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Permalink PHP4.

We have php4 now.. That means we can compress our site output. I just installed compression functionality on index.cgi, if we are satisfied with it I will put it on more places.

Could everyone comment on the speed of index.cgi? Is the speed faster or slower?
(yes, cgi, php4 is running as a cgi module)

(for some people the speed will always be slower, especially people with highspeed modems, as the server needs time to compress the output before sending it to the browser)

- Fquist

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    Resurrection of Evil Episode 2: Spear of Darkness

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If JJ2 had a new playable character, who should it be?

Devan Shell
7 votes 38%
Eva Earlong
2 votes 11%
Zoe Cottontail (from JJA)
0 votes 0%
Razz ma Tazz (from JJ3)
4 votes 22%
Batteryman (from Battery Check)
0 votes 0%
Fooruman (from Foo Products)
1 votes 5%
Other existing character
0 votes 0%
New original character
4 votes 22%

Total votes: 18