.

SO MANY EDITS: I decided to put all edits in one.
First off, bridgecomment removed from gameplay section, rating made just like bridges didn’t exist.
Second, include the tileset so I can review the 2nd level. I could just give minus points, but why bother.
Third, masterrokusho, how is this level different from the other crap levels on J2O? Why don’t you complain to R3ptile? He rated it bad too. IF that’s your reason, “master“rokusho.
Fourth and last, this was detailed enough to explain the bad rating. Your no-helpful stuff are just for the bad rating of mine.

Review by the WINNER

16 Jan 2005, 14:06
For: The Packy Pack
Level rating: 7.4

XLM Pack. After two horrible levels by XLM, I review this pack now. My expectations are NOT HIGH.

1. Street Pass Number One
This is a simple level.

{Eye Candy} [8.7]
Not bad at all, it’s probably the best thing about this level. The mountains at the back in layer6 and that castle type of thing in layer7. However, one part of the mountains has its top clipped off.

{GamePlay} [5.6]
This is the campers’ strike. In a 3vs3, someone can just keep camping the sucker tubes that are used to get the flag. If there’s no camper over there, it’s then all about suckertube entering and fast. It’s pointless.

{Stuff’s Placement} [7.4]
This isn’t that bad. The toaster powerup in the suckertube is easily campable though, and the carrot is in a bad place. If you use the suckertube tactic, getting the carrot is so easy it’s taking many tries to kill a bit skilled player. But bonus points come from the nice toaster type of powerup collecting. And at last it’s JAZZ BIASED, not spaz biased. Better than nothing.

overall total {Level Total} [7]

2. Overheated and Freaky World

{Eye Candy} [8.1]
I really like how you did the layer 6/7. But the trees are annoying. The layer3 stuff in the foreground grass isn’t bad.

{Gameplay} [8.5]
It’s very easy to move around, the only thing that annoys are the hidden springs. I can’t see stuff, going to run speed, BOING. It’s annoying for that to happen. But although that’s one of the level’s problems, it has a good flow though. The platforms fit nicely.

{Stuff Placement} [8]
Two powerups, Bouncer and Toaster. No “main powerup”. Considering the size of level, this is ok. The bouncers own the toaster, though… it’s a bit of team biasing.

overall total {Level Total} [8.3]

3.Fourty Metres In The Air

{Eye Candy} [7]
I don’t find anything bad in the eyecandy but it’s not anything very nice either. It’s the Average. Maybe it’s the tileset.

{GamePlay} [6.6]
Everything you do is run left and right at the bottom. Get flag, score, get flag and score again. Shoot seeks, kill other flagcarry, score… that’s something like that all the time.

{Stuff’s Placement} [7.0]
The seek powerup placing is stupid. You need to explain how to get seek PU to everyone. The carrot is in middle of Gun 9’s. At least the carrot isn’t placed in middle of the patch you move left/right to score.

overall total {Level Total} [8]

4. Punished In Space

{Eye Candy} [9.5]
The wall thing is on Layer 6. This is the best part of the level. The animations are pretty nice too.

{Gameplay} [3.2]
Believe it or not, this level itself is stupid. For some reason, there’s a no-fire zone in the bases. I don’t know why, but it really ruins the whole thing. Anyone can keep camping at the bases. You have two bases in different rooms next to eachother. You WARP in the bases. Getting the flag is a bit hard because of the springs. I don’t like this. AT ALL.

{Stuff’s Placement} [7.5]
There’s a huge load of RF’s at one point in this level. There’s also an RF powerup in middle of springs. There’s a bouncy powerup very near blue base and blaster powerup very near the red base. Nothing wrong with this one.

overall total {Level Total} [5.7]

5. Plastic Surgery CTF

{Eye Candy} [5]
The worst part. The single 1 color background somewhere near blue base hurts my eyes with its flashing. And it looks very ugly. Also layer 6 or 7 weren’t used for nice BG purposes. The wall at the right and left side is very dull and ugly.

{Gameplay} [6.5]
The unfair bases have come again. Just like in XLM Owned Town. Top left is a lot easier to defend than bottom right. Some springs are annoying. There’s not a lot of them though. However, there’s no problems with the gameplay.

{Stuff’s Placement} [6.0]
The only problem is with the Toaster and Bouncer powerups that are unfair. It’s a lot harder to get the toaster powerup than the bouncers Powerup. I see no problems elsewhere with the placement.

overall total {Level Total} [6.2]

TOTAL {OVERALL} 7.04 -> 7

Review by the WINNER

15 Jan 2005, 21:55
For: XLM Owned Town
Level rating: 6.8

Here comes my first review for a long time.

