Permalink List Servers down January 12th 2001

They are down again. Whee.

Let’s hope they will stay down so you can comment about the horrible situation. ;-P J/k.


Permalink Lori central anniversary. January 12th 2001

Today, lori central became one year old.
Drjones can’t celebrate it with us, as he has to focus on his study for a while, but you can post on his site to congratulate him, or you can send him an email.

And why not vote for LC at Global100 as a birthday present?

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Permalink J2Lounge January 12th 2001

Source: Jmmb

A new site is opened by Icewing. Go see!

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Permalink New Poll January 12th 2001

By gosh it’s about time there is a new poll. Send me a private message if you ever get a good idea btw :).

Here are the results from the last poll:
When possum comes out, are you going to buy it?
You bet! Votes: 24
I don’t know for sure yet…I want to see more of it first. Votes: 17
No.. Votes: 6
What’s possum? Votes: 29
Total Votes: 76

Hmm, you should all hop over to the JMMB and check out the Possum forum for Possum info now! ;P

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Permalink JDC Event Added January 12th 2001

Wow, we added an event at JDC, you better go check it out. :)

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Permalink I like it. January 12th 2001

That’s right. I like it. What, you may ask? Well, i suppose tast would help, especially if you try to do something and i changed it. Hehe….oh, what could happen….;P

Anyway, it’s a small 5-second thing i changed. Now if you click on the link for the top5/top download you’ll get the moreinfo page, rather than just download it. Of course, i’ve also included a link if you just wanna download it anyway. That’d be the new little [d/l] thingie.

And i like it. If you don’t, well…i do. ;-P


Permalink 1000 Reviews January 12th 2001

Welp, we have reached 1000 level reviews, I would like to thank everyone that helped review level and made J2O successful. One person who deserves a little more than other is Aiko, he has done so much for the downloads. A special thanks to him.

Oh, and the lucky 1000 review person is Newspaz I believe.

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Permalink Updates January 12th 2001

Today I finally got my internet connection back on my new computer. (the old one goes to the attic..) Actually I had my internet back yesterday, but then our comp crashed totally.

Well, I made some updates today:

* Finished “View all ratings by this author”.(Suggested by Aiko) Tomorrow I will add a function for it that displays how strict a user is.
* Changed it so N/A rating appears at the bottom. – Diz

* Fixed links in downloads/view.php and downloads/index.php(suggested by aiko)

* Added warning text to downloads/upload.php

* Fixed disappearing profile link bug(suggested by aiko)

Tomorrow I will also work on the articles section, which hopefully will be released soon, along with our links section.

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Permalink Proxy JJ2 Stuff January 12th 2001

Well, Im sure some of you know this, but I for one was impressed when Paul recently found this in the JJ2 FAQ. Basically you can play and host servers when you have a firewall. The only odd thing we found when Paul tested this was he would time out from Monolith’s Battle Server, but not mine. He was also able to successfully host a server.

This is from the FAQ.

I’m behind a Firewall and can’t start Internet Games!

You will need to contact your Network Administrator and make sure ports 10052-10054 TCP and 10052 UDP are open to both inbound and outbound traffic.”

For the complete FAQ go to Jazz Jackrabbit home. This will hopefully help a few of you people out there.

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Permalink Rabbit Hole Returns January 12th 2001

Source: JMMB

Well, Spaztic is currently redesigning and will hopefully totally restart the former RH. Im sure everyone would be glad to see it back. You can see the current unfinished layout here.

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