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JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Anniversary Bash 11 Levels Jazz2Online Multiple N/A Download file
JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Anniversary Bash 6 Jazz2Online Multiple N/A Download file
JJ2+ Only: TW's Skyless Mappack ThunderWalker Multiple 7.5 Download file
JJ2+ Only: Anniversary Bash 10 Jazz2Online Multiple N/A Download file
JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Random Race LevelsFeatured Download cooba Race 9 Download file
TSF Only: A shiny day in Carrottus Ðx Battle 7.4 Download file
JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Anniversary Bash 5 Pack Jazz2Online Battle N/A Download file
JJ2 1.23 vanilla: High Volume CTFFeatured Download FireSworD Capture the flag 8.5 Download file
JJ2 1.23 vanilla: destoryer assualt opps... Gecko Custom / Concept N/A Download file
JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Evil CTF pack beta 2 v0.87Featured Download >CelL< Capture the flag 9.1 Download file
JJ2 1.23 vanilla: Future Evolution Beta 2...Featured Download ShadowGPW Capture the flag 9 Download file

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         Howdy there. I hope you're enjoying this assembly. I put quite
     a lot of effort into it, actually.

         Check out my homepage



         This piece has
admittedly plenty of influence from a very old,
        somewhat unknown
song made by Fleshbrain, called 'Timebandit'.
        Unknown, I assume,
because it was not included among his songs
        in the Mods Anothology
CD. His 'Timebandit' was one of the 
        truly creative classics; it is
very old however, born near the
        very beginnings of the Amiga
tracker music genre, so the sound 
        and the instrumentation weren't
among the best (the very
        concepts were being built around that
time); however, the
        mockingly cool melody and well made, working
structure make it
        a true delight. My regards to the old master.
     Other influence that may show in this production are from
Purple Motion, Captain, and of course the amazing Mechanism 
by the even more amazing Necros. :)
         Plus, of course, you may
notice it has a rhythm structure very
        similar to my earlier
releases Rama Gardens, Omniphilia
        and Data Jack. It's starting to
look like a real series now,
        isn't it? Eh. Either I'm still
'refining the concept', or am 
        just plain out of ideas. Hopefully
someday I will learn how to
        give a song a real STRUCTURE.

During the making of the song, my friend came to hear it and
it sounds quite a bit like KMFDM's new stuff - and played
        me the
CD. Bleh. I thought this kinda music was something 
        new. :) Later
after that, another friend of mine told me it
        reminds him of Power
Rangers. Aaaaaarghh!!! NOOOO!!!


         This is not a 'real song', as it doesn't consist of parts
        equal length, repeated in a correct sequence, nor a 'base 
  theme'. Rather, it is a mere random sequence of rhythmic
components. This has always been my problem; I tend to come up
a shitload of loose ideas, but cannot arrange them properly.
out the loose 'bonus part' for example. I simply couldn't
        fit it
         Necros's Mechanism Eight is, in my opinion, a very fine
        of how much one can build on a working basic theme; the
        three-note main theme repeats through the whole song, but
        song doesn't suffer from this at all - vice versa. There is 
      enough variance and the rhythmically correct sequencing which
keep the song entertaining all the way. It is also fine example
great mixing skills.

         Sample credits go to Purple Motion and
Edge's Korg 03R/W for 
        the ultracool IMissJimi guitar samples and
the PowerRock blast,
        Groo for the Bass Grind and MinorArp, HeatBeat
for the hardcore-
        ish Constructor techno drums, Travolta for the
organ chords, 
        Bruno for the PetraSnare, Necros for the
        Airwalk for the CannedSnare, and my larynx for
the screams
        except for #37. :)
         The rest of the samples are
sample synthetized, or from 
        unknown sources, thanks go to whoever
they are. Special thanks
        go to Liam the Lemming for coming up with
a divine inspiration
        for the name of the song. It's now been
changed TWO times. :)


                                                 -= Skaven

                                             05/27/1997 A.D

 End of


         Hey come on, nothing to see

                Honestly! Go

         Wow, you've
found my super secret message! Giga-Ultra-
-Totally to the Max-cool! Too bad I don't have anything
        clever to
say here. Go give your mum and dad a big hug. :)

|###| Instrument Name            |###| Sample Name                |
|001| No instruments used.       |001| Tough Sid.lead             |
|002| I don't need no            |002| BassGrind.lead             |
|003| stinkin' envelopes. :)     |003| Xylitol-5ths               |
|004|                            |004| Constructor.BD1            |
|005| (well, maybe in my next    |005| Constructor.BD2            |
|006| song... )                  |006| Constructor.HH1            |
+---+----------------------------+007| Constructor.HH2            |
                                 |008| KorgTotalkit.snare (2)     |
                                 |009| Tambourine.3            *  |
                                 |010| CrashCymbal                |
                                 |011| CannedSnare        (1)     |
                                 |012| Jimi-5thChord              |
                                 |013| Jimi-Chug                  |
                                 |014| Jimi-Chuga                 |
                                 |015| Jimi-Hard2                 |
                                 |016| Jimi-NoteLo                |
                                 |017| Jimi-NoteHi1               |
                                 |018| Jimi-NoteHi2               |
                                 |019| Jimi-Squeal1               |
                                 |020| Jimi-Squeal2               |
                                 |021| FretSlide.1                |
                                 |022| FretSlide.2                |
                                 |023| TinMan.bass.1 <SF>         |
                                 |024| TinMan.bass.2 <SF>         |
                                 |025| TinMan.bass.3 <SF>         |
                                 |026| MinorGliss                 |
                                 |027| PowerRock.blast            |
                                 |028| SynTom.tough               |
                                 |029| Arte.Organ1                |
                                 |030| Arte.Organ2                |
                                 |031| Arte.Organ3                |
                                 |032| Arte.Organ4                |
                                 |033| PetraSnr           (3)     |
                                 |034| MetalHit.4                 |
                                 |035| Sear.lead <SF>             |
                                 |036| Sear.5ths <SF>             |
                                 |037| Scream.1.Waaayyyyrrg       |
                                 |038| Scream.2.Nooo              |
                                 |039| Scream.3.Yaargh            |
                                 |040|                            |
                                 |041|                            |
                                 |042|                            |
                                 |043| Composed by:               |
                                 |044| Skaven / Future Crew(?)    |
                                 |045| May 1997                   |
                                 |046|                            |
                                 |047| What a mess.               |
                                 |048| Press SHIFT-F9 for         |
                                 |049| more blah blah.            |
                                 |050|                            |
                                 |051| Contact me for business    |
                                 |052| or pleasure:               |
                                 |053|     |