{Eye Candy} [8.5]
This probably is the best part of the level. I like the mountains and especially the clouds. Sometimes I can’t really see the difference between Layer 5 roads and walkable roads, though. Don’t make this messy.

{GamePlay} [4.2]
So you can score in 10 seconds. Wow. The
level is a bit Blue biased, since it’s a lot easier to defend the blue base on the top-left, than the red base on the bottom-right. It’s fine for duels, but absolutely biased for #vs#‘s. And it’s easy to fall down just by accident. And those accidents happen a LOT. The bases are out in the open, leading in easy scores.

{Stuff Placement} [7.0]
No minus points for the seek powerup, since this is an open level that gives a chance for easy dodging. I’m more concerned about the CARROTS. The top-right carrot is so easy to camp. The bottom-left could be a Full Energy. Or to speak, there should be no two +1’s, have a full energy instead. Especially since this has this seek powerup. One seek hit gives two damage and you need to go first to bottom left, then to top right to full heal. By then, you would already have died. And the seek powerup is in an enclosed area, resulting in NO! That’s so easy to camp it’s painful.

{Originality} [6.5]
The enclosed area powerup placing is used so many times I can download something else and see it.

This was a total letdown of XLM. I didn’t like this level. Considering this is a XLM level, I can’t believe they make levels this bad. 6.5! No Download Recommendation (unless you want to review it, of course)

EDITEDIT: No download recommendation? I swear i put N/A in it…

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Cavey Forest
Level rating: 7.1

yay.. got my internet browser working.

The points are down for the dull eyecandy in some places and for the ground tiles in layer 3. This is confusing enough but then there’s almost no eyecandy. HoRRaY! Confusing level with uncool eyecandy. Sux more than ever. Don’t use ground tiles in layer 3.

Easy but boring. The old run left, run right, left, right style is used again. You score and quick if the opponent is slow. This level also is 6 differently shaped platforms around with layer3 ground tiles. It’s easy to navigate, and the fun starts when both players have the flag. Then again, you can’t go down from up. You cannot go to the bases frop upper left or upper right. They are a nice dead end.

The springs are awful. Most of the spawnpoints are up and the bases are down, then when you go to the centre, suddenly a green spring on green ground appears and you bounce up…. it slows down and much. The powerups are at the upper left, upper right and the centre. Bouncer in left, RF in right, how unfair. RF is more powerful than bouncies. Why are you using this unfair style? I see no reason to. The carrot is in the ground, which isn’t bad, but causes 3hk’s often. And the seek powerup. Like I said in my unedited review, it should not exist in levels with such a layout like this. It’s fine in open levels. Fast scoring also kills you if opponent has seek powerup and you don’t.

Pretty much… unoriginal in many ways. I am being tired of seeing the forest tileset getting used with a musicfile based on space. Evil.

Uncool. Boring. You run back and forth. You get roasted repeatedly if you happen to get roasted the first time. The forest tileset which is used in many levels. No.

DOWNLOAD?: Only if you are going to review…
HOST?: Boring… read above.

EDITED: Trafton’s request of removing the seek powerup placement thing.[This review has been edited by the WINNER]

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: jungel flag map
Level rating: 1.5

downloaded level
Why is there three tilesets included in one level? That is poison to 56k users >(

Oh wait. Did you even try to use some eyecandy at all? My stupid levels have better eyecandy… and they are rated bad. There is no wall tiles used at all. Or wait, there is. And just so you would know.. the red base looks better than the blue base. But they both are so ugly I can even go to a toilet and look at the beautiful thing (compared to this level, that is).

You have ruined this level. With the warp on the red base. This level is completely unfair. Red has a warp to blue. There is no borders. You have to go through a mazey thing. There is a hurt at the bottom-centre. Hurt can kill the host, but not anyone else. Then there’s a hidden bonus with… something. I’ll describe that in the ammo placement section. But the gameplay sucks enough that I have to do a bigger review than I ever have made. So evil.

Now there’s a coin warp hidden. And it has a SHIELD in. Shields are suck in multiplayer. Don’t use them. And I get an access violation whatever I do. If I use 1.23, I get an access violation after the level has been on for a while. If I use 1.24 TSF, then I get an access violation after breaking a crate. USE BETATESTERS. BETA. TESTERS. They will see the errors. You didn’t test this in multiplayer did you? I have to continue the review as playing offline for now. It works in single player… This level has no powerups at all, but this level has just a little +1 carrot at the centre… with 5 second respawn delay. This is IMMUNE CTF or something like it?

Oh, how can it be so unoriginal to make suck. The levels section is filled with suck levels of suck sucking suck. And this level is the same. Not like this! Do better levels, they keep going rarer with this suck on the 20 last uploads list. Please… just do it.

What? Did someone say about fun? Fun of rehosting when someone breaks a crate and causes an access violation? No NO NO. This level is already impossible to play in, and the annoying jumps near the blue base is uncool and antifunlaugh.

OVERALL: 1.7. Practice and practice needed.

HOST?: That’s already impossible.
DOWNLOAD?: If offline CTF playing is fun or if you want to get bored.

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: Bricky Town
Level rating: 6.7

A level.

I don’t see anything special with it. But it’s not the worst. The background mountains should still have some difference in them. The houses are cute, but nothing special. Pretty much fine.

Sometimes you fall down very much and that’s where the Jazz charactes comes. I have missed the carrot many times with the stupid oneway system like that. The springs are the saviors, except that I need to jump in multiple springs at the bases. Blue spring to the down instead of green.

In an electroblaster place at the centre. And the gun9’s are at the opper-left and -right. I’d declare this pretty easy to access.

I dislike the long lines of ammo almost everywhere. There is no “boxes” like four pickup +3 ammo’s shaped like a box or something. Everything is just a long line. And there is no point for the +1 carrot due that this level has a seek powerup.

This level isn’t bad but the frustrations caused by seek powerups.. Well, placing a seek powerup in a level ANYWHERE decreases the fun factor points a litte. It’s just annoying in not-open levels like this.

Townsville isn’t used that many times. I never heard this music either. The layout is simplistic.


HOST THIS?: Frustrating game it be shall be, if you do that.

EDITEDIT: Two 7.0s and one 6.2? “Unfair”? Now that’s a lie. Take a look at the rating of Stuff in the Heaven and look at Moonblaze’s rating. You see how much it differs from other ratings? And btw, did you write that only because I banned you from my review server? 6.2 isn’t that low and I won’t change my rating unless any admin PMs me about this.[This review has been edited by the WINNER]

EDIT2: Then don’t put seek powerups in. I can ban from my server for any reason. If I ban someone from my server, it’s no reason to come and whine on J2O.[This review has been edited by the WINNER]

EDIT 3 darnit: 6.2 isn’t that much lower than 7.0. Believe it already. Seek powerup placement lowers more than any of these other aspects. It’s like more sensitive.[This review has been edited by the WINNER]

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: SummerCTF
Level rating: 6.8

One of these TSF CTF levels.

SummerCTF (They both differ only the tileset and music. That’s the only difference in the two levels.)

Not bad. The layer6 and 7 stuff are good. But some of this eyecandy is confusing. The layer 5 things are unexpectable in some places. Something like an ANNOYING SURPRISE.

Is it me or is there no reason for these annoying destruct scenery tiles? And the little suckertube that gets the flag for you. Evil. Some places are just too open. You can fall easily. Some places have secret holes that you can fall down for no reason.

Too many powerups. Don’t do this again. This level is biased and bad. The fullhealth carrot is under the red base, thus closer to the red base. You can also shoot the carrot down to the emptiness because there’s nothing to prevent that. There’s a bouncy powerup at the blue base and a fullhealth carrot warp at the red base. Is it God’s gift that red will have their health and blue will have their weapons? Oh, and there’s two blaster powerups in each base. And also there’s hidden a toaster powerup and electroblaster powerup. That makes four powerups. It’s just one powerup too much, but the electroblaster powerup makes just 1h damage, so what. It’s three actual powerups in here. Just enough for a level of this size. But because the ammo is biased, I can’t say anything other good.

This level does not even differ at all. The music is used rarely. That saves the originality from complete failure. Even the normal beach tileset is used.

FUN FACTOR: 5.2 (now 6.5)
This level is frustrating with all the hidden holes and all that stuff. What’s fun dropping them down every time? The fun factor still isn’t horrible. No boring straight way to bases. Some levels really have something like that. It isn’t horrible.


DOWNLOAD? If you are bored.
HOST? If you have nothing else good to host.

EDITEDIT: Yes, the hidden holes are REMOVED! NO BRIDGE GAPS! Rating edited.

DOUBLE EDIT: No more seek powerup placement aspect in different. The ban rule still exists though.[This review has been edited by the WINNER]

Review by the WINNER

Posted more than 20 years ago
For: spaceboy old hotel
Level rating: N/A

(Admin note: there is nothing wrong with hotels, there is no rule against hotels. Upload whatever you like, assuming it doesn’t break one of the rules that does exist. ~Violet)[This review has been edited by Violet CLM]

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